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César typed furiously at his computer, a hologram carefully constructing itself over a glowing panel in his laboratory. He growled in annoyance with himself as the prototype once again developed several red spots and promptly self-disintegrated into photons. For hours now he had struggled to develop a program that could withstand an onslaught of attacks from ZAG-RS and fuse with NECIP. Time was running out before White Knight lost his patience and Rex was lost in time.

The intercom built into his keyboard buzzed with sound as Dr. Holiday radioed in. "How is it coming along, César?" she asked. "Terrible. The program continues to have problems in withstanding potent attacks and multiplying quickly enough." A tiny light bulb went off in his head, and began talking out loud and typing. "I could use a bio-polymer material infected with nanite type virus. This virus program would be partially organic, therefore multiplying with unprecedented speed throughout ZAG-RS' system. NECIP would still use up nanites quickly, but would be modified to use the virus converted nanites efficiently. This could work!" César said excitedly.

Dr. Holiday felt like breathing a sigh of relief.

In no time, César formulated the program, upgrading NECIP in the process. The inventor transferred the program into a small chip and handed it to Six. "We should be able to control the machine for approximately…" César did some quick calculations off the top of his head, "…five minutes." Bobo nearly choked on the potato chips he was consuming, and sprayed Six's shoes with crumbs as he said, "I hate to rain on the parade, but that's how long it takes to use the little chimp's room. Can't you add any more time?"

César shook his head, "Hopefully the virus replication process will delay ZAG-RS attacking NECIP. In the meantime, we can pinpoint where in time Rex is." Six nodded his affirmative and placed a hand on César's shoulder, "We'll find him."

Six and Bobo made their way down the familiar gloom passage of the abandoned science building leading to the time machine. "Remind exactly what we are gonna do once we stick this chip in, will ya? We can't exactly start celebrating." Bobo asked. "We stick to the plan and locate where in time Rex is and, if possible, control the machine enough to bring Rex forward in time."

Bobo's hackles rose as they entered the destroyed room illuminated in a red glow. The room just gave him the creeps. "You return to fail a second time." ZAG-RS stated rather tauntingly. "Naw, just to come and do some more damage." Bobo couldn't help but reply. Six opened the side panel of machine and inserted the chip to a designated port. At once ZAG-RS began to hum and whir.

Six darted to the control board, waiting for any indication NECIP "2.0" was working. "You cannot defeat me. The synthetic compound you have inserted is now being destroyed." ZAG-RS chilling boomed, starting to confirm Six's worst fears. The board sparked and cackled with energy, causing Six to retreat to a safe distance.

The energy formed into a large bolt that struck at Six who leapt out of the way with agility. More bolts formed that continued to pursue Six. "Keep it distracted!" the agent yelled to Bobo who took one look at his blasters then to the bolts of energy and decided this was going to be a very bad day. The bolt caught the deliberating chimp by surprise, singing his fur black.

Yep, a very bad day.

Six went back to the computer keyboard only to find it showed no signs of ZAG-RS' control. He read the information that streamed by on the screen in chunks carefully. From this insight, Six deduced Rex and Van Kleiss were currently in 1300 B.C., but the agent could not figure out where on the planet they were. He typed quickly, and more information poured out as NECIP's virus multiplied and granted more access.

Bobo was having a hell of a time dodging the bolts on energy. He had long ago ditched his blasters and was now running willy-nilly around the room. His hide was smarting the last time he had been hit, and his temper was slowly rising. "Have you discovered anything yet, Einstein?" Bobo yelled hysterically.

Six now could input the destination of the time travelers, and he steadily typed the date, time and place. The machine was starting to shake and shudder and Six hoped NECIP could hold out a little bit longer. He pushed the enter key, and ZAG-RS boomed, "The virus has been obliterated. You have no access." The keyboard sparked as ZAG-RS struggled against the command Six had imputed.

A blue portal was starting to appear a few feet to right of the machine, affecting the debris in the room as they were picked up and swirled around the room. Bobo ducked as he was nearly taken out by a large coffee mug hurtling towards his face and Six crouched low to the ground.

The agents waited anxiously for any indication of the return of Rex as the blue portal glowed brighter and brighter. "No…it can't be…" Bobo said, gob smacked at what started to appear out of the portal.

Night was gently settling over the Egyptian city, the Sun slowly setting and bathing the Earth in its dying orange glow. A small chill could be detected in the air and the river water rippled smoothly.

Rex and Van Kleiss were dressed from head to toe in black garb and stood motionlessly at the top of a grassy knoll. Wosret's band was huddled a few feet away from them, conversing in hushed tones as Wosret sat on the ground, sharpening his sickle on a stone. Rex tightly gripped the hilt of the sheathed sword that now hung at his hip, mentally wishing he was anywhere but here.

Van Kleiss similarly had a sword and scabbard, but instead of wishing fruitlessly he tried to calculate what exactly Wosret intended for them to do. The Nubian man had ordered them to dress in these dark clothes and had also armed his troupe. Van Kleiss suspected they were obviously going on a raid, as some members had rough sacks tied to their waists, but why take two prisoners that could alert the entire town?

His focus was diverted when Wosret snapped an order at them, and he and Rex turned to face him. Wosret pointed to both of them and then to the road leading into the city. He motioned for the two companions to start walking.

Wosret and his band followed a small distance behind them, confusing Van Kleiss of their motives even more. "Do you know where they want us to go?" Rex whispered suddenly and Van Kleiss shook his head in the negative and responded, "It would be in our best interests to refrain from talking and to increase our awareness." They continued along the dirt road and could see farmers returning to their mud and thatch homes, children laughing and running in the mud, and a few vendors shouting their wares.

