This is really just a drabble that I did, but haven't gone any further with it. Hoping I nailed the accents.

It has slight Gece, I couldn't help myself.

Sequin it Up!

They stopped in the hallway the way they regularly did at the start of school.

"I am Gunt- I can't do this right now."

"I know, I am so depressed." Put in Tinka, shoulders slumping.

Here they were in a world without sequins. Or at least a world where they gave up wearing sequins because their favorite fashion designer made it very clear that sequins were not "in" and that nobody could just get away with it either.

That and the sequin convention had been cancelled this year.

Cece grabbed Rocky in the hallway.

"Is that…?" She gasped.

Rocky squinted to confirm. "It is!"

"But Gunther looks so… so…"

Oh no. Rocky knew where this was going. "Don't say it, don't say it…"

Cece just couldn't help herself. "Normal!"

Thinking of Gunther and Tinka as normal, it just shouldn't be done.

"Hey Gunther, Tinka…" Cece stood back, waiting for them to do their little flairy introduction but nothing came, they just stood there looking miserable, Gunther with his hand in the pocket of his jeans. "You look really…"

"Don't say it, don't say it…" Rocky cut in again.

"Normal. It's good."

"But we do not have de sparkle,"

"No sparkle" echoed Tinka.

"Welcome to the world of normal people. This is what we do. We don't sparkle," Cece informed the two of them.

"Hey, why no sparkle?" Rocky asked, more than a little interested.

"De sequin convention has been cancelled. Ever since DeSera blogged about sequins being last decade." Gunther explained, talking about a popular fashion designer and his blog, which had to go and ruin everything.

"Oh" both girls chimed. This was weird. And Gunther looking down and out gave Cece that feeling in the pit of her stomach again, all squirmy. "Well, cheer up then. At least you don't have a math test next period."

"I vould do all the math tests in the vorld to sparkle again." Tinka replied, slumping and the two siblings slumped away as Cece and Rocky went to their lockers.

"Wow, those two are REALLY down," Rocky said, glancing over her shoulder.

"I know. I wish I could do something to help people, but then I remember, I don't help them." That feeling wasn't going anywhere though, Cece was bothered by it.

Maybe she should help them... maybe.

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