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First Words

Oliver walked quietly towards the bedroom and gently opened the door. He smiled and paused at the scene, which while not uncommon, never failed to take his breath away.

The bedside lamp cast a soft, almost ethereal glow across his wife's face and revealed a small smile dancing across her lips. Nestled on her left hand side was their seven-month-old son who had his arm draped around his twin sister. Both of their mouths were formed in a perfect O and he wondered what they were dreaming about.

He walked over to his wife's side of the bed and dropped a kiss on her forehead; she stirred and grabbed his hand kissing it gently. "Love you Ollie, nice to have you home."

He chuckled and turned off the lamp letting the natural moonlight provide the illumination. "Love you too, Professor." He debated in his mind moving the twins so he wouldn't have to share her. He glanced at the two of them and decided against it, quickly hoping into the bed, his arm extending protectively across them all. He sighed in contentment and allowed his body to relax into a deep sleep where he would have stayed well into the morning had it not been for Ava.

He felt her body wiggling against his torso as a small fist hit him in the throat. The twins were giggling and babbling and wiggling and giggling. He slowly willed his eyes to open and found himself looking into the face of his beautiful co-creator.


"Morning," he mouthed and he blew her a kiss whilst tickling Ava's tummy which bought more giggles.

Chloe blew a kiss back at him and made an attempt to get out of the bed when she stopped and turned her head around and looked at Robbie and Ava. She looked at Oliver, eyes wide… "Did they…?"

His eyes had started to tear. " I'm pretty sure they did…."

"Say mama", "Say dada," they both said at the same time, looking at their offspring before they both burst out laughing. The twins looked up at them smiling before resuming their private conversation.

Oliver pulled Chloe to his side of the bed into a fierce hug. She gently caressed his face with her thumb and he tilted his head down to kiss her.

"Ma" "da", "ma" "da", they looked back at the twins, …Chloe quickly leaned over to grab her phone and started recording.

"Ma ma," came out of Robbie's mouth

"Da da," came out of Ava's and a huge smile crossed the faces of their parents.

"They did," both said in unison.

Chloe jumped off the bed and ran out of the room, coming back with the baby albums. " Ok Dad, I think this is a Kodak moment"…. she leaped back onto the bed as she and Oliver faced the camera…

Oliver looked at the still shot, then back at his family, his heart swelling with love. Definitely one of his happiest moments.

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