Rex jumped and let out a startled yelp as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned quickly and looked into the face of a grinning Wosret. There had to be some inside joke that ran continually for this man to leer in such an unsettling manner.

It became a game of charades as Wosret began to form shapes and objects. "He is warning us of arrows from archers…" Van Kleiss guessed out loud quietly while Rex stared confusedly at the Nubian man. At the end of his motioning, he put a finger to his lips and mimicked tiptoeing, finally pointing to Van Kleiss and Rex.

"Uh, he wants us to do what?" Rex asked, scratching his head.

"Follow me and close your mouth, boy." Van Kleiss replied, and together they snuck into the slowly sleeping city.

As they carefully thread their way through darkened alley ways and closed shop stalls, Rex could no longer sense Wosret and his band behind them. He casually glanced over his shoulder to affirm his speculation. "Any reason why creepy grinning man is not following us?" Rex asked Van Kleiss in a hushed tone. Van Kleiss ignored him and held up a hand instead.

He pushed Rex behind a large barrel and together they crouched behind it. Van Kleiss silently pointed to something, and Rex peeked from behind the barrel. He hastily concealed himself as a platoon of spear wielding soldiers marched by.

"We must make it to the castle. Wosret will be waiting there." Van Kleiss said, and as soon as the soldiers were out of sight, sprinted to the next shop, Rex following closely. They continued their stop and go pattern, hiding at the sight of soldiers and moving quickly once they were gone.

Soon, they were silently trekking up the hill leading to the majestic palace. Horse stables were constructed to one side to the large limestone building, and here Rex and Van Kleiss hid themselves. A few horses snorted as they entered the stable. "Alright, where to now? Wosret is obviously not here. And the smell is starting to get to me!" Rex said.

Van Kleiss narrowed his eyes before answering, "It appears we may have been set up." A look of confusion spread over Rex's face, and he opened his mouth to question when Van Kleiss let out a yell and pushed the teen roughly to the ground. Several arrows whizzed by and the horses grew frightened, some neighing in distress and tossing their heads.

"What the hell was that?" Rex asked in alarm as the projectiles flew overhead. Van Kleiss had no time to answer as he shouted for Rex to follow him. They charged the archers, and together rammed their way out of the stable. A large of soldiers waited for them outside, and Van Kleiss roughly blocked a spear with his sword from a charging solider, disarming him and flinging the poor man into his own comrades.

Rex dished out a kick to one soldier, ducking as another one rushed at him and tripping him. He exchanging blows with a soldier, their swords clanging loudly. Suddenly, Rex felt a familiar hum fill his entire being. "No…it can't be…" he said in wonder, looking at his hands.

"Van Kleiss! The Portal! Inside the castle, er…I mean palace!" Rex shouted to the villain. "Let's move!" Van Kleiss shouted in reply, and with one last heave, knocked all remaining soldiers to the ground with a mighty punch. The companions dashed into the main hall of the palace and were once again met with archers and more soldiers.

A thought nagged Van Kleiss as he and Rex battled their adversaries, the chaos and confusion adding to it. Something didn't quite make sense. He too felt his nanites respond as they had entered the palace, but why here? What major iron deposit would reside in a palace, unless…

"Rex! Follow me! The armory room is where the portal is!" Van Kleiss shouted in realization as he avoided a volley of arrows and blocked a spear thrust with his biomechanical arm. The main entrance hallway split into two adjacent corridors, and Van Kleiss and Rex picked a random doorway, running down the left pathway closely flanked by soldiers.

The hallway ended into large room that Rex soon comprehended to be the throne room. They were met by a melee that involved several guards and Wosret's band. Wosret's face was twisted into a snarl, his sickles gleaming devilishly in red in the torch light. Rex lowered his sword slightly as he watched a small teenage Egyptian boy fleeing the room with guards following close behind him. The boy had on an elaborate tunic and gold plated wrist cuffs. He was noticeably bald and rough sandals adorned his feet.

The companions worked to take out he guards that had followed them. Rex spun and with a flying leap, slashed at one guard. Surprisingly fast, the guard deflected the blow and smashed the hilt of his sword into the nose of Rex's. It began to bleed profusely, and dizzily Rex raised his arm to stem the flow. He rolled out of the way as the same guard advanced readily and struck out at the teen, missing by a hair. Van Kleiss came out of nowhere and knocked the guard out cold and unexpectedly helped Rex to his feet. The villain's face looked slightly unfocused to Rex and as a desperately tried to stop his nose from painfully bleeding.

Rex's attention was brought back to the melee when Wosret gave a roar of rage at the sight of the fleeing boy and took off in pursuit. The nagging feeling that was plaguing Van Kleiss suddenly surfaced into a coherent thought. "We must protect that boy! He must not be killed, but harmed!" Van Kleiss hollered to Rex above the din, and Rex followed him again in misunderstanding.

"Mine tellib me wha' da deal is?" Rex asked despite his bleeding nose as they ran down the hallway in pursuit of Wosret and the bald boy. "That boy. He's not just any boy. He's…" Van Kleiss began, but stopped when they reached a room stocked with weapons and large blue portal in one corner. The guards that had followed the boy were dead and lying face down in pools of their own blood. Wosret was standing triumphantly above the boy who was sprawled on the ground and holding a hand up in a minuscule defense. Fear was plastered on his face and he slightly trembled.

"Itz King Tut." Rex whispered.