A Different Kind of Homecoming

By Goddess of the Sands

Rated: K+

Pairings: Toby an Spencer

Summary: So suppose Spencer figured out that Toby was being framed before homecoming, and though he's Emily's date she requested a moment to talk to Maya and asks if Spencer would dance with him. Unknown to anyone else they have a moment.


"Hey Spence?" Emily called to me. At the moment I had just come back from reminding a girl named Stacy from my AP history class that it was her shift at the sack toss. "Yeah Em? Do you need something?" "yeah I have to go talk to Maya about something and Toby doesn't really know anyone else, would you mind dancing with him?"

I could tell this was important to Em and thought 'what the hell' and turned to whisper in Alex's ear , asking if he would mind which he didn't. I quickly walked over to Toby asking if he would dance with me. He looked both nervous and hesitant "A Spencer…..I don't know how to dance really" "Well then its time to learn" I smiled at him and grabbed his hand leading him to the dance floor.

As I was teaching him how to move his feet a slow song came on but I could still see Emily and Maya talking in, what looked like a heated conversation, I looked at Toby who looked a bit awkward. I slowly put my arms around him with my hands at the nape of his neck and he catching on put his at my lower back and we began swaying to the music.

Ever since I started believing he was framed, and that the real murderer lived in my back yard, I regretted every thing I ever said or thought about Toby Cavanaugh. He didn't deserve all the hate that was piled against him because of false accusations.

"I'm so sorry Toby, for everything I said and thought about you" I apologized holding him closer. I felt so bad for all that he had been through. I felt him sigh and also hold me a bit closer to him. I thought I might cry, this was probably the closest human contact anyone had given him in a long while and I had played a part, no matter how small, in his isolation.

I let the silent tears fall.

Well there it is, I hope it doesn't totally suck, I was writing it at like 1:30 at night here, Comments, ideas, and PMs are always welcome 3