Chapter 4

Goddess of the Sands


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And then they were. He cradled her face in his hands as she gripped the lapels of his jacket. It lasted until the need for oxygen became unbearable and when they came out of it both were slightly dizzy but smiling. "I was….Not expecting that" was all she could think to say. "Me neither" he replied, slightly breathless still.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he asked. She looked up at him confused "Emily texted, she's going home with Maya and I can only take so much more of this…" he explained. "Hmm what did you have in mind?" She couldn't help but be a tad apprehensive at the smirk that came over his face as it was both mischievous and excited. "Ever ridden a motorcycle?" She pondered at his question, was he serious? Of course she had never ridden one! When would she ever be so reckless!

Then it struck her, reckless was exactly what she wanted to be tonight. "No I haven't, but I have a feeling your going to want to change that" she answered. Again he smirked at her, admiring the willingness he would have never expected from this girl.

"Then lets go" He grabbed for her hand pulling her after him to the exit. As they went Spencer caught looks from each of the girls, Aria was smiling at them both while in a conversation with Ezra, Emily smiled and nodded before turning back to Maya, and Hannah gave her that "If he hurts you I'll kill him myself, but have fun" look that she does so well.

By now they had reached the parking lot and were heading to Toby's car when Spencer got a text making her purse beep and vibrate in her hand. "Aren't you going to get that Spence?" Toby asked her looking dejectedly at her clutch. "No" she replied simply, this was one night that A and everyone else could not ruin for her.

The ride was full of laughter and teasing arguments over radio stations. Spencer was surprised how comfortable she was with Toby, singing along with the songs and playfully batting his hand away when he wanted to change it. For once in her life she truly felt a genuine calmness. Soon they found themselves parked in the Cavanaugh's driveway.

There, sitting in the open garage, was Toby's parked Harley Davidson motorcycle.