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Chapter 1

It was another one of those boring days at Providence HQ. Rex sat on the edge of his bed, mindlessly bouncing a rubber ball up and down off the cold grey floor of his room. The ping of the ball as it made contact with the ground filled Rex's room with repetitive sound.

Rex made a mental checklist of things he could possibly do rather than sit on his butt all day.

Do his homework? Check. Annoy Six? Check. Help Bobo with a prank? Check. Get owned by Noah for the gazillionith time at basketball?

Rex begrudgingly checked that last one.

Suddenly his room erupted in sound, becoming swathed in red blinking lights as the emergency siren went off. Rex stopped bouncing his ball, catching it in mid-air. Smashing and kicking EVO butt?

Rex grinned as he left his ball behind and raced out the door to meet Six as they hurried to the control room.

He was so going to check this one.

White Knight's face dominated the giant screen as Rex and Six entered. Dr. Holiday momentarily turned away from a computer console to address them.

"Rex! Six! ZAG-RS has uploaded herself to local university, and it seems she is targeting a prototype time machine. All students and faculty have been evacuated, but we need to stop her before she reaches the machine."

Rex raised his eyebrows at this. A time machine? Way cool!

Dr. Holiday turned back to the console and began typing furiously, bringing up various screens illustrating machine designs. "The machine is powered by a small nuclear reactor, which has a failsafe switch located somewhere inside the machine since the electricity cannot be cut off the university in time. Find this switch and disarm the machine!"

"No problem doc, dismantling machines is what I do best!" Rex said. "Good." she replied, "You two will be airlifted immediately to the location." She handed them a hand-held device with large screen. "This GPS unit that will help you find the machine." she said, "Try and follow it this time, Rex."

Six raised an eyebrow as the Hispanic teen protested, "Hey, I only got lost that one time because the EVO stepped on it!" Dr. Holiday rolled her eyes, "Just go and complete the mission." Rex grinned and gave a mock salute before Six pulled him away to the aircraft hangar.

About five minutes later, Six and Rex climbed out of the jump jet and made their way to the university. Rex blasted through the front doors, and he and Six entered a long dark hallway.

"Sheesh, would it kill for some light around here?" said Rex, "Sneaking around in the dark with an insane computer program raging out of control around is just creepy."

"Light would alert ZAG-RS of our presence and she is currently using the power of the university to keep herself running." Six answered in his low monotone voice. He touched his earpiece, "Dr. Holiday, come in." he said. The earpiece crackled with static as the doctor answered, "I'm here Six. The machine is located in Basement 2 of the Science Wing and the GPS should lead you two there. Holiday out."

Six pulled out the unit, making sure to follow the red dot on the screen. The building unexpectedly shuddered, and the florescent lights overhead swayed and flickered intermittently. "I feel a lot of nanite activity, Six. Can't tell if it's an EVO though." Rex said, suppressing a shudder.

They continued down the hallway, the corridor stretching in two directions. With the lights blinking on and off obnoxiously, Six closely studied the GPS unit that would tell them which direction to take. Rex just stared at the end of the hallway when a shadowy figure appeared and took a left, but when the light shone upon it Rex gasped out loud. "Van Kleiss! What is he doing here?" And with that, Rex took off toward his arch-nemesis, ignoring Six's alarmed shout of staying put.

Rex took the left and chased after Van Kleiss who had suddenly as he appeared vanished with out a word. Confused, the teen looked around for any sign of the villain, looking in every direction. He walked forward in the darkness, making a right as the corridor turned right. Rex came to set of descending stairs. "Hmm, maybe this leads to the basement." he thought out loud. It wouldn't hurt to try.

Rex felt his nanites hum as he stepped off the last stair. He cautiously rounded a corner and came to a large room containing a few desks and tables, and a giant machine occupying most of the room. A dark figure was hunched over the controls of the machine, Rex started forward when the machine came to life and the figure was electrocuted, falling to the ground in agony.

ZAG-RS's computerized voice filled the room as the machine flashed red lights, signaling the programs' takeover. The figure stood, and Rex could now clearly see it was indeed Van Kleiss.

"Van Kleiss, what are you doing here?" Rex threatened the man. Van Kleiss turned to face Rex, a small smirk adorning his features under his long black bangs. "Why my dear boy, the same thing as you." His words stopped Rex in his tracks. What was this guy up to?

"Whatever you're about to do, I am going to stop you!" Rex shouted, and transformed his hand into BFS, short for Big Fat Sword. He charged Van Kleiss, but the man stopped Rex's assault with a black tentacle, throwing the teen into wall. "Stop with the games, boy, we have a serious problem on our hands." Van Kleiss all but growled at Rex, "We must stop ZAG-RS from completely taking over this machine."

Rex couldn't believe his ears. Van Kleiss helping? Those two words shouldn't be in the same sentence. "Why would you help, Van Kleiss? All you do is create problems!"

"If you would just listen, maybe this information can go through that thick head of yours. Our present will be changed permanently if ZAG-RS controls the time machine and I suggest we work together to-," Van Kleiss was interrupted as the entire room shook, cracks appearing in the ceiling.

Six entered the room, drawing his katanas at the sight of the super-villain, advancing slowly. "I shall not allow you to impede my plans this time." ZAG-RS's computerized voice said, the machine sparking in various places. A hum filled the air, and it grew to a dull roar. The machine gradually powered up at ZAG-RS' bidding.

"What are you up to, ZAG-RS?" Rex tried yelled over the noise. "A test that must be performed." droned the program and at once the machine began to flash brighter and brighter, causing Rex, Six, and Van Kleiss to shield their eyes at the pulsing light. "No!" shouted Van Kleiss, and attempted to near the machine when the room started to shake intensely. A giant white vortex opened above the machine, sucking every item not bolted down into it.

Rex landed flat on his back as the room spiraled out of control, the machine now emitting a blinding light in which Rex could not see Six or even Van Kleiss. Papers flew past him in a flurry of activity, and Rex ducked as a chair hurtled past. He transformed his arm into BFS, stabbing it into the floor in an attempt to anchor himself.

Rex clung on for dear life as his BFS created a deep groove in the floor as the Hole slowly dragged him in, increasing in velocity. He felt himself leave the ground and fly towards the machine, and tried to initiate his Boogie Pack, only to have it disintegrate to pieces.

"C'mon, C'mon!" Rex urged himself to create a way to escape the force of the machine sucking him in, but all his machines crumpled into shrapnel on each attempt. A few feet away, Rex saw Six, his twin katanas deeply embedded in the ground as the agent gripped each handle tightly.

"Six!" Rex struggled to shout but the deafening noise carried his voice away, and Rex felt himself enter the vortex, his body seemingly stretching as his nanites screamed in protest.

Six saw Rex after what seemed like years and they locked eyes for a millisecond before Rex was sucked into oblivion, the Hole closing with a vociferous boom.

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