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Ba dump ran through the groups heads at once ARTHUR IGNEOUS KIRKLAND was their chef. "I don't want Iggy's cooking mommy (inside joke) HELP! I DON'T LIKE A CRAPPY ENGLISH FOOD!" Isabella said while rocking on the floor "is someone gonna help her?" Dalton asked adjusting his hat. Kaitlyn started hugging Bella and patting her while whispering "it's Ok Bells if Britain and America than that means EspaƱa must be here too" as soon as Kaitlyn finished that sentence, Cat snapped and stood "that's it guys!" she yelled out earning everyone's attention. After she checked to see if the group was watching her she continued "this is Hetalia people, while we stand here awaiting and stressing over eating Iggy's cooking the countries are waiting for us to rise to the occasion and now we must get the $&% out of here who's with me?". A was first to voice the obvious "and just how are we going to escape England's cell?". After ten minutes of the buddies suggesting ideas for an escape a muted voice interrupted them all "umm hi I have a key" in one simultaneous motion the group faced the door which was now open and Matthew Williams(Canada) holding the door open with Kumajiro(however it's spelt) on his shoulder. With an enormous sigh of relief which could have been heard from space the group gathered the crap they brought with them and proceeded to the gate. As they left Bella, Cat, Amanda, and Erika attempted to glomp him and Dalton simply clapped him on the back. "Bye Canada we do notice you!" the group called back as they climbed up the stairs and Dalton secretly grabbed an old hand written book lying on a table, as group turned the next corner there Arthur stood the same gun was in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. The Brit sighed before setting down his cup and asking "hmm judging by the fact my house is standing and you're loose leads me to believe you wankers may be innocent, so explain to me what happened and I 'may' let you go without charge". After twenty-five minutes of Kaitlyn and Nora explaining the entire situation Igneous seemed convinced. "Ok let me get this straight" the Englishman began "so you guys were at Texan's (Dalton) house and The Blue-Stripe Sisters (Kaitlyn & Bella) brought a DVD of the world's life and after some time you guys were sucked into our world, correct?" "Pretty much" was all Dalton said. Erika wanted to leave quickly jumped to the question "so Arthur are we allowed to leave" "but poor us have no place to stay would you have means to accommodate us" Amanda added with a flirtatious look. Iggy thought to himself before readdressing the group "I know a place but it's not here it's on the borders between Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy the center of Europe. It used to belong to Britannia my mother so keep it nice" he said handing them a few keys, an address, and a good amount of train tickets. "Yeah," he said rubbing the back of his head "I was planning to deport you but at least the tickets'll be used now then" he opened his front door and gestured "toodles". As the friends left Kaitlyn leading them somewhere England called out "oh by the way I never said 'ello" he grinned and closed the door behind him. Back with the group each person was filled with ideas of what to do in their new home but they had each other and that was all that mattered. After ten or so minutes Dalton started to chuckle "hey guys I found out how we'll get money" he said with a grin. "How?" Nora asked skeptical "with this my love" he said holding up Britain's spell book "y'all can thank me later but first let's get a cab this walking's killing me" "you took the words right outta my mouth" Nora added. Everyone with revived spirits rode a bus to the nearest train station... While site seeing on the as well.

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