My Little Soul Eater

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Summary: When the Soul Eater world and the My Little Ponies World crash into each other trouble follows.

Chapter 1: Cracks

The world is not what you think it is, that is basic knowledge for most people. There is always something new to learn and something new to discover.

In the city in the desert of Death City there is a school that trains its students to fight people who have started to become Kishin and sought to kill. They fight those that would seek to disrupt world peace and order, they strive to keep madness at bay. Not to long ago the son of the schools founder and a student Death the Kid was kidnaped and taken within a magic book. So fellow students were able to tap into the dimension inside the book through the only manuscript of the book. The manuscript was destroyed when they left the book.

The city is quiet at a night and a yellow laughing moon is all the lights the night. A large man in a dark cloak has snuck into the school into the room were the manuscript burned. None of the students are aware of what is taking place; Soul is peacefully watching television, his partner the Scythe meister Maka is reading a book, the ninja Black star and his partner the shadow weapon Tsubaki are enjoying the dinner Tsubaki has made and the Thompson sisters Patti and Liz watch in delight as their meister Kid tries to rearrange the house to be symmetrical. As the man begins his project strange effects begin, this is felt by the uniquely gifted like Maka, Kid and a Doctor named Stein but also gods. Lord Death, the grim reaper and Shinigami, in the Death Room looks into a nearby mirror as he does the mirror cracks.

The grim reapers murmurs to himself. "Well that's not good."

Far away, very far away things begin to be felt. In a Castle in a city called Canterlot two winged ponies with horn look on.

The younger and darker colored pony named Luna asks. "Big Sister do you feel that?"

"Yes," The older and white colored, Celestia, says calmly trying to hide her fear. "somethings coming."

In a small town called Ponyville there is a library. In that Library lives a small and young purple dragon named Spike who is currently asleep unaware of what is happening. Nearby a small purple unicorn named Twilight Sparkle is quietly reading a book when her horn begins to glow.

"Huh?" Twilight looks out the window and sees the Moon, she can't help but feel something is strange about it.

Twilight worries for her friends. The Apple farmer AppleJack is sleeping peacefully after a days hard work. Rainbow Dash in her home in the clouds looks at the moon for a moment but ignores it and decides to go for a night time flight. The fashionable Rarity working on a dress notices her horn glow for an instant but ignores it and going back to work on her dress. The gentle pegasus Fluttershy quickly tries to gather up all the animals she cares for when all of the sudden they start running around scared of what she does not know. The pink pony Pinkie Pie jumps around in the kitchen making cup cakes unaware of the events unfolding.

While most people sleep or relax the large man works and stares into the spot were he senses the manuscript once was. A green energy swirls around it and soon the force they energy exerts has its desired effect and a crack begins to form. Soon the crack begins to grow and glow an eerie white light. With his work done the man walks away smiling. The blond haired Maka takes her eyes of her book and looks out to the moon sensing the trouble that is to come. The small purple cat with a witches hat named Blair crawls into Maka's lap for comfort.

"Maka something feels wrong." Blair whispers.

"I know, I feel it too." Maka admits.

The crack widens those who sense it, the gifted and the Gods, suddenly feel a terrible coldness spread over them over all of creation. The feeling passes, the feeling of worlds crashing into each other.

Authors Notes: Some of you might ask why do a Soul Eater My Little Ponies cross over I got this idea after I saw something on Deviant Art and thought it was cool. I tried to make this chapter nice and dramatic which is weird cause I intend to make this pretty funny. Anyway tell me what you think and review. Let me just finish another fan fic I'm writing and I'll get into this one. So let me know if I'm the only one watching both of these shows.

Also for continuity sake I don't know where I'd put these stories so don't worry. Soul Eater fans if you just saw the anime you'll be fine anything from the manga will be explained and I will try not to get too deep into it.

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