A brown tanish lion cub ran his claw along the chalky dirt to create a starting line for the cubs race they would have. After Afua was done creating the line, he explained the rules to Kopa and Upendi.

"We are going to race to the gorge and back. There can't be any pushing or shoving. Understood?"

"Yes sir. Any other rules?" Kopa asked. "I get to call when to go," Afua declared."That's not fair!" Upendi complained.

"She's right Afua. That's not fair at all," Timon and Pumbaa showed up out of nowhere it seemed.

"Timon! Pumbaa!" Kopa greeted them.

"Hey kids! Mind if we join ya?" Timon asked, sitting on top of Pumbaa's head.

"Sure, I guess," Afua sighed.

"Great! I'll happily call when to go," Timon jumped off Pumbaa's back and stood right next to the starting line.

Kopa, Upendi, Afua, and Pumbaa lined up next to the line, ready to run.

"On your marks, get set, go!" Timon yelled.

Upendi shot out to first place, followed by Afua and Pumbaa, then Kopa in last. Kopa planned to use his speed near the end of the race and pull ahead of the others.

Upendi ran with her tounge hanging out of her mouth as she flew across the grasslands. About half way to the gorge, her adrenaline of the race had ended and she flipped over twice, dead tired.

Afua noticed this and sprinted ahead while Pumbaa stopped by Upendi to make sure she was okay. Kopa saw Upendi panting on the ground with Pumbaa standing above her. Immediately Kopa stopped and went over to Upendi to make sure she was okay.

As Kopa walked over, Pumbaa yelled "Upendi's hurt!"

"What happened?" Kopa asked.

"I was running so fast I tripped and I think I broke my leg!" Upendi winced in pain, favoring her left leg.

"Pumbaa, you are a faster runner than I am. Go get my father, and wake him up anyway you can," Kopa instructed, taking charge.

"Yes prince Kopa," Pumbaa saluted, then he ran towards Pride Rock.

"Stay still Upendi. I know you wanna go crazy like usual but you gotta stay still," Kopa smiled, trying to make Upendi laugh. Kopa had learned from Raffikii that laughter was good medicine.

Upendi laughed a little, but Kopa didn't hear it because he heard running behind him. Afua had returned.

Afua was still running hard when he was stopped by Kopa.

"Why did you keep running, knowing that your sister was hurt?" Kopa demanded an answer.

Afua looked angry at Kopa for yelling at him. Then his face calmed down a bit.

"Kopa, she's fine." Afua trotted happily over to Upendi.

"Are you okay sister?" Afua asked Upendi, who was lying on the ground.

"I broke my leg," Upendi whined. Afua scowled at her.

"You're just saying that so you can take Kopa's side," Afua snarled at her. Afua was feeling like everyone in the world was against him, and that Upendi had just lied to prove Kopa's point to make Afua look stupid.

"No she isn't Afua!" Kopa yelled, right near Afua's face. Kopa was getting tired of Afua being so stubborn. Afua hated Kopa for yelling at him like this. He wanted to kill Kopa.

"You're as stupid as your father!" Afua yelled back.

Those words to Kopa had felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Kopa's rage had hit the breaking point. His father had always taught him to keep his cool, because if he lost it in some situations, he could die. Kopa didn't have time to think of this because the smack to the face he hit Afua with was almost an immediate reaction.

Afua fell down, but rose immediately to face Kopa after Kopa had strucken him. Being about twice Kopa's size, Afua jumped on Kopa as Upendi yelled at both of them to stop. Kopa pushed back on Afua with all his might, but Afua's size and power were too much. Kopa was on the ground in seconds with Afua on top of him.

"Here's a little mark that will remind Simba of his worst enemy!" Afua grinned as he created a scar above Kopa's right eye. Afua felt that he had to make sure Kopa was never going to yell at him like that again. And creating this mark would be the perfect way of doing it.

Kopa screeched in horror as the blood trickled down his cheek and into his chest. The hot sun baked the red blood that was oozing out of the mark Afua had given. Upendi had seen the whole thing unravel.