Chapter 1

I am writing this story in present time. It is how I pictured things to be seven years later. Niles and Daphne's son David is seven and they have a three year old daughter named Emily.

My story begins with Niles at work while Daphne and Emily are at home. David is already at school. Daphne enjoys staying home and taking care of Emily during the day while David is at school. It hasn't been a particularly good morning for Daphne. Emily has been in a bad mood all morning and Daphne hasn't felt good since she woke up. Daphne loves having a daughter after having been around eight brothers and then her son but she didn't expect the moods the girl gets into. She realizes she was the same way as a child. Emily definitely takes after her. David is always such a well behaved little boy.

"Emily Crane, please pick up your toys! I don't want to have to repeat meself again!"

Emily sits on the floor in the middle of her bedroom with arms crossed, sulking. She has tears in her eyes.

Daphne just looks at her daughter.

"Sit there and sulk all you want, but you aren't leaving this room until your toys are picked up."

Emily gets a scowl on her face and turns away from her mother.

Suddenly a wave of nausea hits Daphne and she has to run to the bathroom. She barely makes it before the entire contents of her stomach are emptied. When she is done, she lays back on the wall to regain her strength. She finally gets up to wash her mouth out with water. In doing so she gets very light headed and sits down on the side of the tub.

"What is wrong with me?" Daphne asks herself as she holds her throbbing head.

Suddenly it's like a light bulb turns on in her brain.

"Oh my God, could I be pregnant?"

Daphne places a hand on her stomach as tears form in her eyes.

"Another baby, Emily is barely three?"

Daphne stands up slowly and walks over to the sink and rinses her mouth out and then throws cold water on her face. She is starting to feel better already.
She goes in to check on Emily and Emily picked up all her toys.

Daphne approaches her daughter and picks her up.

"I am proud of you for picking up your toys, Emily."

Emily nods her head.

"Yes, mummy."

"May I have a hug?"

Emily wraps her arms around her mother's neck as Daphne inhales her daughter's scent.

She loves her daughter so much, even when she misbehaves.

Daphne and Emily go downstairs so Daphne can finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once the kitchen is clean she piles herself and Emily into the car. There are still a few hours before David gets out of school so she has a chance to stop by the drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test.

Meanwhile at Niles' office…

Niles just finished with his last patient for the day and decides he will come home early and surprise Daphne. He has a special evening planned for them and he wants to make sure it goes off without any problems. To this day, he still can't believe he is married to the girl of his dreams. He loved her from the first day he met her and the love he has for her has just gotten stronger. Daphne is his Goddess, no matter what anyone says to him, including his brother Frasier, he will always think of her that way.

He picks up the phone to call Daphne. He calls the house first, but gets no answer. Then he tries her cell phone. Daphne picks up on the third ring.

"Hello?" Daphne replies in her thick English accent that Niles still loves.

"Hello, darling."

Daphne smiles at the sound of her husband's voice.

"Hello, Niles. "

"I miss you, Daphne. I can't wait to see you when I get home."

"Niles Crane, you say that to me every day."

"I say it every day because I mean it, darling. I love you with every fiber of my being."

"I love you, too. "

"I was calling you to let you know that I am getting off work early today. I don't have any more sessions and I want to spend some time with you. Do you think Dad and Ronee could spend some time with David and Emily this evening?"

"I don't see why not. I actually need to talk to you about something important anyway."

"What is it?"

"I will tell you tonight when I see you, okay?"

"Okay, see you soon Daphne. I love you."

"I love you, too. Bye."

Niles hangs up the phone as he goes over the last few patient files before he leaves for the day.


Daphne parks the car in front of the drugstore and gets out. She grabs Emily from her car seat as they go inside. Once inside she starts to look for the pregnancy tests. Emily squirms in her mother's arms wanting down. Daphne sets her down.
"Don't wander off too far, Emily."

"Toys, mummy." Emily replies as she points to the toys.

Daphne looks at what Emily is pointing at, she nods.

Emily runs over to the toys and starts checking them out. Daphne goes back to looking at pregnancy tests. She is so engrossed in what she is doing that she is startled by a clerk in the store.

"May I help you find something, ma'am?"

Daphne looks at the girl, who doesn't look much older than 16.

"No, but thank you for asking." Daphne replies smiling.

The girl smiles back as she walks away.

Daphne finally finds what she is looking for and then goes to grab her daughter who is fascinated with the Barbie dolls. David wasn't ever interested in toys. He likes drawing and reading.

"Come on, Emily. It's time to pay and go home."

"Mummy, can I get this dolly?" Emily asks in her little 3 year old voice.

"I didn't bring enough money, baby. We can get it next time, okay?"

"But I want the dolly, mummy!"

"Yes, I know you do, but I don't have enough money to buy it for you right now. We can talk to daddy and see if he will let you have it."

Emily nods and grabs her mother's outstretched hand. They go to the cashier and pay for the test.

The cashier falls in love with Emily.

"How old is your little girl?"

"She's three." Daphne replies.

"She's adorable."

Daphne smiles at the cashier.

"Thank you."

Daphne finishes paying for the test.

"It looks like she might be getting a little brother or sister."

Daphne smiles.

"She might. Thank you."

Daphne grabs the bag and leaves. She puts Emily in her car seat and then gets in the car and drives home. She can't wait to find out the results of the test.