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Severus Snape looked at the small child in the crib, who was currently wailing his head off. The small child didn't understand what was going on, all he could see was the strange man in the house and his mummy and daddy weren't moving. Snape walked over to the child, Lily's child, and smiled slightly. In those small green eyes he saw his Lily reflected perfectly.

In those eyes he saw the woman he had loved- no, the woman he still loved, even if she was… gone.

In those eyes he saw a child he now vowed to protect. No matter what it took, he would protect his Lily's child.


A now five-year-old Harry James Snape ran through the house, chasing a small kitten. His adopted father chased after him, somehow just barely unable to catch the giggling child.

"Harry, get back here!" he shouted for the umpteenth time. He finally snagged his hand on the back of the kid's shirt, who had stopped as the kitten darted under the couch. Harry began whining loudly, calling for the kitty.

"Kitty! Kitty! Daddy I want kitty!" the child exclaimed.

"Well, harry," Severus began, "kitty won't want to play if you chase her." He picked harry up. "Now, naptime." At this, the toddler began squirming around wildly, trying to get away.

"No, no naptime!"





Harry had become so fascinated with the argument, that he forgot what was being argued about and didn't fight much more when his father layed him down on his bed. He quickly snuggled down with a small stuffed bear and fell asleep.

Severus Snape was then found in the living room of the small house on Spinner's end, glass of firewhiskey in hand. He had a small headache forming from chasing the loud child, but he couldn't bring himself to be mad. It wasn't Harry's fault. A quiet mewl pulled Snape out of his thoughts as the small grey kitten jumped up beside him. He smiled, a miniscule smile that no one would have really noticed. No one would have believed it, but Severus Snape had a soft spot for animals, cats especially. This then led to him getting this kitten for his son. For Lily's son.

Not a day went by where Snape didn't think about his lost Lily. He missed her with every fiber of his being, and regretted every argument every wrong word against her. He regretted siding with the Death Eaters as a foolish child, and wished he had been put in Gryffindor. No matter what his father would have said, he would have loved being in the same house as Lily. Snape knew it was wishful thinking, for his school years were long over and Lily was dead, but he couldn't help but wonder; What if Lily had ended up with him and not Potter? Would Harry be as he is now? But Harry was not his. He was James Potter's. Severus loved him nonetheless.

And in a few short years, he would see who Harry took after more- his blood father or his adoptive father. He almost couldn't wait.

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