Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia and I forget who does. A/N: To readers: Don't ask me to put you in the story. The people in this fanfic are my friends IRL Loudheart14 is helping with this ~Our world~ Dalton's house "Hey guys I got the DVD!" a cheery voice beamed. A girl with curly blonde hair pulled in a ponytail, and brown eyes happily put the disk into the DVD player in the other room. She was wearing a gray shirt with a bunny on it, and below it said "Nobody Ever Suspects Me". Her blue, torn jeans were ripped at the bottom from frequent use, and her green flip flops torn by her dog. "Ok guys Izzy's putting the movie in. Go grab food, drinks, blankets, and anything else you need." A second blonde teen said. Her hair was short and to the middle of her neck. She wore gray, thin framed glasses and had a hyper personality. She was wearing blue jeans, black Converse, and a cool light blue shirt. "Go to the can too I ain't stoppin' it once it's began." A tall guy with cocoa hair and eyes stretched out on the couch added. The brunette spoke up again. "Alright guys go take care of your business but if y'all ain't back in five I'm startin' it without ya!" The only other guy in the room joined the conversation, "Hey Dalton," "What?" The tall guy with the cocoa hair and eyes asked. Cameron continued, "One, your southern drawl is back and two, I brought a couple two liters." The second blonde from earlier came back with a blanket and sat herself between two brunettes. Erika, with short hair with a frog watch, and Amanda with long hair. A third brunette (with red highlights) walked in a guitar over her shoulder and was holding a pizza box with a cowboy hat on top of it. Her hair reached just above her shoulders. She wore dark blue jean shorts and a blue short-sleeved shirt. She spoke up. "Hey guys the pizza's here! And Dalton I have your hat." "MY HAT! Kaitlyn this is mine, NO TOUCHY!" A third blonde girl and a girl with brownish reddish hair came down the stairs to the group armchairs and a couch. "Gangs all here!" The second blonde from earlier practically yelled, earning her a few death-glares around the room. "Cat no yelling please" Amanda said while rubbing her ear. "Hey Nora join me on the couch." Dalton said while patting the cushion next to him. After a brief pause, the brownish-redhead sat next to Dalton. The third blonde named Rachel sat down next to Kaitlyn on the other edge of the couch. Rachel wore a blue low cut shirt with a white cammy, and ripped blue jeans. On her neck was a heart-shaped gray necklace, and on her ring finger was a thick black ring. Izzy ran back into the room and jumped onto the couch. Then sat on the other side of Kaitlyn muttering 'mommy' or something. Rachel stared at Izzy and after a little bit of time said "You're nuts Bella." Izzy put on a sad face before saying "Isabella Nora Mendicino is not nuts. Just fun in my own way." "Hey guys shut up. It's on." Dalton said while clicking a button on the remote... "Dude I think the world conference can conve— ~Hetalia world~ England's house "Stupid America's economy's in the toilet. Ha! Serves him right! And now to protect my own." Britain said before chanting a ridiculously sounding spell. Halfway through the incantation he burped, causing him to stutter his words and alter the spell ever so slightly. ~~ now both stories intersect~~ A/N:Ok guys chapter one is finished yay! Don't be mad at me this is my first hetalia fic. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Gutentag! Beta Note: Hey guys Loudheart14 here. I really hope you guys like this