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Chapter 1o: Announcement

I tapped on Bee's wheel repeatedly, gnawing on my lower lip as I scanned the highway.

"You okay, Jess?" Bee asked through the radio.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," I smiled, patting the wheel, "Just... nervous, I guess."

"About?" I felt the seat depress and compress against my back, massaging it. Pressing my back against the seat, I moaned slightly.

"Curse you. Even in your alt. form, you can do this," I half growled. I felt the car rumble in a laugh, "If you must know, me, Katy, and Lennox and them have to meet the president."

"You've met some of the worlds top leaders and you're nervous about meeting the president?"

"Yeah, but this time it's gonna be different. When I met some of the worlds top leaders, I always had my guidance there. He was my teacher and he was always there for me for backup. Now I have... well, Katy and them!" I laughed. I could practically see Bee roll his eyes.

"Don't worry, Jess, you have your lucky charm," I looked down at the hand on the steering wheel, the cool steel band around my ring finger gleaming in the sunlight.

"Which one?" I smiled, reaching my free hand up to grasp my necklace.

"Both," Bee said happily. I knew he was happy that I didn't lose the necklace. How could I if it hurt every time I took it off? Laughing slightly, I sank in the seat a bit. It was day out and me and Bee had decided to drive to D.C instead of flying with the rest of them. Even if we had been apart for only a day or two, it felt like something between us had been severed and we needed to reconnect it, "What are you thinking about?"

I jumped slightly at the random voice, but smiled and turned to the passengers seat. Bee's holoform was sitting there, quite relaxed, with his hands behind his head. Today he sported a grey tank top and black cargo pants, the usual outfit he wore whenever he wanted to relax.

"Just thinking..." I shrugged. Bee grabbed my right hand and drew patterns on the skin. The windows began to tint darkly, and I know it was his way of saying he wanted to talk without anyone noticing that I wasn't paying attention to the road or have a hand on the wheel. When the windows had stopped tinting, I turned in the drivers seat to look at him. Bee was staring at my hand.

"I know it's hard for you to understand," My eyebrows furrowed as he looked up at me. Chuckling slightly, he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, "The whole Soul Spark Mate thing. Ratchet's been delving more into it and is uncovering it slowly. He thinks that it's the same way with Katy and Ironhide. Maybe Mikaela and Dino."

Nodding, I remained quiet, knowing he has an explanation somewhere along the lines. Bee took a deep breath a smiled, looking straight into my eyes.

"It's weird, huh? We've been apart for perhaps a day or two, but I can't feel anything you feel," My eyebrows shot up. So he couldn't feel what I felt just as I couldn't feel what he felt? "By that look, it seems it's the same way with you?"

I nodded and he did as well, "What does it mean, Bee?"

"It means that our connection was severed. When we both pushed each other away, it strained the connection between us and when you were taken so far away, the connection had completely broke off."

"How do we get it back?" Honestly, I liked the closeness I felt with Bee. It gave me a sort of priveledge to be able to understand him in that way.

"I dunno," He sighed, running a hand through his bangs, "Ratchet is working on it, but he says that, for now, try to spend as much time with each other as possible."

"Well, I have no problem with that," I smirked. He did as well and pulled on my arm. I climbed onto his lap, straddling him slightly, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. My dark hair fell around us like a curtain and I placed my forehead on his, "Do you?"

"Not at all," He smiled and kissed me. I slanted my head slightly to the side, not bothering if anyone can see us (the windows were too dark for anyone to see us anyways), and enjoyed the sweetness of me and Bee being back together. It felt like something within me started to thrum slightly, a pleasant vibration without my body. Pulling away, I placed my forehead on his once more.

"You feel that?" I asked, refering to the thrum. Bee nodded and smiled.

"You do, too?" I nodded, smiling back. I rubbed my nose on his, an eskimo kiss, and then placed my head on his shoulder, snuggling my forehead into the slope of his neck and shoulder. Bee chuckled slightly and shifted to where both my legs were on top of his and to the side, the position a child would have if she were sitting on her dads lap. Bee kept one arm around my waist and the other one played with my hair. I yawned and Bee kissed the top of my head, "Sleep. You haven't gotten much since we left."

