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-Beep beep beep beep Beep beep beep beep-

Zuko lazily slapped his alarm off, groaning as he got up and saw the time was 8:30.

"I only took one and a half a glass of fire whiskey...why in the hell do I feel like shit" Zuko thought to himself as he stumbled to his bathroom, rubbing his temples. Zuko then began to wash up, get dressed and have breakfast. For a man of twenty-five, Zuko had his life pretty well in order. His loft had a great view of the city from his living room, he had state of the art entertainment system, well furnished and organized rooms, that were vibrantly warm and inviting, and every thing complimented each other nicely. It was a plus that there was a working fire place in the loft.

"Alright...pick up uncle, go grocery shopping, and meet up with Toph." Zuko listed off as he washed his dishes. When he went to shower after dropping off Toph and going home, he noticed some thing was in his back pocket. Venturing into his pocket, Zuko found a card with Toph's name and phone number on it, which made Zuko smile and question how she got it there. "This day is going to be very interesting" Zuko thought aloud. His cell phone then rang, showing that Aang was calling.

"Buddy, where did you go last night? Last time I checked to see if you and Meng were hitting it off, you were gone. Like you disappeared for the night."

"Oh, I was at the bar." Zuko said as he stuffed his wallet and keys in his pockets.

"Not interested huh?"

"Yeah" Zuko sandwiched his phone between his head and shoulder at he locked up his door.

"Got anything to do later? Say...around 1?"

"You promised that you would stop 'hooking' me up"

"Oh come on. I don't want my friend to end up a bitter lonely old man. Just once more, please?"

"Well, sorry Aang but I have a lady to attend to" Zuko said, then froze and thought "crap, I let it slip".

"A lady, huh? Nice going Zuko! So who is she, how did you meet and what's she like?"

"She's... an acquaintence"Zuko stopped in his tracks, smiling as he let slip the words "She's interesting,playful and blunt, and we met at the bar"

"Woah man, I think you're in love."

"Just shut it, Aang"

"Alright, alright. But I mean it, you sound like you're quite smitten over her. Well, buddy, good luck on your date"

"Its not a date! It's just a..." Before Zuko could finish his sentence, Aang had already hung up.

"Great" Zuko thought as he pressed the elevator button.

Zuko went down to the garage, got into his car and went to pick up his uncle. Although his uncle Iroh is another big business man, dealing with herbs and teas, he still enjoys the simple life of doing things on his own, and living life in harmony with every one rather than being a tyrant with other businesses. Twenty minutes later, Zuko arrived at his uncle's house.

"Uncle, come out, I'm out front" Zuko said as his uncle answered the phone.

"Alright. Be right out." Iroh said, then hung up.

"Here you go Zuko" Uncle Iroh said as he got into the car, "I've made you watercress soup."

"Thanks Uncle" Zuko said, smiling appreciatively accepting the mason jar of home made soup. His uncle had played a big part of his life. He took him in when Ozai disowned him, and treated him like his own son. For that, Zuko is forever thankful to have him.

After shopping for groceries and eating lunch with his uncle, Zuko dropped off his uncle and went home to put away his groceries. After doing so, Zuko checked if he looked presentable in a polo tee and jeans, went back to the garage, and got into his car. Zuko's fingers drummed nervously on the wheel as he called Toph.


"Hey Toph"

"Hey Zuko"

"Um...are we still up for froyo?"

"Of course."

"Okay, where are we meeting?"

"Oh! Do you know where Mixed is?"

"Y..y..yeah...I know of it"

"Meet me in front of the store, okay?"

"A...alright, see you there"

"Mmm-hmm. See you there"

Zuko let out a sigh of relief as the call ended. "God, why am I acting like a nervous wreck around this girl?" Zuko thought as he started his car and drove to the said destination, parked his car, and stood in front of the establishment.

After a couple of minutes, Zuko heard his name being called. He then moved his head toward the source of the sound and saw Toph walking towards him. She wore a black shirt with a picture of a heart lock in red with the words "I'll lock you up and throw away the key" scrawled in white, jeans, and converses. Her hair was up in a side ways braid, she wore her thick framed glasses, and had a messenger bag hanging from her shoulder.

"Hey Zuko" Toph called at him with a smirk. Once she got near him, she gave him a punch in the arm.

"Ready for the froyo experience with the Toph Bei Fong?" Toph said with a mischevious grin. "Alright Sparky, lets go" Toph said as she dragged him by the hand into the shop.

Mixed* was a self serve froyo establishment. The interior were dark blue walls with vibrant green, orange and purple retro circle decals, with couple of white metal chairs pulled up to small tables, except for two large ones for larger groups of people. The place had large containers where people would go to mix different variety of froyo, ranging from classics, such as tart, cookies n' cream, chocolate and strawberry, to more exotic types such as taro, green tea, lychee, blueberry, cheese cake, red velvet, mango and many other flavors. Afterwards people could put as many different toppings of fruits, syrups, popping bobbas, mochi, chips of chocolates or yogurt, cereals, crushed up candy bars, cakes and nuts as one likes, pay by weight, and then go off picking your own vibrant colored spoon and napkins.

