Me: The voices in my head would like to say hi and they also have something to tell you.

Joe: HI! *ate a lot of sugar*

Kate: Hello.

Both: Willam does not own anything to this story, but a few things and makes no money from this.

Joe: Wow that's sad.

Me: I know *sniffs and starts crying*

Me: Also Jack and Jake are on vacation in Vegas.

Me: Another thing this is done all in fun I don't mean to offend anyone and just because I make fun of something does not mean I don't like it.

Now without further ado more Smurf you never seen before.

Geek Smurf: I Smurf my Computer! (Me: me too!)

Paranoid Smurf: There Smufing for me man!

Fan boy Smurf: Halo is Smurfing better than Portal.

Fan girl Smurf: Jacob is Smurfing better than Edward!

Random Edward Fan girl: No he is not! *kills Fan girl Smurf with a baseball bat*

Me: Go away Random Edward Fan girl *Hit me with the bat then runs off*

Me: Ouch and sorry for that interruption I don't know how she got in here. Well back to the story.

Vampire Smurf: Smurf Smurf I want to suck your blood and I also sparkle.

Vegetarian Smurf: I don't eat anything with a Smurfing face.

I might do some more later so keep I look out.