Nodding slowly, I snuggled closer to Bee and I felt both arms wrap around my waist.

I don't know why I gave this up, or why I was stupid enough to, but I sure as hell happy I was able to get it back.

And in about a month, I was getting married.

This is going to be an interesting month.

"Jess," Bee cooed in my ear, slightly shaking my shoulder. I groaned and snuggled into his neck. He chuckled and pulled me away from the warmth of his chest, "C'mon, Jess. You gotta get up and dressed. You are meeting the President in a half hour."

I shot up and looked at Bee's holoform, "HALF AN HOUR? Why didn't you wake me earlier!"

Bee chuckled as I began to freak out. He grabbed me by the shoulders and made me look at him, "'Cause you needed the sleep. Now stop freaking out. I was able to get your purse from Dino. It has all your suitcases in it, right?"

I nodded and he handed me the purse.

"You can get changed in the back seat. I promise, I won't look," Bee winked and his holoform fizzled out. I blushed a deep color and hit the dashboard.

"You need to stop making me blush, darn it!" The radio choked out a laugh as I climbed into the back seat. I was still wearing my bathing suit (which I need to get a new one now since it was practically in tatters) and had to peel away my shawl. Wincing slightly, I lowered the top of my bathing suit and carefully put on my bra. After wiggling myself out of my bathing suit completely, I put on my other undergarments and pulled out a black pencil skirt. Just as I was about to reach for a shirt, I felt someones arms wrap around my waist, their fingers massaging small circles into my abdomen. Shivering slightly, I leant into Bee's chest. He chewed on my earlobe slightly and I bit my lip, suppressing a moan, "N-not now, Bee. Please?"

"Yes now," He said stubbornly, hugging me to his chest slightly. He moved my hair to one shoulder and placed butterfly kisses on my unbandaged shoulder. I let a moan slip and I felt him smirk against my shoulder. It took all I had to push myself away from him.

"I can't now, Bee. Remember? President?" I felt him drop his arms and heard him sigh. Turning as much as my bandages would allow on my back, I reached up to cup his cheek as I kissed him. When I pulled away, I winked, "I promise we'll pick up later."

He smirked and nodded, his holoform disappearing. I straightened out my skirt and pulled a white tank top over my head and then buttoned a blue blazer over it. I then brushed my hair back and up into a french twist. I fixed my bandages so that they wouldn't show (except for the small ones that were scattered around my body) and pulled out a pair of heels before shrinking my suitcase to place it into the purse. Stepping out of Bee, I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a few bumps and scrapes on my face, one on my chin that required only a few stitches, and I smoothed some fraying hairs back. Nodding, I turned to the White House and began to walk up the steps.

"Hello, Miss Witwicky," I smiled at the doorman as he opened the door. Walking into the air conditioned hallway, I was greeted with my old military counselor from two years ago.

"Colonel James, it's been a while," I said with a wide smile.

"Same with you, Witwicky," He returned with his own wide smile and saluted. My hand went up on it's own accord, a habit of mine. I winced when I put it down, my shoulder slightly complaining. I raised my left hand to rub it and he caught something, "Is that a ring I see?"

Blushing slightly, I put my hand behind my back, "Nooo."

"Witwicky!" He commanded and I immediately stood at attention. Damn habits, "You dare lie to your colonel?"

"Sir, no sir!" I said. I began glaring at my colonel, who was hiding a smile.

"Then what is on your hand?"

"An engagement ring, sir!"

"Have I met the boy?"

"Sir, no sir!"

"Then who is he?"

"That is classified sir," I said with a sly smile. The Colonel couldn't help but smile and shake his head.

"At ease, soldier," I relaxed. He put a hand on my shoulder, "The rest of 'em are late. You were always the early bird."

I shrugged and he led me to a few chairs. Sitting me down, he smiled at me.

"Since I haven't seen you in the past two years, tell me how your life has been."

Smiling, I began to tell him everything. From my first day at NEST all the way up to the most recent battle. He stayed quiet the entire time, contemplating it. I was just finishing when Katy, Lennox, and a few of the soldiers bursted through the doors, panting heavily. I raised an eyebrow.

