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Sangheili and Dragons

No matter whom you are,

No matter what you are,

You…are never alone in this universe

In the deep and darkest of space, with stars twinkling around the universe, a large Assault Carrier entitled: The Shadow of Intent and its crew seek to return home after the war with the Covenant and the Flood. The crews of the mighty Carrier are exhausted, having to fight off numerous hordes of the parasite as well as the savage and bloodlust Brutes.

In the main hanger bay, only few Elites stroll around, checking to see if everything was normal with their vehicles and weaponry. It has been 12 hours since they left the planet Earth. They risked their lives to save that world and left their home almost unprotected. Hopefully, the surviving Brute ships did not find it...hopefully.

On the bridge of the ship, in the ship command seat, lies an elite in different armour from the other Elites. These warriors are brave, strong, smart and honorable. Sangheili are their real names, it's just that Humans could not be bothered saying a strange word all the time. Besides, Elite is an appropriate term for a race such as the Sangheili.

That Elite in strange armour was the Arbiter, a hero of their race now, who is tired and exhausted from fighting alongside Spartan 117. He still wonders if the Master Chief lived or not, it was almost impossible to survive such a blast wave like Halo's explosion. But right now, he is tasked of getting the ship, and her people, back to Sangehilios.

"All right...Rtas! Please come over here" Arbiter called out to a Sangheili in white armour and only two mandibles on the right side of his mouth. The other 2 were ripped off an. Rtas walked over to the Arbiter, who was looking into deep space from his seat.

"Yes Arb-, I mean...Shipmaster" Rtas correcting his mistake, as he is not the commander of the ship anymore.

"Please, just call me Arbiter or Thel, I'm not used to being called by that rank yet" The Arbiter turned his towards Rtas, as if he was giving a smiling expression.

"Yes Arbiter, what did you call me for?" Rtas asked his superior. "How far are we from home friend…I'm getting worried something bad has happened" Thel has been getting a little anxious for the past 3 hours.

"I don't know, at least 2 days, It may take longer at this speed" Rtas replied. Thel dropped his slowly and let out a long sigh.

"Thanks for telling me...that's all for now" his face now giving off a sad expression.

"Is there something you want to talk about Arbiter?" Rtas was concerned about his friend, never in his career has he seen Arbiter in this state.

"No Rtas, you just go back to what you were doing, I need some time to myself" The Arbiter said in a low voice. Rtas gave a nod and walked away.

Another hour passed and still no sign of Sangehilios. The Shadow of Intent instead was passing over a blue Planet with large continents. It looked all too familiar to Earth...It almost looked the same actually. Thel looked at the Planet and now he was concerned. Is the ship going in circles? Have they just wasted time and went in the wrong direction? He was not all too pleased about this sudden appearance of the human world.

"What the...Navigators! What is this? It's Earth again! Have you done a circle?" Thel stood up. He was angry at the Elites navigating and piloting the ship. An Elite in blue got up and spoke.

"Shipmaster, please stay calm, this is not Earth! It's a different Planet, and we have no knowledge of its exact name!" The Elite spoke. He was definitely scared of Arbiter.

"State your name Minor" Thel asked the blue Elite.

"My name? Uh...it's Shin Tarscar sir" The navigator giving his name.

"Well Shin, you better hope you're right! Or there will be trouble" Thel warned Shin.

As the ship passed over the Planet, a ruthless threat flew towards the Carrier. They looked cloaked, and that they were. On the Shadow, An Elite operating the Radar caught the sight of 2 targets heading to their position. The Radar operator knew what they were and he had to shout out to the entire crew of the threat.

"BRUTE SHIPS, HEADING TOWARDS OUR POSITION!" the Blue Elite shouted at the top of his lungs. All Elites turned to his call and they knew what they had. Arbiter turned towards the Bridge window and saw 2 Brute ships uncloaking.1 Assault Carrier and 1 CCS Covenant Cruiser. Arbiter pressed a button to let out his voice on microphone so his words are heard throughout the ship.

"All Sangheili, Battle stations! We have 2 Brute ships heading towards us, prepare the defenses and release the fighters!"

Thel's voice was heard through the entire voice. The entire crew was activating the plasma batteries on the ship. Several squads of Seraph fighters were released from the hanger and went straight for the fighters coming out of the Brute ships. The 2 larger ships were splitting up to attack the Shadow from both sides. As the Shadow started passing between the 2 ships, the plasma batteries from all vessels started firing. The Seraphs started dog fighting around the 3 ships.

As bolts of plasma and torpedoes started pelting the Shadow, she lost her shields first. This was not a good sign, the hull was vulnerable.

"Shipmaster, our shields are down!" said one of the Elites navigating the ship.

"Damn it, tell our people on the batteries to aim for their weak spots, it's our only option!" Thel ordered. As the battle progressed, the Shadow took on damage. The Elite ship was losing some of its batteries to the other ships, but suddenly, the Brute Assault Carrier lost its shield and it now took on the Intent's heavy payload.

"Shipmaster, Brute Carrier shields are down!" said the Radar operating Elite. "Excellent, tell the batteries aiming for the Carrier to aim at the neck of it, we'll split it in half!" Thel ordered.

The batteries on the Shadow's right side all fired at the neck. Successful hits were made and slowly, but surely, the neck of Carrier was giving away. The ship's head violently ripped apart from the rest of the ship due to the vacuum of space, disabling and destroying the enemy Carrier. The Elites cheered in victory, but Arbiter suddenly remembered the Cruiser. He looked up. The Cruiser got sneaky and was now hovering above the Carrier. Its Cleansing beam was activating and prepared to strike at the belly of the Shadow.

"No...EVERYBODY, TAKE COVER!" Arbiter shouted across the room.

The Elites wondered why he asked this, but suddenly, a large shake happened through the room. The Cleansing beam struck the ship at the belly. After the attack, the Shadow slowly drifted down. Its engines were disabled. The Shadow was done for and slowly went down and starting to enter the atmosphere of the Planet they were fighting above. The Seraph dogfight ended moments after the Shadow's defeat, only a small number of Brute Seraphs survived. On the Cruiser's bridge, A Brute Chieftain watched as his enemy entered the atmosphere of the Planet.

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