The Jedi in Exile

Chapter 6


OMG! Chapter 6! Whats gonna haaaaaappeeeeen? Ok anyways I hope you guys like it anyways here it goes!

Aayla's POV

I stood in shock, these creatures-what ever they were- were so ugly they were unnaturally tall about 8 feet, they had one huge eye, and when they opened their mouths I saw that they had mangled and jagged teeth. They also had large muscles and a small dirty loincloth covering their southern areas. When they looked at me I saw anger and hunger in their eyes.

One of the beasts suddenly yelled a ferocious yell and lunged at me I quickly dodged to the right, then two others tried to grab me, but I slashed at one of the beast's arms and somersaulted backwards and crashed into something rough and strong. I looked up into the creatures eye just as it wrapped it's arms around me and squeezed the air out of me. I dropped my light saber and just as I lost consciousness I promised myself that if I get out of this alive then I would seriously keep working on my fighting skills.

Kendra's POV

I was running through a field of flowers holding hand with Bracken. "Bracken" I said

"Yes Kendra?"

"I-I" I said blushing

"You what Kendra?" he said looking at me

"I- I love"

"Kendra!" he yelled

"Aaaaah!" I yelled as I twisted and ended up on the floor. As I looked up I saw that it was still dark and that Bracken was standing over me 'Bracken?"

"Bracken!" I yelled as I stood up and blushed as he looked at me wearing my Care Bear pajamas. He just smiled and then his face turned serious.

"Bracken?" I asked tentatively

"Kendra" he said seriously "Seth is missing."

"What?" I yelled "But he's right the-" I stopped mid-sentence as I looked to where Seth's bed was. "How? What? When? Bracken how?"

"I came up here to um uh check up on you and Seth and he wasn't in his bed so I say lets go and look for him." he said smiling

"Ok just let me get changed." I said pushing him out the door

He laughed "Ok Kendra. Oh and don't worry your grandparents and Lena are still asleep."

"Good now bye." I said as I pushed him out the door.

'I cannot believe he did this!' I thought angrily as I went to my closet to get changed 'Now we have to go and find him and I swear when I get my hands on Seth he'll regret sneaking out!' I quickly changed, grabbed my magical bow and arrows from under my bed and went downstairs.

"Ready" I said to Bracken as I slung my quiver over my shoulder.

"Good come on" he said walking outside I followed him into the darkness of the outside the only light outside was coming from the fairies fluttering around. As we walked into the woods my right hand holding my bow tightly I grabbed Bracken's right hand he squeezed my hand and lead me into the woods.

Aayla's POV

I groaned as I opened my eyes and saw complete and total darkness and I knew that I was in a cave because it smelled dank and the walls felt wet . As I tried to find a way out I felt a hand on my shoulder. Instead of screaming I grabbed the figures hand and threw him or her against the wall.

"OW!" yelled a familiar voice

I gasped "Seth!" I yelled as I went toward where I threw him "I am so so so sorry" I said honestly as I helped him up. "I thought you were something else."

"It's ok Aayla." he said groaning as he stood up

"Are you ok Seth?" I asked suddenly worried about him.

"I'm fine Aayla" he said stretching "Now help me find a way out of here." he said as he started to walk to another part of the cave.

"Sure" I said following him.

After a while of searching we still hadn't found an exit when a sudden thought popped into my head 'My light saber!' as I reached for where it always is on my right hip all I grabbed was empty air 'it's gone my light saber is gone! What could have happened to it?' I thought and then I remembered I had dropped it when the big ugly creature squeezed the air out of me. I groaned

"Aayla are you ok?" said Seth through the darkness

"Yes I'm ok it's just-"

"Just what?"

"My light saber it's gone and with out it I won't be able to defend my self. It's my life."

"It's ok Aayla we'll find it.' he said hugging me.

It felt nice being in his warm embrace 'What are you saying Aayla! He's a human! And anyways I'm a Jedi!' I thought as I pulled away.

"Let's find away to get out of here." I said quickly

"Ok then come on" he said walking to another spot in this apparently huge cave.

As we continued walking I had two more thoughts "Seth?" I asked

"Yeah?" he said his voice coming from my right side

"How do you know where were going?" I asked him

"Easy" he said amused "I can see in the dark."

'Another amazing ability this boy has' I thought to myself "Ok then that's good then." I said and then I asked him another question "Seth didn't you say you could shadow travel or something?" I asked curiously

"Yeah so?"

"Well can't you get us out of here then?" I exclaimed

"Aayla" he said laughing "It's not as easy as it seems. I don't know where we are exactly and I don't know how far from the house we are. If I just travel randomly I could get lost in the shadows forever."

"Oh" was all I said "But Seth"


"How was that funny?"

"I don't know" he said nonchalantly "Maybe because you asked an obvious question that has an obvious answer."(1)

I abruptly stopped and Seth did to as he turned around to look at me. I glared at him "Are you saying that I'm stupid?" (2)

"N-no-no I-I wasn't I mean I-I-I-I mummy uhhh" he stuttered out in fright (3)

"That's what I thought"(4) I said smiling as I continued walking and looking for a way out of this cave as Seth followed silently behind.


OK there we go chapter 6. This was just basically a filler chapter so I hope you guys enjoyed it.(1)-(4) These don't make sense I know, but I didn't know what else to write so Oh Well. REVIEW!