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Cake and First Steps

Chloe smiled as she heard the soft thud of one of her children landing on their bottoms, the diaper cushioning the fall somewhat, followed by the sound of baby giggles and a chorus of "awe, up you get," from the surrounding group of adults who had finally stopped holding them.

At just over one years of age neither of Robbie or Ava had seemed to be in any hurry to be mobile, both being content to stay put where ever they found themselves, generally talking to each other oblivious to anyone else until someone picked them up.

Maybe that had been part of the lack of development in the walking department. There was always someone who wanted to hold and cuddle them. She was thankful that there were two; it saved the pouting of many a person.

The lack of moving had changed about two weeks ago. They had started rolling around, and doing the baby version of the worm…and progressed very quickly from crawling to pulling themselves up on furniture and walking tentatively for several steps before falling down.

Oliver had been working from home for the past week, something he had started doing as often as he could. Well, really he had been watching the twins whilst pretending to work, documenting all the attempts to get from point A to point B.

It never ceased to amaze her that she and Ollie had made these two little blonde bundles of cuteness and that Green Arrow and WatchTower were wrapped around their chubby little fingers…. Well actually they had the entire league wrapped around their fingers. A fact everyone denied on a regular basis.

She spied Oliver at the top of the first floor landing and made her way to him.

"Watcha doin hero?" He motioned to the group surrounding his children, indicating he was watching.

"Bart! What are you doing?" came Mia's voice.

"Hmmm watch." He waived a cupcake in front of Ava's face, placing a smidge of icing on her lips getting her attention. She immediately went to grab the cake and he swiftly bought it out of her reach. To everyone's surprise Ava let go of the couch she had been balancing on and took several firm steps towards Bart. He in turn kept walking backwards until she had walked some 12 steps before stopping her arms outstretched, hands in a grabbing motion towards the cake. He lowered his hands allowing Ava to grab a fist full of cake.

Chloe stood up. "Bart Allen are you bribing my daughter with cake?"

With a huge grin on his face he couldn't deny it. "She's your daughter, obviously she loves cake!" She swatted him.

While the group had gathered around Ava praising her first unaided walk across the room, and dodging her now chocolate covered hands, it seemed that nobody had paid attention to Robbie. He taking the opportunity to leave the noise behind had crawled to the next room.

"Watcha doing buddy?" Oliver smirked at his son. Robbie looked up at his father, green eyes full of life, and smiled.

"You know you just let your sister steal the show," to which Robbie just nodded knowingly. Oliver crouched down and held out his arms expecting Robbie to crawl the 10 or so paces towards him. Instead he was flabbergasted when Robbie got himself up without hint of unsteadiness and walked into his arms hugging him and giggling.

"Love da da."

"I love you to buddy." He said slightly stunned, his baby boy was growing up. As he looked up he saw Chloe with the recorder.

"I think they've been holding out on us."

"I think so too Mr Queen, however, lets eat before they feed Ava all the deserts just to get her to walk again. And then we can discuss our daughters need to be a drama queen," she said merrily.

Oliver sat Robbie down in the high chair next to him, looking around the table. Three years ago a table full of family and friends was something he was resigned to never having. In fact three years ago he was face down in a gutter with a death wish.

Yet here it was in front of him, a wife who was everything to him, two adorable children that he could see would be keeping him on his toes and Mia who was like the sister he never had. Then there were the godparents; Carter, Clark and Lois for Robbie and John Jones, Dinah and Tess for Ava. Around the rest of the table was Bart, AC, Victor, Courtney, Emil and Mrs Kent happily chatting.

"You, Okay Ollie?" asked Dinah.

"Yeah." Just enjoying a happy moment he added silently.