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"Hales, wait up." Mia said, trying desperately to catch up to her roommate. They'd been back at school for a few weeks now and Haley had been dealing with the break-up but she was still pretty heartbroken. She and Nathan hadn't talked at all, and while she'd been getting updates from Lucas she knew that there was something he still wasn't telling her. The only thing it could possibly be, in her opinion, was that Nathan found someone else and had moved on already.

That was the last thing she wanted to think about. It only made her start thinking that Nathan was just using her until he found someone better which really couldn't have been that hard. He does have all those basketball groupies at school who are just dying to get with him. It would be ridiculous to expect him not to give in to that kind of offer.

"Hey Mia, what's up?" Haley asked when Mia caught up and started walking next to her.

"Oh, nothing, I just saw you walking and figured that we could walk to class together." Mia said. "You seem to be doing better today."

"Yeah, I decided that I'm not going to spend any more time crying over Nathan Scott. If he's moved on to someone else, then I am going to do that too. Just not with Chris Keller."

"Good thinking, he would be a bad choice."

"Definitely, so starting tomorrow I am going to put myself out there. Look out Harvard, here comes Haley James."

"They aren't ready for what is about to come their way." Mia agreed and nudged Haley.

"You got that right. I am going to be different now. I've got this new hair I need to change my personality to go along with it right?"

"If that is what you want, then I say go for it, but don't forget that the real Haley James is pretty great and there are far too many people who love her for you to get rid of her too quickly. Besides, Brooke would kill me if I let you change too much."

"Ok, so the only real difference will be that I will be more outgoing, but we can pretend that I am making a drastic change in my life."

"Much better." Mia agreed, smiling and linking arms with Haley as they continued their walk to class.

"Luke, it's me, did you get your results?" Nathan asked, not giving Lucas the chance to answer the phone properly.

"Yeah, I just got them, why?" Lucas asked as he flipped the envelope around in his hands, anxious to know what it would tell him.

"Good, I got mine yesterday. I am right around the corner from your house, we'll open them together."

"Ok, I'll just wait for you then." Lucas said and hung up his phone. He walked over to the door and opened it up, preparing for Nathan's arrival. He went and sat on the stairs directly in front of the door, waiting with the envelope in his hand.

"Are those your results?" Peyton asked as she walked down the stairs behind him. Unlike Nathan, Lucas wanted Peyton there with him through everything. It may have been selfish, but he needed her and he knew that she would have killed him if he hadn't told her about it. She was really supportive of him and made sure to point out to Nathan that Haley should know what is going on too, at any chance she got.

"Yeah," he paused as Nathan walked in the door and nodded, sitting down next to him while Peyton sat between them. "Nate got his too so we are going to open them together."

"Ok, well, whatever happens we can handle it. I'm here for you." She smiled and leaned back to give her a small kiss.

"I love you. You know that?" Lucas asked, keeping their eyes locked.

"Oh, I know, I love you too." She said and looked over at Nathan. "The same goes for you too Nate, we'll be here for you no matter what."

"Thanks Peyton," he sighed "you ready for this Luke?" He asked, rubbing his hands on his pants before picking up his own envelope.

"Let's do it." Luke nodded.

They both picked up their results and opened up the envelopes, pulling out the letters. Peyton covered her eyes and put her head in her lap. Nathan and Lucas each took in one big breath before unfolding the pieces of paper that included crucial information about their futures. Their eyes scanned over the words before them, ignoring the fillers and getting to what they really wanted to know.

"I don't have it." Nathan said, letting his breath out. He looked over at Lucas who had a big smile across his face.

"Me either." He said, looking away from Nathan and back at Peyton. "I'm okay."

She looked up and smiled at him through the tears of joy streaming down her face. "I love you." She said and grabbed his face, pulling it to hers.

He leaned in and kissed her back, standing up and picking her up off of her feet. Nathan stood there, having just received the news that should make his life much better, yet he saw how happy his brother was and he knew that there was something missing from his life. There was someone missing from his life.

"Nate, this is great, we're good." Lucas said and turned, expecting to see his brother standing there, but he didn't see Nathan anywhere.

"You know where he went, don't you?" Peyton asked, running her hands through Lucas' hair.

"Oh yeah." He replied and went back to focusing on his girlfriend.

Nathan reached campus quickly, having broken a few speed limits getting there, but he didn't care about that. He knew where he had to be and wanted to get there as fast as possible. He parked and started making his way through the crowds of people going to classes and walking around with great skill. Before he knew it he was standing outside her dorm. Luckily there were enough people coming and leaving that he was able to get into the building.

The easy part was over, now he had to get to her. He knew where her room was, that part was easy too, but getting her to actually listen to him, that was going to be difficult. He didn't even know what he was going to say, all he knew was that she was the first person he wanted to see, the only person he wanted to see and if it meant he had to admit that he was an ass then he didn't mind that.

