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Chapter 1: Computer

'Colonel Hang-Gee on request...' The computer told me. Sighing, I rested my chin in the palm of my left hand. I've been on wait for a freaking hour and a half! I understand that these people have important things to do, but so do I! Tapping my pencil, I can't help but think back to a few years ago when Sam would've snatched the pencil straight out of my hand because it annoyed him. A smile graced my lips as I thought of all the glares and snarky remarks that we had thrown at each other. It seems so foolish now to think of attacking each other with those glares and remarks now. Sighing again, I heard the computer ding.

'Colonel Hang-Gee on live chat...' Standing up, I straightened my red blazer and black skirt, smoothing my hair back a little, and looked up at the massive screen. The colonel came onto the screen. He was an old, South Korean colonel with slightly graying hair and many wrinkles. He wore square glasses that made his head look even smaller than it is and he sported a typical Korean military outfit.

"Colonel Hang-Gee," I spoke in his native tongue and bowed.

"Ambassador Witwicky," He bowed back.

"I see you have recieved my chat request," I straightened up and put a hand on the table next to me, "The question is: Did you recieve the letter and requests I have sent?"

"I have," He shuffled around some papers, "And I believe they're are way out of proportion. You are asking to much!"

"To much?" I asked quietly, silently laying my trap before me, "All I ask for is some land for us to base ourselves on, and a better protection for your people."

"You ask for money we cannot provide! What do you want with our country?"

"All I want is to put up more Energon readers in largely populated areas such as Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. Not only that, but put up Energon readers at check pointes at the gateways of cities, canals, and airstrips."

"That is to much! What are they planning? A total global take-over?"

"That is what I'm trying to avoid," I said, my voice deadly serious, "My men are out there weeding out the rest of the Decepticons. They wouldn't have been able to get any of them without these Energon readers. I understand that you don't want to worry your people or waste any more money."

"Nor make a mockery out of ourselves! North Korea and Taiwan haven't done this yet!" The colonel threw his hands up.

"I know. But other places, like China and Laos and Vietnam, have. They want to protect their people and if there was to be a total global take-over, they don't want to be responsible for not having the Energons readers required to specificate the robots," I had stunned him into a silence. A look of thought creased his forehead and I allowed a small smile, I had him right where I wanted him.

"I see what you're saying..."


"Give me three days. I will recollect with my advisors and get back to you," The colonel nodded, then bowed. I bowed back, "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Ambassador Witwicky. I see why they have chosen you."

"Because I know what to do to protect my people," I smiled, "I was a pleasure speaking with you as well, Colonel Hang-Gee. Please do have a safe future."

"You as well."

'Colonel Hang-Gee offline...'

Sighing, I sank into one of the rolly chairs that were provided at the table. Rubbing the bridge of my nose, I thought to when times were simpler back in high school. All I had to worry about was homework and boys. And keeping my brother out of trouble. But now? Now I had to keep my men out of trouble. Getting up, I walked up and out of the computer room and into the hangar. We've been moved since a year ago when the other NEST base had been destroyed in a Decepticon attack. It was larger and better equipped to house our... 'soldiers'. Leaning against one of the railings, I smiled as I watched the human soldiers hustle about. They were like very busy ants. It was kind of funny.

"Jess?" I felt a tap on my arm. Looking to my side, I saw Westley, one of our most experienced technicians here, holding out a headset to me, "It's Lennox."

"Thanks, Wes," I smiled and hooked the headset on. Pressing the button, I heard it whir and click once, "Lennox? Talk to me."

"Hey Jess, you'll never guess where I'm at!" Lennox said excitedly into the ear piece. I laughed. He sounded like a little kid.

"I dunno, DisneyLand? I would be pissed if you went there without me!"

"No, it's not DisneyLand!" He laughed, "I'm at the Chernobyl site."

"And you're excited about this because...?"

