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"Guys, stick to the plans please? It's hard enough considering every variable we can't control without you guys improvising every other move," Nate said exasperated. As if it wasn't hard enough keeping this band of misfits in line, now he had to worry about their notoriety more than ever before. Their latest client had found them through the internet after all.

"For the umpteenth time, I'm sorry. How was I supposed to know he'd know the difference between an Infrared Receiver and a RFID Receiver?" Hardison sighed. He thought it was a good bluff at the time. As always, they were ungrateful, just ungrateful! Who was it that had gotten back all the evidence? ME. Who was it that had secured all the intel so that no one would be able to get it? ME. It'd all worked out in the end hadn't it?

"Really Hardison? You didn't think that a computer geek from the NSA wouldn't know the difference between the two?" Sophie said exasperated. Sometimes that boy just didn't use his head.

Parker smiled as she remembered Harrison's last grift. She was the reason he had grifted in the first place. As she stepped outside the van, she couldn't help but remember all the times the hacker had pulled her out of a tight situation.

Elliot's gruff voice interrupted the thief's train of thought. "Dammit Hardison! Just stay in the van like a good hacker alright? It's been good so far. Let's not mess things up now." Indeed things had been going very well. Almost too well thought the mastermind, but he quickly pushed those thoughts aside as he had more pressing concerns. "Sophie I need you to stall so Parker can get into his car."

"It's too open," Parker complained. "There's no good cover anywhere in this giant parking lot."

"You're right. Elliot keep an eye on the perimeter. We need to give her time alone. Hardison, you're on security."

"I'll tell you when I'm in," the hacker replied as he started his remote hack, oblivious to the world outside his van.

"Mr. Vesita, a moment of your time," Sophie said starting her stall.

"Hardison, status?" Nate asked. Something was bugging him but he didn't know what it was yet.

"Ok Parker, I looped their feed for the next 10 min."

"I'm on it."

"Whoa hold up. I just got kicked out. Guys this is weird. Such a small company shouldn't have this much security."

"It's okay. I'm already in."

"Thank you Mrs. Kroy but I'm afraid I left the contracts in my car. If you talk to my assistant I'm sure she can show you to our conference room." Mr. Vesita said motioning for his secretary to come as he walked into the elevator.

There was some static on the line making it difficult for Nate to hear what Mr. Vesita said. But he figured Sophie was just about done. "Parker wrap it up. He's on his way out."

"Okay something's definitely not right. I recognize this work," Hardison panicked. "Guys can you hear me? Shit!" His coms had already been side jacked, and only one man could possibly do that this quickly.

"Hello Hardison, remember me?" Hardison remembered alright. He knew he had to warn the team, and started to work around the security measures that he himself had set-up. Unfortunately, he was too busy worrying about his friends to notice the men outside his van.

"Why leave the documents in his car?" thought Nate. He knew he'd need them. And a meeting on Saturday? Every instinct told Nate that this was a setup. But this would be their only chance wouldn't it? Except... "Hardison, what's going on? Can you hear me?" This static was starting to piss Nate off. He thought it was Hardison that had picked these up himself. And what was Mr. Vesita doing taking the elevator? His car was outside, not in the underground parking garage.

"Umm. Guys I don't think Mr. Vesita is a researcher. His car is clean. I mean really clean. I think it's a rental. Why would he have a rental?" Parker asked.

"I don't know. But we're pulling out. Now."

"Mrs. Kroy? I have a phone call for you." Mr. Vesita's assistant said.

"Hello?" Sophie said tentatively.

"Sophie Devereaux, so good to hear your voice. Prison can be so lonely," the voice that could only belong to Chaos said.

"Chaos, you waiting for us to send you back to prison again? What possible advantage could you possibly have to escape now?" Sophie replied.

"Hardison, get out of the van now!" Nate barked. It all made sense now. Splitting everyone up making sure Hardison stayed in the van where he was needed.

"You know what they say. Third time's the charm. You know how much I love revenge. Right Hardison? Oh yeah that's right. He can't hear us, I already isolated his frequency," Chaos laughed.

"Parker, Elliot, I need you to get Hardison now!" But they were already charging through the parking lot toward the van on the opposite side of the street.

"Oh but it's too little too late! And you of all people should know how much I like bombs. And big red buttons," Chaos laughed as the van exploded before they could even get to the street. Elliot could feel the force of the blast from the parking lot, stopping him mid run. That was until Parker blasted bast him toward the inferno.

Parker couldn't think. There was no way Hardison would leave her like this. She had to go to him. He needed her.

"Parker he's gone! You can't help him anymore!" Elliot exclaimed as he chased after her afraid she might hurt herself in the fire and burning fuel everywhere.

"No he's not!" Parker cried as she continued her sprint.

Finally catching up to her, Elliot dragged a struggling Parker back to the car as the first ambulance drove past, sirens blaring. "He needs me!" she screamed, fighting the hitter with everything she could trying to get to the wreckage burning in the street.

There's more to this story than meets the eye. I think I left a couple of clues in there. I want to include more Parker/Hardison mostly, Parker's reaction to *spoiler* Hardison's death lol just in case you skipped to bottom. I'm at a bit of a loss for how to portray her or Sophie for that matter. PM if you'd like to help. Don't worry, I've got a good idea of what I want to do. All that's left is to make sure the details are just right. :)