Ok so I am back with a new story...well, new for me, but the concept is pretty unoriginal. Oh well, I am loving writing it so far. It's fun, it's flirty, it's light and a quick read. I hope that you guys enjoy it as well. Anyway, it's basically a typical teenage summer romance story. Girl meets boy, they start to date, eventually they fall in love, but then boy and girl go seperate ways at the end of summer. I hope that you stick with it to the end to see how Nathan and Haley get through their summer together.

I have been listening to a set playlist while writing. If you are interested in what those songs are, take a look:

Stawberry Wine- Deana Carter (I was inspired by this song originally to even write this. In case you didn't notice, that is why the story is called 'strawberry wine')

That Summer- Garth Brooks

Today Was A Fairytale- Taylor Swift

Somebody Like You- Keith Urban

Tim McGraw- Taylor Swift

Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland

I Won't Let Go- Rascal Flatts

Last Kiss- Taylor Swift

How Do I Live- Leann Rimes

Austin- Blake Shelton

There you have it. The summary and playlist for my new story.

Oh, and I disclaim everything that I do not own...i.e. the characters and all the songs :)

As always, Enjoy :)

"Grandma? Grandpa? Anyone home?" Haley asked as she walked into her grandparents' house. Every summer growing up she would go visit them in North Carolina. She lived in California with her parents, but her favorite part of the year was traveling to the East Coast to help out at her grandparents' farm. All of her friends would ask her why she didn't want to be at home over the summer, but her answer was always the same; "I will be at home, the farm is my home too." She loved her grandparents, and Brian and Camilla Durham were the coolest people she could ask for to represent that generation of her family.

"They're outback on the porch." Someone said as they walked inside behind her.

"Oh, ok I'll just go out there then. Who are you?" Haley asked.

"I'm Nathan." He said and extended his hand. She shook it and smiled at him. "I am helping Whitey with the farm for the summer. You know, earning a few bucks."

"Sounds like fun." She said and smiled. They kept smiling and maintaining eye contact for a while until she decided that she needed to go see her grandparents. "Well, I guess I better go outback." She said and motioned with her thumb over her shoulder.

"Sure, um, do you want me to put your things in your room for you?" He asked.

"Ok, thank you Nathan. That would be very nice of you."

"It's not a problem. Besides, I'm sure it is in my job description somewhere." He smirked and watched as she laughed and nodded before walking outside.

"Huh, you know it would be nice if a girl could get a greeting from the grandparents that she hasn't seen in like nine months." Haley joked as she walked out onto the porch.

"Well, we figured that we would just save some time and meet you out here since it is usually your first stop." Whitey said as he and Camilla got up to hug Haley.

"We sure have missed you Haley Bob." Camilla said and went in for a second hug.

"I missed you guys too. It has been way too long. You should have seen me last night. Mom and dad were laughing as I paced around the kitchen complaining that time wasn't going by fast enough."

"Well, patience was never your strong point sweetie." Whitey said. "Now come on and sit with us. Your grandma made some sweet tea just for you, but we've been enjoying it while waiting."

"So it's almost gone then?" Haley joked.

"You did take an awful long time to join us out here. What were you doing?" Whitey asked.

"Oh, I bet I know what she was doing. You met Nathan didn't you?" Camilla asked.

"Yeah, I did, but what does that have to do with anything?" Haley asked.

"Hey, I'm just saying the boy is handsome. If I were your age and he was inside the house I wouldn't be sitting out here with my boring old grandparents."

"Camilla, is that why you encouraged me to hire him? Because you could use some eye-candy out here?" Whitey asked.

"Honey, no, that is ridiculous. It is because Haley could use some eye-candy." Camilla said and smiled, winking at Haley.

"Grandma, I don't need eye-candy." Haley laughed. "Besides, I already have an amazing view right from this porch." She said and nodded toward the yard. It was one of the most beautiful views she had ever seen. Nothing compared to it where she lived. There were colorful flowers of all different shapes and sizes, the most lush, green grass she had ever seen, this row of tall trees that cast a comfortable shade for the days when it got too hot, and fields of crops from corn to strawberries.

"Yes, but it is always nice to throw a sweaty shirtless man into the picture. That is why I'm still with your grandfather." Camilla said. Haley looked over at Whitey who just smiled and shook his head. They all knew that Camilla was joking and Haley couldn't help but to laugh as Whitey sucked in his stomach and puffed out his chest.

"I guess you're right, it doesn't hurt." Haley said, once again smiling. She took a sip of her sweet tea and closed her eyes as she felt the total feeling of summer wash over her. "I know I say this every year, but everything is better here."

"It's just different darlin'. I'm sure that there is plenty of stuff that you can get back home that people would never expect to find here." Whitey said.