"Here you go" Zuko said as he passed a container to Toph then grabbed one for himself.

"Thanks" Toph said grabbing the container from his hand "What to choose..." Toph pondered at she looked at the long row of froyo machines.

Toph went for the strawberry, coconut, lychee, green tea, and tart. She loaded up with strawberry popping bobba, strawberries, peaches, kiwi and mochi pieces.

Zuko went for lychee, tart, taro, honeydew and chocolate. He loaded it up with chocolate chips, longan, mochi, popping bobba, melon balls and rambutan.

When Toph went up to pay for her froyo, Zuko immediately went up, placing his froyo with his on the scale and held out his credit card.

"What are you doing Zuko?" Toph said while staring at him funny.

"I'm paying" Zuko said

"No you're not" Toph said, donning on a venomly sweet smile as she slapped away his credit card hand. "I'm paying" she said defiantly as she quickly motioned to tap her credit card on the tap and go.

"Toph" Zuko growled as she just smiled as she grabbed the spoons and some napkins.

"Hurry up Zuko, your froyo will melt" Toph said, giving a victorious grin.

"What did you get?" Zuko asked, dropping the "who will pay" subject as they sat down at a table with two chairs.

"Strawberry, coconut, lychee, green tea, and tart loaded with strawberry popping bobba, strawberries, peaches, kiwi and mochi pieces. How about you?"

"Lychee, tart, taro, honeydew and chocolate loaded with chocolate chips, longan, mochi, popping bobba, melon balls and rambutan."

Toph dug her spoon into her container and scooped a big mass of the froyo into her mouth, with a little dripping from the corner of her lips as she chewed on the toppings.

"This is so good!" she exclaimed as she smiled at Zuko as he ate his.

"This is good" Zuko commented, but chuckled a bit as he saw the state of Toph's mouth. "She's so cute. Unlike Mai, she's...captivating and very expressive" Zuko thought as she still munched away on her toppings.

"Hey Toph, come here" Zuko stretched out with a napkin, seeing that the stream of melted froyo was going further south on her chin without her realizing it.

"Hmmm?" Toph murmured as Zuko wiped off the melted frozen treat that stained her lips.

"Thanks" Toph said, blushing a little. "But I could do it myself you know" she recovered as she slightly pouted.

"I know, but it looked like you didn't mind it melting off your lips" Zuko said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"So, anything eventful today?" Toph asked, changing the subject as they resumed eating.

"The usual I guess. Buying groceries and helping my uncle. You?"

"Grocery shopping, training and laundry" Toph said with a smirk.

"How's your froyo?" Zuko asked, looking at the fruit and yogurt explosion that resided in Toph's container.

"Good, try some" Toph said, and without further adeiu stuck a spoonful in Zuko's mouth, surprising the young man at such an intimate gesture.

"How was it?" Toph said as she retracted her spoon from Zuko's mouth.

"It..it was good" Zuko stuttered a bit. "Strange but good"

"Oooh, let me try yours!...Do you mind?"

"Not at all" Zuko said, pushing his container closer to her.

With that, Toph scooped some of his with the same spoon and licked it clean.

"Same with yours. Strange but good."

Soon Zuko and Toph loosened up from the awkward air and began to talk. They talked about bending styles, work, book interests, movies, music, hobbies, websites and a little on their backgrounds. Zuko was surprisingly comfortable with Toph, and the same went with Toph towards Zuko.

"You're from high society ?"

"Yeah. Heard of BF Corporation?"

"The high tech electronics and medical tools company?"

"Yep, my dad is the big CEO of it. And while he is the big man, he expects me to play the part of being a damsel in distress/bargaining chip to his business associates. Tough luck for him, I'm not falling for it."

"I understand you. I'm the disowned son of Ozai Wong"

"No kidding. Why would he want to get rid of you? You're such a nice and caring person." Toph said as she pushed up her glasses.

"He didn't think I could take over the business like him. Also add the fact that I spoke against him during one of his company meetings, which alluded to my disownment." Zuko said with venom in his voice.

"Well, he's the idiot who can't see past his own greed and pride" Toph said, giving him a weak smile.

"Thanks Toph." Zuko said with an appreciative smile, then notices her hand on his.

"Uhh..."Zuko blushed "I think it's now the evening, Toph" Zuko said

"Hey, you're right" Toph said as she then stared out the window.

"If you don't have any thing to do, want to go out for dinner or some thing?"Zuko asked with a smirk as he threw away their long polished off froyo containers.

"Fine by me" Toph said with a smile as she got up and followed Zuko out of the store.

They walked a while to get Zuko's car. The sun was almost fully setting as they entered the car. Shades of purple, peach, pink and orange were painting the skies as the two enjoyed each others' company. Laughing away and giving sad smirks when sharing past experiences.

"Sparky, where are we eating?" Toph asked as Zuko drove.

"My place" he said with a smirk as he droved off.

* - Mixed is a parody of a real froyo shop. The description is similar to the real one except I took some artistic liberties with its selection.

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