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Scar looked up at where Simba had kicked him. He was going to lose his kingdom simply because He couldn't beat his stupid nephew in a fight. Simba was not looking at him but something else near him. He turned around and saw Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed amongst the conflagration. None of them looked very happy at all.

"Aw, my friends,"Scar dragged, happy too be away from Simba.

"Friends? I thought he said we were the enemy!" Shenzi corrected.

"Yea! That's what I heard! Ed?" Banzai joined in.

Scar's eyes turned to horror as he realized his lies had caught up to him.

Ed nodded his head and laughed. Then lots of hyenas came out of the flames and bushes, all targeted on Scar.

"No! No! Let me explain! I didn't mean it! No! You don't know what your doing! No! No!" Scar tried to explain.

But the hyenas didn't want to hear it. There was no help and no way to get out of this situation. He was as good as dead. As they tore his flesh, Scar yelled out to Simba "Curse you! This is not the end!"

Then Scar died. The Hyenas tore his body to shreads. Without their leader, the hyenas fled south to the gorge where Muffasa died. As rain came down from Pride Rock, Scar's spirit rose into the sky. He may be dead, but that wouldn't stop him from getting his revenge on Simba for claiming what was rightfully his. He would do whatever it took, to kill Simba!
End of Prologue:

Ch 1.

"Kopa, hurry up and get ready for tonight," Kopa's father ordered.

"Why dad? I still have time to play!" Kopa said pushing his dad in the stomach.

"No you don't Kopa. You need to take your bath."

"What! I have to take a bath too?" Kopa complained.

"Yep. Your tuft is dirtier than Pumbaa is."

"You mean my mane."

Simba ignored him. "Go to your mother," Simba ordered.

Kopa nodded then took off down the path behind Pride Rock. Simba watched him run down the path then turned back towards the den. Timon and Pumbaa came out to greet him.

"Hey Simba! Sarafina told me to tell you the cave is all cleaned up for the guests. Just curious Simba, but who are the guests?" Timon asked.

"Nobody you would know. Just some old friends."

"That's it?" Pumbaa asked.

"Yea, but I haven't seen these people for the longest time! It's a big deal for me and Nala."

"That's cool. I'm looking forward to it," Timon said as he turned and headed back into the cave.

Scene Change

"Mom! Not so hard!" Kopa complained.

"Well you should stop squirming around!" Nala yelled back at him.

"Your tounge is rougher than an elephant tusk," Kopa joked.

Nala laughed. "How do you know what an elephant tusk feels like? Oh yeah, and that joke was horrible."

"Almost as bad as your jokes are," Kopa countered.

"How is this joke," Nala started tickling Kopa.

"Mom stop!" Kopa squirmed laughing.

"Oh Kopa, you sure are a handful. Your bath is finished."

"Finally! Can I go play with Timon and Pumbaa?" Kopa asked Nala.

"No. You have to stay clean for tonight. So please just do something without getting dirty."

"Alright," Kopa sighed with disappointment.

"Hey Mom, what are we having for dinner tonight?" Kopa asked.

"Fresh Antelope. But Simba always gets the first bite. And remember, don't disturb while he is eating. I brought it down myself," Nala beamed with delight.

"I'm not the biggest antelope fan, but it will suffice," Kopa said as he ran off.

Then Kopa slipped and fell on the path upward.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Kopa demanded.

"What was what for?" Nala asked laughing.

"You tripped me!" Kopa's face turned mad.

"No I didn't! I was standing over here silly!" Nala explained still laughing.

"Whatever, see ya later," Kopa said as he cautiously walked up the slope to the den.

Scene Change

"Chumvi! Nala will be so excited to see you! Glad you're here!" Simba greeted Chumvi.

"Glad to see you too Simba. Where is Nala?" Chumvi asked.

"She is right over there, Hey Nala! Come greet Chumvi!"


"Nala! I'm so glad to see you! Are you having a good time as king, I mean queen of Pride Rock?" Chumvi asked.

"Oh beyond belief, come sit down and join us," Nala invited.

"Glad to." Chumvi sat down right next to the carcass.

"Simba saw another face coming. "Tojo!" He yelled as he ran out to greet his best friend.

"How are you doing Your Majesty?" Tojo teased.

"Tojo, Please don't call me that. Just call me Simba."

Simba could see Tojo had changed as well. Tojo had a big mane.

Tojo had a surprised look on his face. "You used to only wanna be called Great King, or Your majesty. I'm glad to see you've changed."
Simba was a bit surprised at his rude greeting, but brushed it off.

"I see you've changed too. Who is the family?" Simba asked.

"This here is my wife Uni," he said as a young lioness with orange fur stepped up.

Simba smiled. "Hello there, and welcome to our home!"

"Our pleasure!" Uni beamed with delight.

"Come children," she turned and called back behind her.

Then several children came rushing and walked step for step with there children.

Simba tried to count all of the children but couldn't.

"How many children do you have?" Simba asked Tojo as they both sat watching Tojo's family from a distance.

"4. 2 girls and 2 boys."Tojo stated with a bragging tone.

"4! My My you have been busy," Simba joked.

Simba and Tojo laughed.

"Well we had better go inside now. I'm hungry for some antelope," Simba grinned with delight.