"We're... here!" Katy said between pants. I stood up and placed a hand on my hip.

"You're late. The President's been waiting," She gasped slightly and stood up, looking nervous.


"No!" I laughed, "You guys got here with 5 minutes to spare."

Katy glared at my slightly before turning her attention to Colonel James.

"Colonel! It's so good to see you again!" They saluted each other and then gave way to wide smiles.

"If she won't tell me, then you'll have to," I widened my eyes. I hadn't had the chance to tell any of them yet! I began to use slicing motions across my throat, but he continued anyways, "Who's the guy who gave her the ring?"

They all got quiet as I groaned and face-palmed. Katy gasped and turned to me, holding out a hand.

"Hand," She demanded. I gave her my left hand while my forehead was still in my palm. She began squealing and she hugged me tightly. I groaned and she released me, "He proposed! How sweet!"

"Yeah, romantic alright," Lennox grumbled and Katy hit him in the shoulder, "Ow!"

"Be nice! You and I both know he didn't have to propose and yet he did!" Katy growled and the Colonel looked confused.

"To put into simple terms, I'm marrying a robot," I burst out laughing at the look on his face.

"What?" He asked quietly, Katy joining in on my hysterics.

"The robots I helped out about 4-5 years ago? The yellow one?" I said and he nodded slowly, "That's one I'm marrying."

"How?" He asked and Lennox clapped a hand on his shoulder, giving him the jist of the marriage. Katy kept firing off questions 5o at a time until one of the receptionists came up.

"The President will see you now," She smiled and turned on her heel. Fixing my hair, I walked with the rest of the group down the long marble hallway. Katy clasped my hand and I gave it a squeeze, glancing at her in the corner of my eye. She looked as nervous as I was. As we came up on the infamous door, the receptionists turned to us. Me and Katy broke hands, "There are a lot of paparazzi in there, so please don't be so surprised."

We nodded and she turned once more, opening the door. A million bright lights blinded me temporarily before I moved forward, smiling. Me and Katy have been briefed on these kinds of situations (Future world leaders have a lot of attention on them) and we both took everything in nicely. We walked to the middle of the oval office and stood a little behind the President's Seal on the floor. The President was smiling behind his desk. He stood up and we all saluted. Nodding, the President walked around to the front of the desk and saluted us back. We all fell into position in sync and he laughed.

"You guys have this practiced?" I felt the side of my mouth quirk. The President turned to one of his advisors and grabbed a box, "For saving the world for three times now, I am awarding you all with an honorary medal."

Katy was about to open her mouth to say she only helped once, but I nudged her. The President noticed this.

"I understand that you only helped once, but you still deserve this," Katy began to glow, "You all have showcased bravery and courage above all. You have put your lives in the direct line of fire for the lives of many others, and it is my greatest honor to present you all with this award. This is an award specifically made for your situation."

Me, Katy, and Lennox all looked at each other. I noticed that it was just us three, none of the other soldiers were in this room. Looking back up at the President, he smiled at us.

"I had this medal made specifically for you all. To earn it, you must be selfless and be able to hold compassion for all things living, risking your life for not only your species but for others as well," He began to put the medals around our neck.

"So what you're saying is... for anyone else to earn this medal, we need to be invaded by another alien race?" I questioned before I could hold it back. I began to mentally kick myself but the entire room, including the President, burst into a fit of laughs. Nodding, the President held out his hand.

"That is exactly what I'm saying," He said between chuckles as I shook his hand. Smiling, he passed down the line to Katy and Lennox. He then turned again and got out a medal we could put on our military garb.

"This is for saving the world not once, but numerous times. You guys should finally be recognized for what you've done and this medal does exactly that," He passed us each a small black box. I opened the top and gasped slightly at the medal. It was a sparkling silver color and had the Presedential Seal on it, but it was sort of off. The Eagle was holding the world on it instead of the U.S union seal. I stood up straight and saluted the President, smiling widely after. After the paparazzi left, the President approaced me with his own camera, "If you don't mind, my daughters asked me to get a picture with you. You're their role model."

"Me? With you as their dad? I'm flattered," I smiled. He laughed as well, "It'd be my honor, sir."

