Hellos. This is a story in which it will not be a story. Instead, you, the reader, will ask questions to the following characters in Soul Eater and I, the humble author, will try my very best to put myself into these character's shoes and answer accordingly. These are the only rules: be creative, be as insane as you wish, and most importantly, HAVE FUN. This is a requirement. Here is a list of characters (from Spatori) you may ask questions to:



Death the Kid


Crona (I know she's (or he's?) not in Spatori, bite me, but I freaking love Crona!)




I don't exactly know where this is all going, but I do know that if one of you pretties asks a question I really like, I may write a story along with it. We'll see. But for now, review your questions to me. Lol, if that makes any sense? I hope it does, because I really don't want five billion questions coming in through private messaging. That would take waaayyy to long to read through. (supposing anyone will actually send in anything. I'm just going over possibilities here, people.)

Another thing, I love you all very much and I know you really really reeeeally want to ask this, but PLEASE, no asking questions concerning if Maka loves Soul or if Soul loves Maka. It's just not up to me to decide it, and you would get my opinion in the matter (WHICH IS HELL YES! THEY BELONGGG! ~SQUEEEEEEEE~) and I want to be as accurate as possible. But you may find loop holes if you wish (haha) because that's (honestly) what I would do… so I'll allow questions like, "If BlackStar hit on Maka, would you be jealous, Soul?" cause I can live with that sort of thing.

Anyways, this is getting to be really long. Much love, send in your questions, and I'll have your answers soon.