He got to her door and knocked, waiting patiently for her to answer the door. When she finally did, she appeared to be laughing at something, but that wasn't what stood out to him the most. She was blonde, gorgeous blonde, not that she wasn't beautiful before but this took it to a whole different level. She shyly smiled at him and he didn't even bother with words. He was always a man of action and that wasn't about to change.

He took one step forward, closing the distance between them and placed one hand on her cheek, guiding her face to his. He lightly kissed her, but upon feeling her lips under his again he felt the need for more. He hungrily pulled at her lips, kissing her with more passion and love then he ever thought he was capable of. They didn't once break apart, but slowly started to make their way back into the room, neither saying anything but both fully aware of the fact that this was it, they were back for good and they would talk later.

"Woah, um, I think that it is time for us to leave Chris." Mia said, grabbing his arm and pulling him up from his seat. "Haley and Nathan have a lot to talk about."

Haley pulled away quickly, having forgotten that they were in there, but Nathan refused to let her go. He hugged her to him and kissed her hair.

"Why? It looks like they could use a little supervision if you ask me." Chris commented.

"No, we're leaving." Mia said, dragging him out of the room. "Enjoy your time together, nice to see you again Nathan." She said and closed the door behind her.

Nathan smiled and leaned back down to continue kissing her, but before his lips could reach hers she put her hand up and blocked him, taking two steps back.

"Hold on, Mia's right, we have a lot to talk about." She said, sitting on her bed and motioning for him to take the chair across the room.

He nodded, but instead of sitting so far away from her he grabbed the chair and pulled it over so he was sitting right in front of her. "You're right, let's talk. I really like your hair, why'd you change it?"

"I changed it because everything else was changing and I wanted to change the way I looked too, but that's not what we need to talk about. So start singing." She said, crossing her arms.

She was being tough and he wasn't entirely sure how well that would play out for him but he was just happy to be in her presence again. "Well you look beautiful, like always."

"Nathan." She warned, cutting him off.

He held his hands up with a slight smile on his face. "Sorry. Ok, so I was an ass. I know it, you know, everyone knows it, but I am willing to admit it. I was trying to protect you by hurting you, which now that I look back was really stupid and I can't even accept my reasoning because it was ridiculous but either way at the time I thought it was the right thing to do, you know?"

"No, not really, because I still have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm getting there." He explained. "So about two months ago Dan started calling. He wanted to meet with Lucas and me; he had something to tell us. Luke refused to answer any of his calls and he definitely wasn't going to go see him. I however was put in the middle, still not trusting Dan, but wanting to hear what it was that was so important that he had to tell us. Anyway, I became really stressed with that and school and basketball and we weren't talking as much which was probably my fault. Then I met with Dan and he had some big news for us. Luke wasn't even taking my calls at this point so letting him know was difficult."

"Letting him know what? Is there something wrong?" She asked, concern covering her face.

"Dan, our father has a genetic condition known as HCM. It has to do with his heart and if it goes untreated it can be fatal. He wanted to let us know because it is important for us to know what we could have wrong with us. This could really affect our futures, it could end our basketball careers."

"It could end your basketball careers?" She asked, unbelievably. "It could end your lives. Why didn't you tell me about this before?"

"I was scared. I was scared that I had it and that you would see me differently and that it would be too much to handle. I did try to tell you once."

"What? When?"

"Right before Thanksgiving break, I'd called you and we were talking and right as I was about to tell you that guy knocked on your door and asked you out. I realized that you could have a better life without me, one that wasn't burdened by a sick boyfriend who was miles away, but cherished by one who lived two minutes away from you. So I hung up and started planning how I was going to convince you that I didn't love you anymore. Did it work?"

"Are you serious?" She asked and leaned forward, hitting him with both hands. "That is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Do you realize that you broke my heart Nathan Scott? Did it even occur to you that maybe, just maybe I would want to be there for you through all of this? That my love for you is permanent?"

"Ok, I said that it was stupid of me." He said, grabbing her hands to calm the beating down. "Look, I still love you, I always will, but I knew that if I ended up testing positive for HCM I couldn't stand the thought of putting you through the possibility of me dropping to the floor one day and never getting back up. I wouldn't want to put you through that because if that happened to you I don't know what I would do. So, instead of being selfish, I pushed you away."

"That is still the stupidest thing I have ever heard, no matter how thoughtful it is. I do see where you are coming from though, but you should let me choose if I want to be with you no matter what."

"Ok, I promise." He said and pulled her hands to him, lightly kissing her palms. "Besides, I missed you too much to be without you any longer."

"Me too." She said. "Wait, if you are here does that mean something? Why did you come back?"

"I took the test, so did Luke, and we are both ok. Luckily Dan didn't pass all of his genes onto us."

"You're ok, nothing's wrong?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm better than ok, I'm with you." He smiled and pulled her down onto his lap.

"Finally." She smiled and leaned up to kiss him. He eagerly returned the kiss, both of them smiling the whole time, just happy to be back in each other's arms.