I stood next to him as Katy grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures. The President turned to me and held out a hand.

"It was a pleasure meeting you all," He smiled as I shook it. He shook Katy's and Lennox's as well, "Thank you for protecting our home on numerous occasions."

"It was nothing. It's our job," Lennox said with a smile. We all stood straight and saluted the President before leaving the room. Walking down the hallway, I saw Katy looking her medal.

"I don't think I deserve this.." I stopped and looked at her.

"Why?" I asked. She shrugged.

"You and Lennox have saved the world 3 times, I've only helped once," I placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Like the President said, you deserve it. You've shown bravery and courage many people can't seem to dig up. You risked your life for a race you barely knew since the beginning and that's whyyou got this award," I smiled and she did as well, pulling me in for a hug.

"Thanks, Strawberry."

"No problem, Rocky Road," I smiled, pulling away just as we got to the doors. I saw Ironhide next to Bee and another car next to them, "Guess we're all gettin' our own rides?"

"Hide!" Katy beamed and I smiled when I saw her running towards him, his holoform appearing out of nowhere to wrap her in a hug. I walked up to them and placed a hand on his shoulder before I walked past.

"Take care of her. She's had a lot to deal with," I saw him smile softly and nod. I don't think I've seen much of the soft side of Hide, but I did like it and I enjoyed the fact they found something in each other. Walking over to Bee, I saw his holoform appear and I smiled. He smiled as well, hugging me and pulling me in for a kiss. The purr of Ironhide's engine cut us off as he revved it. Smiling, I looked up at Katy, "Don't tell anyone about you-know-what, 'kay?"

She rolled her eyes but nodded and Ironhide pulled away. I looked over at Lennox who was at the other cars door, "You either, hear me? I wanna tell everyone."

"Okay," He held his hands up, laughing, as he climbed into the car.

Shaking my head, I climbed into Bee. He was in the driver's seat and I was in the passengers. He intertwined his free hand with mine and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"You ready for this?" He asked randomly.

"For what?"

"Telling everyone."

"I'll brace myself," I chuckled nervously, "I'm just afraid to see what Mom, Dad, and Sam will say..."

"You'll be fine," He kissed me on the top of my head and I sighed contently.

"I sure hope so."

"Mom? Hey, yeah it's me," I said into the phone reciever. I was lying on my bed, my glorious bed, in my room at NEST. They finally allowed me to have a phone that's connected to the actual phone lines and the first call was to my mom. Might as well bite this on the bud now.

"JESSY!" She shrieked from the opposite line. I held the phone a little ways from my ear, my right ear ringing a bit, "How are you? Are you hurt? Oh, I miss you so much!"

"Ma!" I said, cutting her off, "Look, I need to tell you and Daddy something. Where are you guys?"

"We're in New Hampshire. What's wrong sweetie?" I sighed and gnawed on my lower lip.

"Can you turn around? I need to tell you guys something and I'd rather tell ya in person," She sighed and talked to Dad for a moment.

"Are you okay, honey?" She sounded concerned. I smiled.

"Yeah, Mom. Just tired... Y'know, just saved the world from immenent doom yet again only a day or two ago?"

"Right. Well, get some rest honey. We'll be there in a day or two, kay? RON! TURN THIS LOVE MACHINE AROUND!" I blinked once, twice, three times before twitching.

"Bye Mom!" I said before hanging up. Shivering at the 'Love Machine' thing, I walked out of my room. When me and Bee had arrived yesterday, the whole place erupted in applause. I didn't know I did that much. I finally got out of my tattered bathing suit and had a nice, hot meal. Today, I felt much better and well rested. Now, I gotta break the news to Mikaela.


Walking into the Autobot hangar, I smiled when I saw Mikaela leaning against a pillar, watching anything and everything. Making my way over to her, she caught sight of me and smiled, rushing up to crush me in a hug.

"Good to see ya better!" She laughed as she pulled away. I laughed as well and pulled on her arm.

"Let's go somewhere private. I gotta tell you something," She nodded and followed me. We went up the stairs and into my office. Mearing was out for another day, so I was enjoying the peace while it lasted. I closed the door behind us and Mikaela took a seat on one of my chairs.

