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Katniss212: Maka- What's the most interesting part of having a guy as a room mate?

Maka felt her eye twitch upon reading this question. Soul, she thought bitterly.

It just had to be a question like this…she could deal with questions about the length of her skirt or whether she took enjoyment in watching stein dissect certain…organs. She was prepared for stupid, obvious questions like that. She had already come up with many answers to any possible ones thrown at her. She wasn't, however, prepared for one quite like this. Sure, she expected a few loophole questions about her and Soul's relationship, something like, 'TEEHEE! HAVE YOU EVER HAD SEX WITH SOUL?' or 'Do you –giggle- watch Soul take showers? XD' Those were easy. But this one was…unexpected…and Maka could tell this person was really smart to be able to find a loophole this great in the only restricting rule: no questions about Soul and Maka's relationship. A rule she was grateful for.

Except when it was so easily bypassed.

Her eyebrows crinkled into a displeased frown before she hopped out of her computer chair and marched angrily out of her room and into the bathroom to take her nightly shower. She turned the nozzle onto hot and waited for the water to become warm enough to get in. She plopped herself onto the toilet and tried to come up with a good answer for that question. What's the most interesting part of having a guy as a roommate? Maka really had no answer for that at the moment. She was really, purely shocked that someone would even ask that, as most weapon and meister pairs usually were in the same situation as Soul and she were. Maka pondered this until a loud pounding on the door broke her from her thoughts.

"Maka! Hurry up, I want to take a shower, too you know! You've been in there forever!" Soul shouted through the door.

Maka's eyes squinted. Yeah, most interesting part, my ass.

"Shut up Soul! I'm almost done!" Maka shouted back over the sound of rushing water…oh crap…I haven't even gotten in it yet!

Maka leaped up and threw back the shower curtain before stepping in. Immediately, she realized the mistake she had made by not checking the water temperature first. Maka let out a shrill shriek before fumbling for the nozzle to make the water temperature less volcanic.

"Hot, hot, HOT!" Maka shouted. And it was at that very moment that Maka realized she never locked the door…

Soul burst through the door in a frenzy of half-nakedness and steam.

"Maka! Are you okay?" Soul frantically peered around the tiny bathroom.

Maka furiously poked her head out from behind the shower curtain.


As soon as soul's puzzled ruby eyes met Maka's furious green lasers, he realized his mistake.

"Oh, uh, er…sorry, Maka!" Soul was furiously rubbing his nose as he ran out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Maka stared blankly at the empty patch of tile where Soul once stood.

That…idiot! I could have been naked coming out of the shower for all he knew!

Maka put a frustrated hand over her face.

Do I not have any privacy?

And as soon as she thought this, Maka smiled. She now knew exactly how to answer the fan's question.

Maka happily finished her shower before she skipped out of the bathroom, right past a seething and scared shitless Soul, and into her room.

"W-what…?" Soul asked himself as Maka, instead of Maka-chopping him into dust, just (literally) skipped right past him with a smile on her face. To say Soul was confused was an understatement.

In her room, Maka quickly got into her pajamas then plopped back into her plushy computer chair. It was there that she began to type her answer:

There are many, MANY interesting parts of having to share an apartment with a guy. Some I wouldn't call interesting, more like completely annoying, like the fact that you really don't have any privacy.

Maka thought back to the special incident that had just happened between her and Soul only moments ago.

Like just recently, Soul barged into the bathroom while I was taking a shower! Well, I guess he did only do that because he heard me scream...

Maka looked back into her memories of what laid out minutes beforehand. Soul really did care for and protect her… she supposed it wasn't so bad to have a guard dog protecting their tiny apartment. Maka giggled at that last thought about Soul being a guard dog. But it really wasn't all that far from the truth. Soul was loyal and quick to forgive just like a dog would be. Just like a dog is. Just like Soul is.

A smile played at Maka's lips.

I really have an awesome partner, don't I?

Maka quickly finished the rest of her letter before sending it. She bounded out of her chair then jumped into the welcoming arms that were her bed and covers. You see, Maka felt totally at peace. She knew that tonight, and all of the other nights after it, she had nothing to worry about. As long as Maka had Soul with her, she could sleep soundly without worry. And so that's exactly what she did.

Here's the whole letter Maka wrote! :

There are many, MANY interesting parts of having to share an apartment with a guy. Some I wouldn't call interesting, more like completely annoying, like the fact that you really don't have any privacy. Like for instance, just recently. I was taking a shower when Soul suddenly barged into the bathroom! Well, I guess he did only do that because he heard me scream, but he did run in with only his underwear on! Come to think of it, that's not really an uncommon sight as he leaves his boxers lying around our apartment all the time. I think to get him back for doing that I'll start doing the same with my bras and underwear. With that said, there are actually more good reasons than bad for having a guy as a roommate. Like, I know I can sleep soundly at night because Soul will always be there to protect me. He's like my personal guard dog. And that label isn't too far-fetched from the truth. He is loyal and supports me all the way through things, even if no one else does. I wouldn't trade him for the world, much less a girl roommate. Plus, I'm not exactly the girly-type, so I don't know how many makeovers and gossip stories I could actually live through… Well, I guess my point is that Soul himself is the most interesting part of rooming with a guy. There's never really a dull moment! Except…when he calls me tiny-tits.

I hope this answered your question!

~Maka Albarn