"So, who was that guy in here earlier?" Nathan asked. They were laying in her bed, content to just be holding onto each other. They kissed for about 20 minutes before Haley looked up at him and asked him to hold her until he had to leave. That was about two hours ago and they'd been in this position since then. Nathan on the bed, Haley half on top of him, her head on his chest and his arm wrapped around her back. They talked occasionally, but their emotions pretty much wiped them out and they were happy resting together.

"Who, Chris?"

He nodded. "That's him isn't it? The guy who asked you out."

"You don't have to worry about 'the Keller' babe. He's harmless. Besides, he's got nothing on my sexy boyfriend." She winked.

"You think I'm sexy huh?" He asked.

"Mmhmm." She nodded. "But having your shirt on is really taking you down a notch to just hot."

"Really? I guess I'll have to settle for hot then. I'll just save sexy for another time, when you least expect it." He winked.

"I'm looking forward to it." She smiled.

"I really do like your hair." He said, playing with a strand of it. "I mean I liked your hair before, but this is different, it suits you and makes your eyes look amazing."

"I guess I can pull off being blonde."

"Oh, you can more than pull it off. You make blonde look good."

"Thanks Nate." She kissed his chest through his t-shirt.

"Are you guys decent?" Mia asked, knocking as she opened the door.

"Yeah, we're good." Haley said, smiling.

"Hey, you're voice has some more pep in it. That's a good sign." She said, walking in the room all the way. "So is the current cuddling position you are in. Are you guys back together? For good?"

"Yeah, she just couldn't resist me anymore." Nathan joked, flexing his muscles. Haley laughed and lightly hit his stomach.

"Excuse me, you are the one who came knocking on my door. I was all ready to move on, just ask Mia." She said.

"It's true Nate. She was done with you as of this morning." Mia confirmed.

"What? You were going to move on?" He asked, feigning hurt.

"Yep, I was going to be fully moved on as of tomorrow. I guess that it's a good thing you showed up today." She smiled up at him and gave him a quick peck. "I have to pee." She said and stood up, walking to the bathroom.

"Don't take it too seriously Nate. She'd told me several times that she was going to start moving on 'tomorrow' and it never happened. She loves you as much as you love her. That's something that doesn't just go away. You guys have something special." Mia winked.

"Thanks Mia, and thanks for being there for her while I was being an ass."

"Hey, it's what I'm here for, no need to thank me. But if you really want to, you could treat me and Jake to dinner. What do you say to a double date tonight?"

"Make it a triple to include Luke and Peyton and I'm in, but Luke can pay for himself."

"Cool, so you go tell them and Haley and I will spend time getting pretty. See you around eight buddy." "Can I at least wait until Haley's out of the bathroom to say bye?" He asked with a puppy dog expression on his face.

"Ah, you're adorable wanting to see your girlfriend, but no, you can't. Now get out of here before I force you out." Mia warned.

"I'm not afraid of you." Nathan said, standing up and puffing out his chest.

"Your choice." Mia shrugged and walked over to him, grabbing his earlobe and starting to drag him backward.

"Ow," Nathan said, startled by her actions. He thought she was going to try to push him or something. He was wrong. "Mia, let go, that hurts."

"Um, Mia, what are you doing to my boyfriend?" Haley asked, standing near the bathroom door with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Hales, she tried to get me to leave before saying bye to you." Nathan explained. "We are going out with Mia, Jake, Luke, and Peyton tonight and it is my job to go tell them. I'll see you later." He said and kissed her before waving and walking away, looking back and winking at her.

"I hope you had fun tonight Hales." Nathan said as they sat on Lucas' couch. Everyone else had dispersed after dinner. Mia and Jake back to campus, Luke and Peyton up to his room, and the rest of the roommates were home for the weekend. So Haley and Nathan called dibs on the living room.

"I did, but the dinner wasn't what made my day great." She smiled and turned her head to place a light kiss on his adam's apple. "That was all you."

"Well I do what I can." He smirked. "You made my day pretty fantastic yourself."

"I do what I can." She mimicked, leaning in closer to him. "Hey Nathan." She paused.

"Yeah baby?" He asked, smoothing her hair down.

"I'm happy. I just wanted you to know that. I'm happy, because you make me happy, and I'm happy because you are here with me. I'm happy because you are healthy, but I would be here for you even if you weren't. It hurt me that you wanted to keep that from me." She said and Nathan was about to interrupt, but she put her fingers up to his lips to stop him. "You got your chance to talk earlier, now it's my turn. It hurt me, but I understand why you did it. I love that you tried to put my feelings first and while it didn't work out in either of our favors you thought that you were doing the right thing. I know that we are going to be just fine, stronger than ever even, but I just wish that we hadn't spent all that time apart."

"I love you." Nathan replied. That's all he needed to say, because it was the best response there was and the only one she wanted to hear.

"What do you say we spend some time making up for all the time we missed out on?" She asked, looking up at him, her eyes big and golden brown as she devilishly smiled at him.

"I say you're a genius." He smiled and stood up, taking her by the hand and walking toward the door. "You're car or mine?"

"Yours. I don't plan on going anywhere." She smiled, squeezing his hand.

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