"What's up? What's wrong? You're not pregnant are you?" My eyes widened as she lifted up my shirt.

"H-hey!" I said, yanking down the black tank top, "I'm not pregnant thank you very much!"

"But you and Bee have been busy," She winked and I flushed a deep color. I didn't think anyone could hear us... could they?

"Anyways!" I shook my head and lifted my right hand, "There's a specific reason I brought you in here. I need your help."


"With planning something."

She raised and eyebrow and I smirked, putting my left hand out.

"What does your hand have anything to do with-OH MY GOD!" She shrieked when she saw the ring. Jumping up and clasping my hand, she looked up at me, "Is this-?"

"Yep," I smiled. She began screaming and hugged me, jumping up and down.

"Oh, we gotta start planning! When is it?"

"'Bout a month," She pulled back, wide-eyed at me.

"THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME!" She shrieked and I flinched.

"Yeah, since I haven't told my parents either..."


"Lower your damned voice!" I growled.

"Sorry," Mikaela said sheepishly, "Why haven't you told your parents?"

"'Cause I wanna tell them face-to-face," She nodded, understanding. Then she clasped my arm and tugged me out of the room.

"Katy!" Katy turned from her computer as me and Mikaela ran up.

"What's up?"

"You know?" Katy looked at me and I nodded. She nodded as well, "We only have a month!"

"What!" Katy squealed and then turned to me, "That ain't enough time."

I groaned. Why did I ever tell them?

"I know! We have so much to do! The decorations, the flowers, the cake!" Mikaela began.

"Color theme, location, guests," Katy joined in. As they continued to fire off things we needed, they suddenly stopped. I raised an eyebrow as they both looked at each other.

"THE DRESS!" They both screamed, each taking one of my arms, and dragging me off the platform and to the front of the building.

"Help me!" I begged as we ran past the Autobots. They just laughed at me. Right before we got to the doors, I was able to fight out of their grip. They went to grab me again when I put a hand up, "Guys! I wanna go dress shopping like you guys, but my mom will be here in a day or two and I'd like her opinion as well."

They pressed their lips together but shrugged, smiling at me.

"Then we'll get to work on the rest of the arrangements!" Katy said happily. I groaned and allowed them to tug me to my room. We ended up spending the entire night talking wedding stuff. They didn't even allow Bee into the room. Katy and Mikaela ended up spending the night in my room, to exhausted from arguing to move.

It was about 8 o'clock when I woke up. Groaning, I lifted my head to find out that I had been lying under a fine layer of papers. Shaking my head, I kicked a few of them off to see Katy had half her body on the end of my body, half hanging off and Mikaela was on the small couch I had.

"Yo! Get up ladies!" I yelled. Both of them jumped. Mikaela ended up rolling onto the floor and Katy jumped up in a fighting stance. I smiled and helped Mikaela up.

"God, I may be dating one of the soldiers here but I don't wanna get up at the same time as him!" She groaned. I laughed and walked back over to my bed, trying to straighten up all the papers on my bed. Katy groaned and cracked her neck.

"Remind me to never do that again," I shook my head and placed a hand on my hip, looking at the two complaining girls.

"Not my fault ya'll decided to go overboard with this," I tossed the stack of papers on my bed, "Ya'll decided ya'll wanted to do an over night thing and are now regretting it. So HAH!"

They were quiet for a moment.

"When did you go Southern?" Katy questioned.


"You said 'Ya'll' three times," Mikaela ticked them off her fingers, "You're goin' Southern on us!"

I began to laugh.

"Ya'll are nuts!"

"FOUR!" Mikaela and Katy sang out. I shook my head, smiling, and pushed them out the door.

"Go get changed or something," They laughed as I slammed the door in their face. Sighing, I ran a hand through my hair and grimaced when it was all greasy-like. Since I was still bandaged, I couldn't exactly take a shower. Instead, I had to deal with sponge baths. Walking into the bathroom, I decided I'd just wash my hair. Bringing the shower head down, I put a towel on the edge of the bathtub and set my chest against it, throwing my hair over my head and leaning in. After wetting my hair and washing it, I felt hands on my shoulders.

