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"I was thinking maybe you could babysit your brother and a few of his friends tomorrow night. We'll pay you well, Samuel," his mother's voice broke him from his sleep. He grunted and rolled over, not ready to start the day off just yet. He had gotten into a knockdown-drag out fight the night before over his grades again. He hadn't exactly felt like making nice with his parents at such an early hour. He opened his eyes long enough to glance at the alarm clock on his bedside table. Eight thirty in the morning was too early, he knew that much. "Honey, you need to wake up. Your father is already at work, and I'm about to head in. You have to watch your siblings." He sighed before shooting up out of the bed.

"Fine," he grumbled while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He picked up some clothes off his floor before giving them a whiff. After deeming them clean he made his way to the bathroom, ready to take a shower to start off the day.

Twenty minutes later he found himself sitting at his computer desk scrolling through various websites. He sighed in dejection upon realizing he hadn't gotten the part of Jake Sully in an RP group. "Whatever," he mumbled to himself before going to Facebook.

His eyebrows drew together in confusion upon seeing a new friend request. He quickly clicked on the button and waited for his slow internet to tell him who was trying to add him. His face lit up as soon as he saw the Q of her name. Without hesitation he added the girl and began to look at her profile with enthusiasm.

At first glance he noticed her profile picture was that of her in a red cheerleading uniform. He felt his jaw drop at the body before him. He gathered that she was popular. She had more than half a dozen wall posts from that day alone. He shrugged his shoulders before deciding to look over her page.

At the last minute her relationship status caught his eye. He wasn't sure why it upset him to know that she was in a relationship. She hadn't acted very taken their day together at the amusement park, but he supposed she didn't owe him anything. He clicked on the guy's name and let it direct him to the boy's profile. Sure, it was kind of stalkerish. He just wanted to know what that guy looked like. "What am I doing?" He mumbled before returning to Quinn's page.

He wondered if she was looking at his profile at that moment. In a moment of panic he looked at his profile to make sure nothing inappropriate was around.

Then again she had a boyfriend she was probably out with. Or maybe she was asleep like a normal person would be.

"Honey, are you on that MySpace thing again?"

"No," Quinn replied dryly. "No one uses MySpace anymore, Mom," she added before clicking through various pictures of the blonde boy she had met the previous week. "It's Facebook."

"Are you talking to Finn? He hasn't been over in about a week, Sweetie. Are you two okay?" Judy asked with concern. Quinn sighed. Her mother meant well, she guessed, but it was never fun to have a mother meddle in her teenage daughter's love life.

"We're fine, Mother," Quinn stressed. Judy chuckled before grabbing the dirty clothes out of the hamper and then exiting the blonde's bedroom.

Sam had accepted her friend request only minutes before. She hadn't been waiting around for it or anything, she just knew. She had read over his profile information in no less than five seconds. It had upset her that he had nothing written in his information. She wanted to know more about him. She felt giddy at the thought of him being single though despite the fact that he lived in a different state.

He was available for chat she noticed, but he hadn't engaged in a conversation with her. Maybe it meant he didn't want to talk. He had, however, accepted her friend request so he obviously still wanted to talk to her.

Finn Hudson:
Bayb, y r u up allredy?

Quinn sighed. She couldn't really ignore her own boyfriend, as much as she sometimes wanted to.

Quinn Fabray:
Cheerios practice at six. Why are you up?

Finn Hudson:
Havnt ben 2 bed yet! :DDD

Quinn Fabray:
You should go to sleep then.

Finn Hudson:
Ur so rite bayb! Stix l8r? Pic u up at 730. Luv u!

She sighed. Her boyfriend was a complete idiot. She had known it for a while, but everyday he only proved himself more and more.

Quinn Fabray:
Bye, you too.

She quickly searched the list of online friends for Sam's name only to find that he had already signed off. She sighed in frustration before slamming her laptop shut.

The blaring of her phone brought her out of her Sam thoughts. She instantly maneuvered her way over to her nightstand and picked the cell up only to find that it was Santana calling. She groaned before pressing the answer key. "Hello, Santana," Quinn dryly remarked.

"Lima Heights is boring today and Britts is out of town. You and I's is going to Breadstix for lunch." Quinn huffed in frustration.