"Yeah, I suppose, but every time I drink sweet tea or I walk down the street or I see someone on a riding mower I immediately go to this place filled with memories." Haley explained.

"I know, and you know what, your mother felt the exact same way for years but then she met your father and everything changed for her. Just wait, you'll see, but this farm will always be here for you." Whitey said.

Haley nodded and leaned her head back on the back of the chair as she tried to get reacquainted with the humidity and mosquitoes.

"Alright dear, why don't you go get settled in and washed up, then the two of us can get started on dinner while your grandfather helps Nathan finish up the farm work?" Camilla said and stood up.

"That sounds great." Haley said and stood up as well, following her grandma into the house. Before she got to the door she turned around and looked out into the fields one more time, letting the view pull her back into that wonderful summer feeling. When she turned to open the screen door, Nathan was on the other side about to exit. She smiled shyly and stepped aside to let him pass. He smiled back at her and held the door open.

"Thanks." She said as she walked through. She heard him reply with a "you're welcome" and snuck a quick peek over her shoulder to see him walking out into the yard to where her grandfather was standing.

After quickly emptying her suitcases and putting everything in the correct drawer or closet she washed her hands and headed down the stairs to help her grandmother make dinner.

"Hey grams." She said as she walked into the kitchen. "What can I do to help?"

Camilla looked around and saw a basket of freshly picked corn cobs on the counter. A sly smile crossed her face as she picked it up and handed it off to Haley. "How about you go out and sit on the grass while you shuck these. They would be perfect to have with the hamburgers that I am whipping up."

"Ok, that sounds amazing. I'll get right on that." Haley replied and took the basket from her grandmother who just happened to be following behind her. "Grams, what are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh nothing. I just need to go pick up the pitcher of sweet tea that I left out here earlier." Camilla replied with that same sly smile on her face.

"Ok, if that's your story." Haley said and went right to sit down on the grass and begin working on the corn cobs.

Camilla walked over and grabbed the pitcher all the while looking around trying to spot what she was looking for. Just when she was about to give up, she saw them walking back in from the strawberry fields.

"Nathan!" She yelled out to them.

Immediately, Nathan and Whitey broke out of their conversation and looked up to see Camilla waving them down.

"Yes ma'am?" He asked politely.

"First of all Nate, we've been over this before I appreciate that you are polite but please call me Camilla. Ma'am is just far too formal." She smiled and he laughed, nodding. "Second, would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Oh, I don't want to impose. I mean your granddaughter just got into town." He replied.

"If it were an imposition, I wouldn't have invited you." She pointed out. "Besides, it would be nice for Haley to have someone around her age here. In fact, you should go help her shuck the corn. There's a lot over there and we want it to be done in time to cook it. What do you say?"

"Well, if you insist." He said, smiling at her.

"Now hold on one second Nathan. You be nice to my granddaughter, none of your funny business." Whitey said.

"Brian, leave the boy alone. He is just going to help her out." Camilla said and she winked at Nathan. "Just like you are going to help me out in the kitchen." She said and started to drag him to the door.

"Better not be the same, we're married." Whitey huffed under his breath.

Nathan just laughed and headed over to sit next to Haley.

"Hey," he greeted as he sat down. "Camilla wanted me to help you out. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, that's fine with me." She smiled at him as she grabbed another cob. After about a minute of sitting there in silence she decided to get some conversation going. "So, how do you know my grandparents?"

"Oh, Whitey was my basketball coach in high school. And while I could play, I wasn't exactly the best student. I understood the material but I was stubborn and lazy. He was able to pull me out of that arrogant place and help me reach my full potential. Because of Whitey I was able to get into a college that taught you more than just how to take someone's order. So I decided that since I need to pay off college and he needed some extra help I would come and put myself to use."

"That is really nice of you. Thanks for doing that. I know my grandpa and he is pretty stubborn himself. I mean I love him and all but he just doesn't know when to quit and I don't want him hurting himself by working too hard out in the fields, you know?"

"I completely understand. That is part of the reason that I decided to help him out too, especially since that is what happened to my grandpa."

"Oh my god, are you serious? I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up." She said and put her hand over her mouth, shocked that she had said something to hurt him. She put her other hand on his arm and was about to apologize again when she saw the look on his face. He wasn't sad or serious, he was laughing. "Are you serious? You were just messing with me?" She asked.

"Yeah, sorry but it was just too perfect and your reaction was amazing." He said, still laughing.

"Oh, whatever, you're going to get it now."

"Yeah? What are you going to do?" He asked with a smile and a playful hint in his eyes.

"Um, how about you have to shuck the rest of the corn? I'm not going to help you now." He gave her a disbelieving look and she just shook her head. "Go ahead, don't do it. But just you wait, my grandmother may look like a kind old lady but she is tough and when someone messes with her dinner preparations no one can contain the beast from within."