"Didn't they tell you to not wash your hair unless someone's with you?" I smiled and jarred my shoulder into Bee's chest. I guess he knelt beside me without my knowledge. He chuckled and I felt his fingers work their way through my hair, spreading the conditioner.

"When did you become a hair stylist?" I joked.

"Since you got hurt and you need help to do the simplest tasks," He joked back. I tried to shake my head, but the palms of his hands restricted much of my movement. After a moment of massaging my scalp, Bee finally rinsed out the conditioner and helped me stand up.

"Stand back," I told him.


"Just do it!" I laughed. Bee backed off a step and I whipped my hair up, some of it plastering to my face. I looked to my side to see Bee wiping off some water that splashed on him. I laughed, "I told ya!"

"You didn't give me much of a warning," He grumbled but smiled. I went up to the mirror and ran some detangler through my hair. It was that new gel stuff and I hoped it would help. Yanking a brush through my hair, I set to drying when I felt Bee wrap his arms around my waist, "Wanna tell me what last night was about? Or most of yesterday? Hide and Dino had a fit trying to figure out where you gals went."

"I made a mistake. I told the girls to early so now they're going hog-wild with preparations," I groaned, "I don't even wanna think how my Mom and Dad are gonna react."

I felt Bee spin me around in his arms and he placed his forehead on mine, smiling down at me, "Well, it won't matter 'cause we'll be married soon."

I smiled back at him. There was a question that lingered in my mind, as it's been doing ever since he proposed, and I guess now would be a good time to ask it... "Why?"

Bee pulled away a little, looking confused, "Why what? Do you not wanna get married."

"No, no, no!" I said hurriedly, trying to get the look of disappointment off his face, "No, I wanna get married to you, Bee. I really do. My question is why? We're already technically bonded and isn't that all you need in Cybertronian terms?"

Bee smiled and placed his forehead on mine once again, "Yes, but I wanna get bonded in as many ways possible, to ensure that you'll be mine now and forever."

I laughed slightly, even though it was definitely the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Well, I am 1oo% positive that I will never leave you again."

"Good," He smiled and brought me into a short kiss, "Your parents will be here today. I suppose you want to tell them?"

"Might as well get it over with," I sighed but smiled, "Get most of the screaming out of the way now and get prepared for the fighting. Dear God, why did I agree to this?"

Bee laughed at my joke and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

"'Cause you love me."

"Yeah, I do," I smiled softly and hugged him tightly to me.

"Jess!" My mom hugged me tightly as she ran into the NEST base. I winced slightly and she released me, "Did I hurt you? What's wrong? What hurts?"

"I just got a few bumps and scrapes, that's all," I smiled and hugged Dad. His hug wasn't as tight. Then Sam, his was the lightest. He knew how bad these kind of injuries hurt. Nodding at them, I motioned for them to follow.

"Wow! I've never been in here before!" Mom said in wonder. I laughed and turned, looking at them as they looked up in wonder. We were in the middle of the Autobot hangar and everyone was already up and about.

"WITWICKY!" I heard a voice roar. Turning on my heel, I raised an eyebrow as Mearing came tromping up. She pointed a finger at Bee in his robot form, "Didn't I tell you I didn't want you two together."

"You did," I crossed my arms. Her face lit up red.

"Then why are you guys together?" She shrieked, "I don't want you two together and you won't be if I have anything to say about it!"

"Wanna know what I say to that? I have two words for you, Director," She crossed her arms and smirked, obviously expecting an 'I'm Sorry'. But oh no, I get to voice my mind now, "Fuck. You."

Her smirk quickly fell as she opened her mouth to say something. I pulled out my badge and medal.

"I am officially a higher ranking official than you and you are officially relieved of your duties. Boys," I looked at the security gaurds behind her, "Would you mind escorting this ma'am right here out?"

They smirked and both grabbed Mearing by an arm, lifting her up and carried her out, kicking and screaming. Mikaela came up beside me on one side and Katy on the other.