"Finn is taking me there tonight, sorry." Santana laughed, clearly unimpressed.

"Don't care. It's not like you wants to go out with Finnconpetent anyways. I'll pick you up at eleven."

"Okay, Santana," the blonde retorted, not even bothering to comment on her dig at Finn.

"So, when are you going to break up with the walking, talking Tree Man?" Santana questioned in between mouthfuls of breadsticks. Quinn felt her stomach turn at the rate the Latina was eating her food.

"I'm not breaking up with Finn, San," the blonde whispered sadly. Santana arched an eyebrow but said nothing else. "Do you remember that day we went to Cedar Point with Sylvester's tickets?" Santana nodded. "I met this guy there…"

"Was he hots?" Quinn blushed. "Why didn't you introduce me to him?" Santana whined.

"Because you and Brittany were getting your 'Sapphic pleasure' on as Berry put it." Santana looked down at her plate of food and mumbled incoherent things. She pulled her phone out and went to her photo gallery before clicking on the picture of Sam and her. She looked at it multiple times throughout the day, but she wasn't going to tell Santana that. She handed the phone over to her somewhat best friend and waited for the Latina's reaction. A stamp of approval from Santana…didn't really mean anything, she realized.

"That guy has the dick sucking lips, Sweetie," Santana replied in a sickeningly sweet tone. "He's gay, Boo Boo." Quinn was offended. She had seen the way he swooned and fawned over her. There was no way he was gay.

"He isn't gay," Quinn grumbled before lurching for her phone. After successfully stealing it from Santana she looked at the picture one last time before slipping the cellular device back into her purse.

"Cute," Santana sarcastically retorted before digging into a fresh batch of breadsticks. "This is great, really," she added after swallowing a rather large chunk of bread.

"What are you talking about, Santana?" Quinn questioned with an arched eyebrow and a pointed look. Santana simply raised her own eyebrow as to challenge her cheerleading captain. On the field Quinn had power over her, but outside of Cheerios? Not so much.

"You like this boy more than you like your own boyfriend. That's really sad, Q," Santana stated with a gleam in her eyes. "Does the Eifel Tower know that you're cheating on him with Mick Jagger?"

"That's it, I'm leaving," Quinn snapped while reaching for her purse. A growl emitted from the girl before her sent her back into the booth. "Why do you have to be such a bitch? I just wanted my friend to listen to my problems." Santana relented.

"If you don't like Finn then why are you with his dumb ass?" Quinn opened her mouth to respond but decided against it. She felt her phone vibrating from within her purse and sighed. She really hoped it wasn't Finn calling her. "Who is it?"

"Nosy, much?" She replied while pulling the phone back out. "It's just an e-mail from Facebook. Probably one of the freshman Cheerios confused over the master cleanse." Santana snorted. The blonde quickly checked the e-mail only to find that it wasn't from a Cheerio. It wasn't even from anyone near McKinley.

She felt the corners of her lips trying to tug into a smile, but she knew that Santana would catch her. The Hispanic girl was like a relentless bloodhound when it came to finding things out.

Quinn-thanks for adding me. :-) Also, you look very pretty in your profile picture.

She was thankful that he hadn't posted the comment on her wall but opted to send a message. She read over it once more before sliding the phone back into her purse. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing," was all that the blonde replied with.

He really couldn't believe his eyes. The hottest teenage girl in the universe had just given him her number. Sure, she had a boyfriend and lived miles away, but it counted as a victory in his book. He didn't want to text her immediately and seem over-eager, but he wanted to talk to her. "Stevie," Sam shouted, praying his brother could hear him from down the hall. He heard the pitter patter of footsteps and smiled.

"Yep?" The little boy responded with a small smile.

"Will you type this number in my phone?" He asked while holding his phone out for the boy. Stevie nodded eagerly before hopping into Sam's lap and looking at the number on his computer screen. Within a few seconds the boy handed the cell phone back to Sam and slid back onto the ground. "You sure this is right?" Stevie nodded. "Thank you, Buddy."

"Welcome," he replied before gallivanting back out of the room. He decided that he'd rather seem over-eager than uncaring and cocky. He quickly made his way to the new contact and hit the button allowing a text message to be brought up.

