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The rest of the shopping went off without a hitch. Harry just shrugged it off when his father asked what kind of wand he got, and how much it was. The man didn't seem to notice, or if he did, he didn't say anything.

Once, a group of witches moved towards Harry and began squealing, saying odd things like "that's 'im, innit Marge?" and "oh my word, it's 'arry Potter!" Snape glared at them and pulled Harry quickly away, ignoring the questions his confused son asked.

They went to nearly every store in Diagon Alley, but saved the robe shop for last.

Madam Malkin's was a nice looking shop, with a cozy interior. Harry immediately liked the plump woman who greeted them and asked, in a kind voice, "first year at Hogwarts?"

Harry nodded shyly, looking back at his father. Severus nodded at him encouragingly and gave him a light push. Harry stepped forward, onto the small platform that Malkin gestured towards. Hedwig fluttered onto Snape's shoulder at a motion from Harry. The whole process was over fairly quickly, with minimal poking from the pins Madame Malkin stuck into the robes to fit them to Harry. Snape paid, then took the bag of robes from Harry as Hedwig flew back to her master and new friend.

There wasn't much left to do, Harry thought, so he was a bit shocked when Snape lead him back down Diagon Alley to a huge white building. Harry recognized it from previous trips with his father as Gringotts, the wizard bank. There wasn't really a reason for them to go to the bank, Harry thought, but he didn't say anything as he tripped up the stairs beside his father.

"Harry," said Snape, "you know about your mother and father, correct?" Harry nodded. "Right, well, when they died, they left something for you that I feel it's time you see."

The inside of the huge building was gorgeous, with a shiny, sparkling floor and tall pillars supporting the ceiling. The hall was lined with desks that each held a small creature working hard, little goblins. To some, thought Harry, they're pretty grotesque! But he liked the odd looks of them. Hedwig twittered in his ear as they approached the front desk, a tall podium with a white-haired goblin seated. He seemed to sneer as he looked down at Harry.

"May I...help you?" he asked. His voice was gravely and deep, and it sent a small chill down Harry's spine.

"We're here to withdraw from the vault of Harry James Snape, previously Potter," answered Severus in a stone-cold voice. The goblin started a little at the name, and then peered down at Harry from behind small glasses.

"And does young Mister Snape have a key...?" Snape nodded and procured a key from seemingly nowhere. The creature took it with surprisingly gentle fingers, albeit long ones, and examined it. He nodded, handing it back.

"Griphook will take you to it." Without another word, the goblin returned to his work and ignored the pair. Another much shorter goblin shuffled forwards, holding a lantern.

"If you'll come this way," he said. Snape followed him first, with his son close behind.

Harry had been to Gringotts before, but he usually waited in this chamber that they now stepped into. There were carts that rocketed downwards at great speeds to the vaults deep underground. This time, Snape waved Harry forward to enter the cart before him. Thrilled, Harry jumped into the rickety contraption and sat, grasping the edge of his seat in anticipation. Snape and Griphook step into the cart, and as soon as Griphook sits down and sets his lantern on the hook for it, the cart took off down the track.

Harry couldn't conceal his glee. The great speed pushed his hair back and the entire experience reminded him of the pictures he had seen of Quidditch players zooming around on their brooms. He laughed, and let out a few uncontainable yells as they whipped around a corner and came to a very sudden stop. He nearly fell out of the cart as he tried to exit.

Snape let loose a small smile, something rarely seen in public if Snape could help it. Harry was truly the pinnacle of innocence, though, and sometimes the man just couldn't help himself.

The vault was opened with ease, and a very unprepared Harry nearly fainted at the sheer amount of money left for him by his mother and father. He walked forwards and stopped at the edge of the piles.

"Go ahead," said Snape, "grab some. Here's a bag for you to keep some for the school year."

Harry did just that, filling the bag almost to the brim with a few bronze Knuts, several silver Sickles, and many gold Galleons. Today couldn't have possibly gone any better.

The trip back through Diagon Alley was mostly uneventful, passing by Flourish and Blotts without a glance, and stopping for just a moment to grab ice cream from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. They entered the Leaky Cauldron through the brick archway that appeared at their approach.

"Back already, Snape?" asked the barman. Severus nodded with a small smirk and led his son to the fireplace in the corner. A small pot of Floo-powder sat on the mantle. Harry looked at his father sheepishly when he was offered the pot.

"Can I go with you?" he asked. Snape smiled and nodded, putting his arm around Harry's shoulders and leading him into the fireplace.

"House of Snape," he said quietly. They were whisked away not even a few seconds later by the emerald flames that bore no heat.


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