"Because we're one step closer. We have an underground source that Decepticons have been hanging around here," This made me straighten up. I began walking towards the control room, "A source has told us that there is something here from 1968. From the original Lunar Landing."

Walking into the control room, I sat down at my computer. It was a large holographic screen that can be used by touch and by mouse. Pressing a button, the screen booted up and popped up. I pressed a few buttons and went for 'Live Feed'.

"Lennox, you have a camera on you?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Turn on the Live Feed. I want to watch."

"Alrighty," I heard a beep and then my screen came to life. It was staring at a desolate, bleak landscape. The buildings were decaying and decrepit. There was a playground that looked like it hadn't been used in forever.

"God. This is just... Depressing," I said. I heard Lennox give a hollow laugh.

"You should see it from our point of view. It's even more depressing," I could only imagine.

I watched as my men picked their way through the rubble and they entered a rundown hotel looking thing. Lennox stopped to chat with the guy that had led all of them there (who still refused to wear the freaking suit) for a moment and then turned again. I didn't catch what they were saying because they were talking to low. He passed through a door and into a large room. There were cables hanging from the cieling and several work equipment around the room. It was dusty from years of abandonment, but I saw something in the middle of the room. It was round and strange looking, with wires sticking out of it. It had Cybertronian symbols on it and I tried to decipher them, but the video was to grainy. In the past 2 years, I've had the Autobots teach me their old language. It's helped me a lot, especially if I had a dream with the symbols in it.

"Optimus, do you see this?" I heard Lennox speak into the headset. Only me and Lennox had them. It was a headset directly linked to the Autobot's comlinks. We could access any of the Autobots at any time when we had them on.

"I do. It's impossible," Optimus said into the speaker, half amazed and half... angry?

"What's impossible, Optimus?" I questioned.

"It's an engine piece to an old ship from Cybertron," I held back a gasp, "It was our last hope for our race and held something important for our races' survival. Unfortunately, it had got shot down before it had escaped our atmosphere. I thought we knew all of what you humans did of our race, Jess."

"Someone's failed to mention this to me," I stated, getting angry myself. How could they keep this under wraps from us? Clenching my fist, I turned to Holly, our main analyst, "Holly, can you run some diagnostics?"

"On what?" She came up behind me. I pressed a button and a screen popped up next to the Live Feed. Pressing fast forward, then pause, I had been able to fast forward to the spot where you can see the engine piece. Pointing to it, she took a closer look.

"See if you can find any information on it. Anything will do. We need more information on it. Got it?"

"Got it?" She smiled and walked back to her side of the room to sit at her own computer. Going back to the Live Feed, I saw our men freeze.

"Lennox? What are you guys doing?"

"Shh!" I heard him tell his men. We all sat and listened. Was there a... rumbling?

"Shit!" I heard one of the soldiers shout and he began to shoot. I saw something mechanical whir in front of Lennox.

"What the hell!" I heard him shout.

"Lennox, get out of there!" I tried to reason with him. I saw his gun raise and he began to shoot at it. There were more of them! They were like snakes or tentacles, shooting out and hitting the soldiers out of the way. One of them had a claw on the end of it and it picked up the engine piece, "Shit, don't let it get it, Lennox!"

"Trying not to get killed here!" He shouted and they began to run. I heard more crashing and turned from the screen, the Live Feed video was giving me a headache. To much jarring of the video. When I heard Lennox shout, I returned to the video. They were all out on a dead field, weeds everywhere and large slabs of concrete were in the middle of it all. Lennox jumped behind one and I saw the video peek out from behind the concrete slab. Gasping, I saw what the mechanical thing was. It was a large snake-like thing. It was intertwining itself throughout the building, effectively crushing it, "Optimus! We need you here now!"

Wincing at the loudness of Lennox's voice, I vaguely heard a 'On it' from Optimus and he sped into the scene. He now sported a trailer that I knew housed weapons for him. It made him look a bit bulky but it definitely aided him during battle. I watched with bated breath as Optimus ran smack into the snake-like thing and transformed. His trailer formed a large stand up circle and he walked into it, attaching his Energon swords.