With a quick flick of a button and the green light from the phone he spoke," Hey, it's Sam." He watched in amazement as the phone instantly typed out what he had just said. Without a second doubt or hesitation he pressed send. No more than two minutes later he had an incoming text.

Sam? Sam who?

He rolled his eyes playfully and carefully typed out his own response. He was certain that he could handle writing Evans after all.

Evans. :( yu dn rembr?

He nervously waited as the minutes ticked by. "Sam, you've outdone yourself this time," he commented to his cell phone background before throwing the mentioned item onto his bed. He contemplated going to sleep but knew if his father came home from work to find that he hadn't really been looking over his brother and sister. In fact, he hadn't seen his sister all morning.

That last thought had him scurrying out of his bedroom and down the hall to where his sister hopefully was. He knocked lightly on the white door with a pink Barbie sticker that had somehow yet to be removed before pushing his way inside. "Stace?" He questioned while poking his head in.

"Sammie," the small blonde girl whined from under the covers. He arched an eyebrow and stifled a laugh. "I was watching the Princess and the Frog but I got scared," she whispered. He looked at up at the television in the corner of the room which had been paused.

"What are you scared of, Stacy?" The little blonde sighed as though Sam were unintelligent for not knowing the correct answer. "You're afraid of the shadow man?" A nod. "I don't blame you. But it's just a cartoon, you know," he whispered while sliding into the bed beside her.

"I wanted to see the end though," she whined. Sam looked thoughtful before wrapping his arms around the blonde girl.

"How about I stay in here and watch the movie with you? I'll make sure the bad guys stay away." Stacey smiled before grasping for the tiny remote and handing it over to her big brother. Sam sighed. He knew he had better be getting cool big brother points.

"Sam?" His eyelids fluttered open at the sound of his name being called. It was his mother, but she sounded somewhat panicked. The door to Stacy's room flew open, shocking him somewhat. He eased himself up and followed his mother out of the room once she beckoned him with her finger.

"What's up, Mom?" He questioned once they were in the safety of the kitchen. He grabbed an apple out of the fridge before heading over to the sink to wash it off. "Something happen at work?" She shook her head before plopping down onto an island stool.

"Your grandfather is sick." Sam held his breath and waited for his mother to continue. "Your grandmother called your father earlier and told him the doctor wasn't expecting him to live more than six months."

Sam didn't know what to feel. He wasn't close with his grandfather. They had never truly lived around each other. He'd spent the majority of his life in Tennessee while his dad's father had been in Ohio with the rest of his dad's family. It seemed odd that they had just gone to visit the couple over Spring Break. They never visited before. He assumed the older man's sickness wasn't something his family was just finding out about.

"That really sucks, Mom," Sam finally managed to get out. "Is Dad, you know, okay?" She reached across the island and let her hand rest across his forearm. "What is it?"

"He thinks that maybe we should uproot and go live there for your next year of school." Sam's shaken mood instantly dissipated into an angry mood.

"That's too bad, Mom," Sam shouted, earning a hush from his mother. "You said we weren't moving again."He scowled but felt better at the fact that his mother had the decency to look somewhat ashamed. "You promise," he whispered.

"Sweetie, I know, but your father wants this. We need to be supportive of him. I know that you don't really know Grandpa Bill, but this is going to be your last chance to get to know him. Don't let your father down."

"Kind of like you guys let me down?" He snapped, pulling away from his mother's comforting touch. "You guys always said that just because I was different than other kids didn't mean I would suffer from it. You guys said that no one else was any better than me, remember?" His mother was shocked; he could see it written on her face. He had never yelled at his mother like he was in that moment, but the emotions had already surfaced like a volcano erupting. "But you guys are keeping me behind a grade so I can't graduate with my friends. That's kind of messed up, right?"

"Sam, keep your voice down. Your brother and sister are asleep." He scoffed.

"You know what? Move to Ohio. I don't care. Why did I think this time we were actually staying around?" With that he ran towards the front door and made his way out of the house.

He wished he had someone to talk to, someone who wouldn't judge him for his problems or jump on his parent's side simply because they had seniority over him.

He wished he could talk to Quinn.

But damn it if he hadn't left his cell phone in his room hours before.