The Jedi in Exile

Chapter 1


Well new story I worked hard on this 1...kinda *Smiles cheekily* well enjoy you guys!

Aayla Secura's POV

I'm on Felucia with my squad of clone troopers scouting out the area. Were walking past a couple of tall plants when I feel a disturbance in the Force. I turn around and see that my squad is preparing to fire at me I quickly activate my light saber and deflect the lasers and I attack and kill as many clones as I can. I'm tiring so I decide to run away I'm running out of breath. I need to find a ship quickly before they catch up to me. I spot a red ship "Thank the force!" I say before running to the ship and bordering it. As I start the engines and prepare for take off the clones spot me and start firing at me. I quickly take off once the ship is ready as I'm flying out of the atmosphere of Felucia enemy ships spot me and give chase. I can't outrun them there too fast I think to my self. 'BANG' A shudder passes throught the ship. The lights start flashing red signaling that the engines been blown "Bloody Sith!" I curse which I rarely do. The engines are out and I cant see were I'm going and the ship is out of control. I can't get the ship under control as I'm trying to get this darn ship under control something falls and hits me on the head and knocks me unconscious, but before I pass out I see a blue and green planet and all I can think is "It's the most beautiful planet I've ever seen." Before I pass into the darkness of unconsciousness.


Kendra's POV

I was in mine and Seth's bedroom when IT happened. I heard it before I felt it a deafening noise like metal hitting the ground and then I felt a big tremor shake the whole house. "Aaaaaaah!" I screamed as I fell off the bed. As the shaking stopped Grandpa came running into the room

"Kendra are you ok?"

"Y-yeah Grandpa I-I'm ok, But what was that?"

"I don't know Kendra but I think it has to do with what ever crashed into the woods."

"Something crashed into the woods?"

"Yes now come on lets go and check it out." he said walking out the of the room

I hurriedly put on my shoes and walked out of the bedroom went downstairs and outside to were I saw all of the Fairies heading to the forest were I saw flames burning. I walked into the woods seeing Lena [I LIKE HER SO IN MY STORIES SHE'S ALIVE] walking towards the crash site too. "Hey Lena" I said catching up to her.

"Hello Kendra."

"Do you know what's happening?" I asked

"All I know is that something appears to have crashed into the forest." she said as we walked into the clearing were The Forgotten Chapel used to be. And as I walked into the clearing I saw something that looked like a spaceship, which I think it is.

"Kendra Oh My God look-look it's a real life spaceship! I told you aliens were real there's probably little green men in there!" He yelled

He may be sixteen but sometimes he acts like he's six. He had Vasilis [is that what its called?] slung across his back. "Don't be silly Seth it's probably an airplane made by NASA and they were testing it when it crashed landed here." I said

"Whatever you say Kendra" He said rolling his eyes

Ugh sometimes he could be so annoying. I watched as Bracken cut open a hole with his sword so that he could get whoever was in there out. He went inside to get the person that was in there and what he came out with surprised me more than anything ever has or will.



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