This was originally part of my 100 Theme Challenge story but, I decided to make it into it's very own oneshot!

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My soul is black. I don't enjoy anything, except for when I kill. I am a hunter, a predator. Like a snake I strike. Darkness surrounds my heart and very being.

"My name is Voldemort and I have a killing problem"

And I am currently in a KA (Killing Addiction) seminar.

"Hi Voldemort!" replied everyone else in the circle. The next person stood up.

"My name is Bellatrix Lestrange and I DO NOT have a killing problem." she said.

The Guidance Counselor gave her a stern look. "Remember those people you killed yesterday? And the day before that? And the people you tortured?"

"Fine! I DO have a SMALL killing problem."

Another look.

"All right all right! I DO have a killing problem."

"That's much better Bellatrix! You're on your way to be admitted back into society!" the counselor said. She scribbled something in her notebook. It read: HOPELESS! PUT HER IN THE CRAZY BOX! "Anyone else?"

A large wolfish character stood up. "My name is Ari."

"Hi Ari!"

"I'm new to these meetings and I have an obsession with killing a group of six children."

All the other KA members looked horrified.

"You want to kill children? That's sick." Voldemort said not even trying to hide his disgust.

"Look who's talking! You keep trying to kill Harry Potter!" Joker accused.

"Well... You're trying to kill a guy dressed as a bat!"

"Don't bring Batman into this!"

The Guidance Counselor stood in the middle of the group.

"Now I know tensions are high..."

Then all chaos broke loose. Spells went flying, bullets were spraying, a large wolfy guy had Voldemort's head in his mouth.


Ari did as he was told and looked at the floor.

"You have given me no choice! You are all going to Intensive Treatment!"

"NO!" all of them screamed.

The Joker started to tremble. All of a sudden the floor disappeared. The group stood up in a dark and musty dungeon. The wall they were facing slid upward into the ceiling. Two pinpoints of red light appeared in the dark. A snarling head and a long neck followed suit. This was one of the most terrifying creatures in all of fantasy. The Jabberwocky.

Back in the treatment room the Counselor smiled and pressed a button on the wall. "Mr. Potter? Yeah... Yeah... Our strategy is working out perfectly. Send in the next group."

Yay! All though I am sad that they were all eaten. Oh well! Well... Technically I can't kill them since some of them haven't finished their book series or legacies yet...