"Buh-bye, Bitch!" We said at the same time, waving at her as she screamed again. We looked at each other and I held out my hands, both of them giving me low-fives. I turned to the rest of NEST, who just stared at me, "And that's how you get rid of a military personell that you despise."

I smiled when the entire hangar erupted in cheers. I took my bows and a few of the soldiers hugged me, glad to have her gone.

"Oh, and one more thing?" I smirked. Everyone got quiet again. This was something I was holding from everyone, including Bee, Lennox and Katy. Someone came in yesterday and talked to me, someone from the President, "Since the Director is out of here, I guess we need a new Director."

I looked at Lennox and grabbed his shoulder.

"You mean...?" He looked at me wide-eyed and my face broke into a wide smile.

"Congratulations. The President has elected you to be the Director of NEST and all NEST operations."

The hangar erupted in more applause as people began to give Lennox their kudos and such. I pulled away from most of the crowd and I led Sam and my parents up the landing into my office.

"What's this about, Jess? If it was just about Mearing, you could've told us over the phone," Mom said as she took a seat. I shook my head and leaned against my desk. Sam took another seat and Dad stood up behind Mom.

"It's not about that. I wanted to tell all of you earlier, but I think it's best if I told you in person," I took a deep breath and held out my left hand. Mom froze in place but Sam and Dad failed to notice the ring.

"What about your hand?" Dad questioned and my Mom hit him.

"Ron! It's a ring! An engagement ring!" Mom squealed, leaping up and crushing me in another hug. I groaned and she released, laughing sheepishly, "Sorry, honey. Force of habit."

I smiled and nodded. I looked at Dad, who looked pale.

"Daddy?" I saw his eyes roll back and he fainted. Staring wide-eyed at him, I looked at Sam and he leapt up from his seat while Mom ran to Dad's side.

"Jess, are you sure 'bout this?" He asked me seriously.

"I am, Sam. Me and Bee are Soul SparkMates," He looked at me oddly and I quickly ran through what Soul SparkMates are. He nodded slowly, soaking it in.

"If you're sure..."

"I am Sam. I love Bee, and you should be happy that I'm marrying someone you know that will never break my heart," Sam sighed but then smiled softly at me.

"I guess. I see the look in his eye whenever you're around. It's nothing but love," I smiled widely and hugged my brother.

"So this means you don't mind me marrying him?" He laughed and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"It's a little odd, but I'll get over it," Sam said into my hair. Pulling back, I saw my Dad awaking. Kneeling beside him, he looked up at me.

"Are you sure about this, Jess? You want to do this while you're so young?" Dad asked, afraid to lose me. I smiled softly, tears brimming at my eyes when I saw him holding back his own.

"I am, Daddy. I'm not your little girl any more, I'm all grown up and in love," He sighed but then smiled at me.

"I know you're not going to be the child to marry any person just because you think you love them," He glared at Sam slightly.

"Hey!" Sam said defiantly, crossing his arms.

"And I sure as hell don't like this, but I'm going to have to put up with it, for you and your moms sake," I squealed and hugged him.

"Thank you, Daddy! I love you!" I smiled as me and Mom helped him up.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," He smiled. Mom started jumping up and down, latching onto my arm.

"C'mon, honey! Let's go!" She raced out of the room, barely allowing me time to wave to Sam and Dad. She ran up to where Katy and Mikaela were and they all began to squeal like little girls. The Autobots looked at them oddly, then at me.

"Don't ask me. I dunno them," I laughed as they all latched onto my arms.

"SHOPPING TIME!" My eyes widened and I tried to get out of their iron grip.

"Help me!" I begged the Autobots and, once again, they did nothing but laugh at me as I was pulled out of the NEST base and into my parent's RV. They buckled me in, setting of a million thoughts a minute. I just smiled and looked out the window, letting them talk amongst themselves, as I thought back to the past week.

I had broken up with the guy I am totally and utterly in love with, had my own heart shattered, got kidnapped, escaped, made up with said guy, had an epic battle that almost made the guy lose his own life, beat the bad guys, got an honorary (personalized) medal from the president, and now I'm getting married.

Yeah, the next month is going to be hectic as hell.

But you wanna know something?

I wouldn't change anything in my life right now for anything.

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