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Count Down to Zero Reverse

There was a little crazy girl who was friends with a prominent scientist. She often danced around her room in the asylum as a child and asked for strange things, like black feathers and black roses. She used those to paint card designs while she danced. She also used little glowing lights that looked like fairies and supposed demon's blood and stardust. She made five dragon designs and gave them to the scientist. Then, she was no longer able to move from her bed.

"These are very beautiful," Dr. Fudo complimented the girl. She beamed up at him.

"How's your son?" Her question surprised him, because he never told her that he was married let alone that he had a child, but that did not last long for he had come to expect such things from her.

"He's well. He's one year old already." She looked up at him with her usual crazed smile.

"Does he live up to the name Yusei?" Once more, he was startled. No one knew about his research, it was all under lock and key. Yet she knew his son's name and its significance accurately.

"Not yet, then again he doesn't get out much."

"Sleepy," she said, lying down. He smiled and got up to leave. "Ja ne, Fudo-hakase."

"Ja," he said when he left.

(Scene Change)

"You really can't move from there anymore, can you? But you loved dancing very much," he said. She merely shrugged, as if it was no big deal.

"Did you make the keys yet?" He was no longer disturbed by her knowledge and nodded.

"Sleep," she said, reluctantly after a while of silence. He smiled and got up to leave. She was not smiling when he turned around to face her.

"Sayonara, Fudo-hakase." He wondered at her formalness. She always said 'see you' and not 'goodbye'. He brushed it aside as a small matter.

"Ja," he said when he left after a much longer visit than usual.

The nurse who came into deliver her food heard the girl say something and paused to listen.

"Ju…kyu…hachi…nana…roku…" The girl was counting down from ten for a reason that only her insane mind could comprehend. Another person stopped in to see what was going on. "Go…yon…san…ni…ichi…" The girl paused a half-second after counting down to one before she finally said, very quietly, "zero."

Once the girl said that word, the three people in the room heard a loud explosion off in the distance. The two workers rushed downstairs and out the door to see a far-off area being totally destroyed. The entire population was frightened by that blast and worried as to what it was.

The girl, however, made no move to get up or even move from her position lying on the bed. She merely cried softly and whispered her apologies to her only friend. "Gomen nasi, Fudo-hakase."

Author's Note: This is my mind's odd take on a very different perspective of the famed event, so feel free to ask any questions or share any comments.