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He had gone to the local park, unsure of where else he could go. He knew it was probably only six o'clock at the latest, but he didn't know much of anything else. Once again it appeared that brains weren't on his side. Had he been thinking he would have grabbed car keys or something. Instead he was perched on the swing sets listening to the distant sound of a softball game being played. He pushed himself slightly and enjoyed the small breeze of air given to him from the force of his push.

He wondered if he had been in the wrong over the way he treated his mom. He knew he was simply because disrespecting the old people was against the law or something, but he hadn't been able to help it. The anger festered up inside him and rather than letting it all blow over he blew up. How many times had they been forced to move before because his mom had been offered a better job at a greater hospital? How many times had his parents told him they would never be moving again only to have the rug pulled out from beneath him? How many times had he been made fun of at each different school for his learning disabilities? He sighed. They had been in Germantown for two years. The longest they had been anywhere actually. He was certain that he was finally going to stay somewhere long enough for him to actually graduate high school.

Of course not only was that not true, instead of having one year of school left he had two because of his inability to comprehend anything. He often wondered why God punished him so. It was His fault that he had such a terrible life. His parents had money, sure. He had the nicest clothes and the finest electronics. He could have anything he wanted whenever he wanted, but it had yet to make him happy. It never bought him an education. It never made him well-liked.

Maybe moving could be a good thing though. He liked to find the good in all things. What was in Ohio for him though he would never know. He could be closer to Cedar Point and maybe finally get to ride that damn ride that Quinn had kept him from.

All of the anger and confusion he had felt ceased to exist in that moment. He had completely forgotten about one of the finer points of being in Ohio permanently. He wondered what part of Ohio his father wanted to move to. Was it really his fault that he didn't know where his own grandparents lived? It wasn't his fault that they had only visited them once. He knew they lived out in the country, miles away from anything.

He shuddered as he thought about his luck at being a farmhand.

He jumped out of the swings and ran towards the general direction of his house. He had to get back to his mom to find out about anything and everything he could.

But first he had a phone call to make.

His mom and dad both just kind of stared at him when he crept inside the house. He didn't know what possessed him to treat everything like a spy mission. It was probably seven o'clock and the family would be eating-not asleep. "Sam, nice of you to finally join us," his father's voice boomed. He nodded before pushing past the group. "Samuel, we're eating as a family. Sit down," he shouted.

His mother must have told his dad that he had been an ass earlier. He really wanted to go get his phone though. He had a feeling that running to his bedroom in the moment would only result in him having a sore butt.

"Yes sir," he meekly responded before sitting down in his usual space opposite of Stevie. "How was work?" He questioned while helping himself to the various foods on the table. He hadn't really asked either of his parents in particular. He was just asking whichever person happened to answer.

"Good," his father replied. "You know how much fun it is to sit behind the desk all day telling people what to do." Sam nodded before taking a bite out of the meatloaf.

"I guess so," Sam replied after swallowing thickly. "Where will you work when we move?" In an instant the entire room filled with an awkward tension. He could hear Stevie asking his parents what was going on. "Oops," he whispered lamely. "I think I'm going to take my food to my room while you two talk to these two," he explained while pointing at his brother and sister.

"You're lucky I don't send you upstairs without food," his father growled, but the twinkle in his eyes let Sam know he wasn't in troubleā€¦for once. He nodded before grabbing the plate and his drink and rushing upstairs, taking two at a time.

Behind closed doors he shoved his plate on his desk and pounced on the bed after seeing his iPhone. He had several missed calls from various friends but only one text message. He chose to ignore the message in favor of making a call himself. He quickly scrolled through various contacts before settling on the correct one.

A ring. He shuffled anxiously. Another ring. Then another. Finally someone answered. He heard shuffling on the other end of the line and waited for something-anything. "Hello," a gruff voice questioned. He pulled his phone away from his ear and looked at the screen in confusion.

"Wrong number," Sam offered with a sigh.

"Give me the phone back," he heard from the other party. His ears perked up the feminine voice. A few more seconds passed by with more shuffling but finally things evened out. "Hello," the breathy voice whispered.

"Hello," Sam tried. He waited but nothing else was said. "This is Quinn, right?"

"Obviously," Quinn replied in annoyance. "Who is this?" Sam deflated. So much for him being memorable.

"It's Sam. This is a mistake on my part. My bad," he replied before hanging the phone up. That hadn't really gone well at all, he realized with a sigh. Despite the fact that he was kind of upset at the turn out of the evening he was still hungry. He readied himself to get back up and go to his desk but the cell phone in his hand began to ring.

He ignored the excitement churning in his stomach and instead forced himself to calm down. With a final nod to himself he answered the phone, "hello?"

"Sam, I'm sorry," came the feminine voice he had only just been talking to. "Finn answered my phone, but I told him to go home."

"Oh, okay," Sam lamely replied. "That's cool."

"Finn is my boyfriend," Quinn whispered. Sam sighed. He already knew that. He couldn't tell her that though because she would know he was a creepy kid who stalked her friends.

"That's also cool." He tried to sound nonchalant. It came off sounding pained.

"I want to break up with him," she retorted. Sam internally high fived himself but knew that it didn't really make much of a difference.

"What part of Ohio do you live in?" He questioned, trying to get the conversation back on topic. He heard the steady breathing of the blonde on the other end of the line but it was the only thing keeping him clued into the fact that she hadn't hung up. He waited a few more seconds before deciding he probably successfully scared her.

"You don't know what part of Ohio I live in even though you mailed me a letter?" He instantly felt like an idiot. He chuckled awkwardly before digging through the stacks of paperwork on his desk.

"That was stupid on my part. Sorry," he offered before snapping his fingers in excitement upon finding his wallet. He dug around to find the address she had given him before smiling. "Lima, Ohio."

"Why did you want to know though?" She questioned. He noticed that she sounded genuinely curious. Did he want to mention that he might be moving there? Would it sound like a stalker?

"My family was talking about a certain part of Ohio. I guess I wondered if you might be there." Quinn laughed causing him to smile. "I guess I can let you go though. I don't want to bother you?"

Quinn gently lain down on her bed before looking at the ceiling, wondering how to answer his question. She didn't want to seem too eager to talk to him; she had, after all, just told him about her boyfriend. She didn't want him to hang up though.

"Tell me about Tennessee," she offered instead, hoping that the subject change would give them more time to talk.

Five hours later she had learned that his family moved around a lot. He didn't like cheese unless it was on a sandwich. He had a brother and sister who he loved more than anything. His facebook page had not lied-he really wasn't in a relationship.

He had made her laugh a lot-something that was a feat when it came to her. He had been the reasons he denied Finn's five phone calls. Sam Evans had-with one phone call-changed the way she felt about everything. He had made her realize that being with Finn Hudson was not all like what being with a boyfriend should feel like.

Of course, she couldn't call Finn and break up with him just because some hot guy in Tennessee seemed to be interested in her rather than just interested in being with her. Sam listened to her talk and commented on everything she had to say. Finn simply zoned out or interrupted with talks of video games and football.

Of course one thing Sam had said had struck her as odd. He had mentioned hoping to see her soon. She wondered if that meant he would be back in Ohio for anything.

She couldn't help but wish that he would be.