Jack and Jake are sick to day. So I will be doing the disclaimer today.

(Some were faraway Jack and Jake is lying in bed coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses.)

I don't own the Smurfs and anything else that is mentioned in this story or what ever you want to call it.

You know of the Smurfs from the show but these are the Smurfs you never seen before because they wanted to keep it a kids show.

Horny Smurf

"Smurf yah baby!"

Crazy Smurf

"Not the smurfing voices!"

Hooker Smurf

"Smurfy smurfy five dollar."

Zombie Smurf

"I must smurf brains!"

Gay Smurf

"Smurf yah Papa Smurf is so hot!"

Cannibal Smurf

"I smurfed his liver with fava beans."

Crack Addict Smurf

"I will sell you Smurfette for some Crack."

OCD Smurf

"Must be smurfing clean" (He is washing his hands over and over again.)

Alcoholic Smurf

"Hic hic La La!"

That's the end for now, but I might add more later.

(Also if you are wondering why I wrote this it started with a conversation about Smurf with my crazy family.)