"Aren't you gonna invite me?" A voice from behind them asked.

"Mheetu! It's great to see you! How is life?" Simba asked.

"It's good thanks to this majestic lion in front of you right here," Mheetu complemented Tojo.

"I basically took the yearling in and he lived with us all these years," Tojo explained.

"Where have you all been living all these years?" Simba asked.

"Why don't we go inside and catch up on old times?" Tojo smiled as Mheetu joined them as they walked back to the den of Pride Rock.

"Who is this little fellow?" Chumvi asked looking curiously at Kopa just as Tojo, Simba, and Mheetu entered the den.

"I am no little fellow, I am Kopa, Prince of the Pridelands, you should pay me with more respect!"
Kopa's outburst was unexpected as everyone in the room looked at him.

"You've got a big mouth young one," Chumvi rose to anger.

"Relax Chumvi, and Kopa! I thought we taught you to treat your superiors with respect," Nala scolded.

"If I did that to a guest my father
would of struck me! Simba, teach him a lesson," Chumvi growled still angry.

Simba looked at Chumvi with disgust.

"I think I know how to teach my own son," Simba spoke to Chumvi in a deep tone that would of made his father proud.

Chumvi relaxed and the pride enjoyed there meal. It was a bad start to the visit but it got better.

"So Simba, explain to me what happened since we last saw each other? I thought you were dead," Tojo asked Simba as the pride gathered in a circle. Constant chatter was going on around the den so the royal family and the three guests and Tojo's family made their own small circle.

As Simba explained what happened right before the stampede in his childhood, Kopa went to investigate the other cubs in Tojo's family. He was going to go to them, but they came to him.

"What's your name?" a curious female cub with an yellow pelt and a messy tuft asked.

"My name is Kopa, prince of the pridelands. What is your name?" he asked.

Before she could reply the biggest of her brothers stepped forward.

"Don't talk to him, we don't know if we can trust him," Her brother warned.

"Hey that's no fair! If I tell you my name, you have to tell me yours!" Kopa demanded.

"Oh yeah, and who's going to stop me from preventing that!" the older brother taunted, obviously wanting to challenge Kopa.

"I will!" Kopa accepted.

The two pounced and rolled down the cave. The older cub was a lot stronger than Kopa and pushed him off right into Simba.

"Kopa, watch out! I'm trying to talk,"Simba scolded.

"Sorry dad, I'm just gonna.." Kopa charged again and was knocked back.

"Kopa, please stop fighting," his father asked.

"You too Afua," Tojo scolded.

"Agh Dad! You told him my name!" Afua complained.

"Then why don't we introduce all of you cubbies to Kopa?" Tojo suggested knowing it was going to annoy his son even more.

Afua rolled his eyes and sat in front of his father.

"This right here is Afua. Say hi Afua," Tojo teased.

"Dad I'm not a baby!" Afua complained.

"Well you were acting like one just a second ago," Mheetu commented.

"I wasn't talking to you!" Afua shouted.

"My, My, this cub here needs a knuckle sandwhich," Mheetu laughed as he grabbed Afua.

"No let me go!" Afua laughed as Mheetu moved his paw around his head and dropped him off to the side.

"Alright! Who is next?" Chumvi asked.

"My littlest girl Upendi," Tojo said as he picked up his littlest cub who was a yellow color similar to Kopa.

"Hy! My name is Upendi!" Upendi yelled to Kopa.

"Uh, nice to meet you too," Kopa was taken back by the force of her yell.

Upendi smiled then ran over to Kopa and started to nuzzle him while purring.

"Aw," the adults sounded all at once.

Kopa rolled his eyes and made a low growl. He didn't like it when he was considered cute. He wanted to be strong. Just like his father.

Upendi sat right next to Kopa.

"This here is Doti. Say hi Doti!" Tojo encouraged the shy cub.

The cub didn't say anything. She just hid behind Tojo afraid.

"You'll have to forgive me Kopa. She is a little shy," Tojo explained.

Kopa shrugged his shoulders with Upendi still lying next to him.

"This here is my other son Sinto. Say hi Sinto!" Tojo encouraged.

"Hi, what is your name?" he asked.

"Kopa, prince of the.."

"Kopa, just say Kopa," Simba corrected.

"Why dad?" Kopa asked.

"It's nicer if you just use the informal way of using your name instead of the formal. When you meet with friends you use the informal," Simba explained.

"Uh, hi Kopa," Sinto spoke sheepishly.

"Great! Now that we all have met each other we can cooperate? Okay?" Uni emphasized at Afua and Kopa.

"Well, you haven't met everybody," Nala smiled.

"You have another kid?" Afua asked.

"Everyone follow me," Nala instructed.

Kopa tried to get up, but Upendi was asleep on top of him.

"Whoa! Stay still Kopa. Your stuck here," Simba laughed.

"Aw, come on! I wanna come too!" Kopa complained.

"Sorry Kopa, but you can't abandon your lover," Mheetu chuckled.

"Great. Just my luck," Kopa mumbled under his breath.

As the family left, Kopa looked up and saw Upendi's face right above his. To Kopa's horror he saw a little saliva from Upendi's mouth drop down on top of his so called mane.

Kopa spread his legs on the floor with Upendi on top of him. This was going to be a long night.

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