"Ok, fine, you got me. You're just lucky I have a weak spot for your grandmother."

"That's the only reason you're going to do it? I thought I was very persuasive."

"You were, you convinced me to stay and do your job." He smiled and looked over at her. "Anyway, I'll finish this on one condition."

"Name it and we'll see." She said and pointed her finger at him.

"You stay out here and keep me company. It gets kinda lonely out here and I don't like silence."

"Really? I love to just come sit out here and listen to nothing, yet everything. It's so relaxing."

"Yeah, I guess. I just prefer conversation. So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?"

"I suppose. I mean I wouldn't want to keep you from a great conversation with me." She said and brushed her hair behind her shoulder.

"Thank you. So, what do you want to talk about?" He asked as he picked up another corn cob.

"You were the one that wanted to talk you know. I guess I could come up with something though. Um, how about…..where do you go to school?"

"University of North Carolina."

"Oh, really? What made you decide to go there?"

"Well, I really wanted to go to Duke for the longest time, but then it wasn't in the cards for me. So I figured what better way than to shove it to those Blue Devils than going to their rival school."


"No. I looked at both schools and compared the programs that they had for my major and the basketball teams, and just how comfortable I felt at each school and UNC was the obvious choice for me."

"Sounds pretty amazing. What's your major?"

"Sports management. I know, it is the typical 'jock' major right? But I feel like if I can do this and become recruiter or an agent then maybe I can help someone the way Whitey helped me."

"Wow, that is awesome. You've got it all figured out."

"No, but after two years there I was able to figure out what I wanted from those classes and that was it."

"You are going into your third year of college?" He nodded. "So you are 20?"

"Just turned 21 actually."

"Well happy late birthday!"

"Thanks." He smiled and laughed.

"Alright, you are almost done with those corn cobs and I feel like I already know a lot about you. Anything you want to ask about me?"



"Yeah, I think I know you pretty well now too. I mean based off how much your grandparents talk about you anyway."

"Oh really? And what do you know?"

"Well, you're name is Haley James. You are from a small town in Central California. You are 17, and you just graduated from high school. In the fall you are going to be a literature major at Harvard. You love macaroni and cheese. And finally, you're single." He said, smirking after his last sentence.

"How did you know I am single?"

"Oh, your grandmother made sure to 'subtly' mention it quite a few times." He laughed.

"Note to self, Grams tends to over share." She said and hung her head in her hands. "Sorry about her by the way."

"Don't worry about it. Besides, she's just looking out for you." He said and stood up. He reached down and offered her his hand to help her to her feet. As soon as she was standing he bent down and picked up the basket of corn. "Also, how fun would it be to watch a 'sweaty shirtless man' work if you weren't single?" He asked over his shoulder as he led the way back to the house.

She began to blush and looked at her grandma who was watching them from the window. After quickly shaking her head and jogging to catch up to Nathan she decided that stressing over it was pointless and she was just going to enjoy being here in her second and favorite home.

"Well, I guess I should get going now." Nathan said as he stood up. "My boss is really strict and he expects me to be working at the crack of dawn." He smiled and Whitey just rolled his eyes while trying to hide his smile. "Camilla, thank you so much for dinner. It was amazing, as usual."

"You're welcome Nathan. Thank you for staying. Drive home safely now and we will see you tomorrow morning." Camilla said and gave him a hug.

"We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow so don't be late." Whitey warned.

"Aw man, I had planned on sleeping in." Nathan joked and smiled at Whitey. "Alright, I will see you all tomorrow."

"I'll walk you out. I am heading up to bed now anyway." Haley said and Camilla nudged her husband in an 'I told you so' sort of way.

"Really? You that tired?" Nathan asked.

"Time change. It takes some getting used to." She explained as they started to walk toward the front of the house. She kept sneaking glances over at him and avoiding eye contact when he looked back. She hating when she got caught staring at people. When they reached the door she followed him out onto the porch.

"Well, it was very nice meeting you Haley James." Nathan said and turned to her.

"It was nice meeting you too Nathan." She smiled at him. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, you going to help out and lighten my load a little bit?"

"We'll see. You seem to have things down pretty well though."

"Well yeah, but company is nice."

"Oh, yeah, conversation is very important while working." She teased.

"Whatever sleeping beauty, go enjoy adapting to the East Coast time zone." He laughed and walked over to his car. Before he opened the door and stepped in he turned and waved with a big smile on his face.

She waved back and took in a deep breath of that humid country air that she loved so much. After getting back to her relaxed state she turned and walked back into the house, ready to get in a good night's sleep so that she could be awake and ready for the morning.

"Night Grandpa. Night Grams. I love you guys." She said and made her way up the stairs.

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