"Lets go Optimus, kick his ass," Lennox said. I smirked. I could imagine him smiling and watching like a little kid. Sometimes, I don't think Lennox is qualified to raise a kid since he's one himself. We watched Optimus battle the snake thing for a moment before it slithered away. I saw another robot helping the snake thing, it was tall and wide, with one red eye in the middle of it's face. Optimus walked over to the soldiers and I saw that the snake thing had dropped the engine piece. Watching Optimus as he knelt down, I heard him talk to himself. Not bothering with it, I turned to Holly.

"Anything yet?"

"Actually, yes," I raised both my eyebrows and she walked over to me with a few papers, "It's not everything, but apparently NASA doesn't have a very good firewall."

I smiled when she handed me the papers and she pointed to a few things she highlighted.

"They brought it back with them on one of the Lunar missions. I couldn't get the name of it or who brought it back, but they had been testing on it at Chernobyl. It was one of the reasons for the nuclear meltdown," She then turned to another paper, "Apparently they had been trying to harness the power it excreted but when they had finally done it, the power was to unstable. They tried to stabilize it with electrons but all it resulted in was the nuclear meltdown. I'm still trying to get more but it's running a bit slow."

"It's more than enough, thank you, Holly," I smiled at her and turned back to my computer, watching as they all filed into their respective vehicles, "Did you catch that Optimus?"

"Loud and clear," I nodded. I could tell he was angry. You would be too if another species tells you that they have told you all that they know about your kind and then you turn around and see something from your planet that you had no idea was here. Did that make sense?

Let me try that again. You'd be mad if another species lies to you. Better?

Getting up, I sighed and walked into another sector of the control room.

"Lennox, the rest of the Autobots will be here later and I heard we're getting a visitor."

"Oh? Who?"

"Someone from the President. I think she's a CEO or something..."

"Well, that's not good."

"You're telling me," I filed the papers into a folder and stamped it with "WITWICKY: SPECIAL FILES" and put it into the filing cabinet. I'll take a look at it later with Optimus, "Tell me when you guys are closer."

"Will do."

I heard him switch off his comlink. Sighing, I sat in one of the chairs in the office.

"Long day?" I heard a familiar voice and turned, seeing my friend Katy in the doorway with a coffee in hand.

"You could say that," She smiled and walked over to me, handing me the coffee and allowing me to take a drink.

"What's up?"

I told her about the Engine Piece and the battle with Optimus. After, she nodded her head and a thoughtful look creased her forehead.

"Why wouldn't they tell us about it?" I asked, tossing my hands in the air exasperatedly.

"Maybe they had to hide it," Katy thought out loud, "Perhaps they had Decepticons on their tails about it as well."

"I don't know, Katy," I turned my head to the door when I heard the rumble of engines. Looking at Katy out of the corner of my eye, I saw her perk up. Waving a hand, I smiled at her, "Go on, go see your boyfriend."

She blushed a deep color and she stood up quickly, "He's not my boyfriend!"

"You wish he was though," I smiled when she blushed even harder, "Don't deny it, Katy, you li-i-ike him. You wanna kiss him. You wanna love him."

I made a kissy face and teased her as she got a deeper and deeper red. I don't think I've seen anyone get so red.

"S-shut up!" She ran out of the room. I began to laugh and stood up, intent on following her, but once I stepped out of the room, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind. Smiling, I knew who it was.

"Hey," I said, leaning into the body.

"Hey," The owner of the body said. He buried his cheek into the junction of my neck and shoulder.

"How was the mission?" I asked, a hand reaching back to mess with Bee's hair. His shoulders relaxed and I felt his entire body just slump.

"Tiring, but we accomplished it," I felt him smile against my shoulder.

"Then you should get some rest," I raised an eyebrow. He shook his head.

"I don't wanna."

Turning in his arms, I stared up at him and into his beautiful baby blue eyes, "If you don't get any rest, Ratchet will have your helm on a stick and out front. I don't think Sam would like to see that when he comes to visit."

"Sam? Who's that?" He said softly, placing his forehead on mine. I could help but melt into his arms and into those beautiful eyes I loved to stare at.

"Oh, I dunno. Perhaps he's my brother who helped you save the world twice. Remember him?" I laughed.

"No," I raised an eyebrow, "I don't really remember anyone from two years ago that hasn't visited you nor me."

Sighing, I smiled softly at Bee. I know he wanted to see Sam and our work has prevented us from doing so. Still, it would be nice if he visited us.

"You know that it's hard for him sometimes," I tried to defend him softly. Bee let go of me and walked to the opposite side of the room. I followed him in and quietly closed the door, not wanting anyone to disturb us while I let Bee get this out of his system. I know he was angry, was hurt, that Sam didn't bother to give us a second glance for the past two years.

"Don't even defend him, Jess!" Bee threw his hands up and looked at me from the opposite side of the table he had just walked around, "He's your own brother! He should have the common courtesy to at least call. You're parents have!"

"You know as well as I do, Bee, that I can't have personal calls here. My parents were just a flub up and everytime they call, it's on my cellphone on my off days."

"And when is that?" Bee slammed his hands on the table. I didn't move. I knew he wouldn't hurt me, nor is he angry with me. He's just angry period, "You're working to much, Jess!"

"I'm working as much as you, Bee," I said calmly.

"But I can handle it better!"

"Are you saying I can't handle work or stress?"

"Yes! No! Stop messing with my servos, Jess! I'm serious!" He was really beginning to freak out now. Walking around the table, I saw that he had gripped one of the wooden chairs next to him. Hearing the wood begin to groan, I placed a hand atop of his, gently removing it. Holding his hand palm up in mine, I traced small patterns in the palm.

"I know you are, Bee," I said quietly, looking up at him, "As am I. I know you're worried about my health but Ratchet says I'm fine. I trust Ratchet with my health. Do you?"

"Of course I do! I just," He pulled his hand away from mine and began to walk again, this time with me following, "I'm just afraid."

He turned to me and I scrunched my eyebrows together, "Afraid? Of what?"

"Of losing you again."


He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a tight hug, his arms coiled around my waist and his face buried into the crook of my neck.

"I've lost you twice, Jess, I can't lose you again. If I do, I'll go insane."

Smiling, I combed my fingers through his mussed up hair, "I'm sorry to say this Bee, but you're already there."

Standing up straight, he looked into my eyes, confused, "How so?"

"You fell for me."

Shaking his head, he smiled and placed his forehead on mine, "And how does that make me insane?"

"Have you seen me on a sugar rush?" He began to laugh.

"I see. But that's only when you have sugar."

"Yeah, but..."

"But nothing. Don't call me insane for falling one of the most intelligent, beautiful, caring girl in the world. In the universe. I'm insane, alright, insanely lucky," I blushed slightly. He always knew how to get under my skin like that. Chuckling, he brought his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. Wrapping my arms around his neck, all the days troubles left my mind. Poof! Gone. It was just me and Bee in our own little world. Just as it was getting good, I heard a knock at the door.

"Miss Witwicky? CEO Mearing is here and she wants to see you immediately."

That's just great. I see my boyfriend for only 1o minutes after he's been gone for a few days and I still have to work. He hugged me gently and pulled away, kissing me on the forehead.

"I'll see you later."

"Okay," I smiled and walked to the door, turning once and giving him a wink, I walked back into the control room and followed the person behind the knock (it was Jack, one of the newbies here) to the conference room. I saw an older woman there with brown hair with slightly graying sides. She wore round glasses and sported a black pantsuit with... Nikes? They were brightly colored and looked out of place. She held a sour look on her face as she watched me walk in.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

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