My Little Soul Eater

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Summary: When the Soul Eater world and the My Little Ponies World crash into each other trouble follows.

Chapter 7: All or Nothing

Soul tried to transform but as he tried the were wolf reached for Maka he realized he wasn't going to make it. With his claws outstretched Free slashed at Maka eager to tear her apart to get at the pony meat.

"MAKA!" The others yelled.

As Frees claws ripped through the air there was a bright burst of light. The air grew still and quiet. Soul first thoughts were that he had failed Maka and let someone kill her his next thought quickly turned to stopping Free from doing it again. With a surge of rage his front right leg turned into a large scythe. Soul didn't have single idea on how he was going to fight since he could barely walk like this but he was sure he was going to make Free pay. Then another burst light appears and along with it Maka.

"What?" Soul shouted.

"Huh?" Maka added.

"You teleported." Twilight told her. "You're a unicorn like me, you have magic, I've teleported when I was in danger before."

"Huh, I thought that felt too easy." Free said turning his attention to the others.

"Now what?" Rarity said noticing the werewolf coming.

As the wolf man approached them shots were fired out sending him backwards.

"What?" Soul asked.

Then leaped out Kid holding Liz and Patti who had already turned into gun, they were quickly followed by Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

"Hey, Maka and Soul are ponies now." Patti chirped.

"Yeah, what happened there?" AppleJack asked.

"Can we explain later there is a large wolf trying to eat us and he has my element."

As Free climbed out of the rubble that he was sent into he said, "You mean this thing?" He held the small crown like thing.

The next thing they see is a chain launched at it, wrap itself around it and pull it away. Turning to the direction of the source of the chain they see Black Star holding Tsubaki in her chain scythe mode. Then from out of the bushes behind them come the blue pegasus Rainbow Dash pulling Fluttershy by the tail, they had been all drawn by the sound of the fighting but Fluttershy wanted to run away and Rainbow had to stop her.

"Okay we got all the things." Black Star pointed out. "And when did Maka and Soul get turned into ponies?"

"Never mind that we have use the elements." Twilight told the others.

With everyone distracted Free decided it was his opportunity to attack. Just as he was about to attack the group something hit him hard. Stein slammed Marie already a hammer into his face and Sid was at his side armed with Nygus.

Stein looked at the group. "Are Maka and Soul ponies now?"

"It had to be said three time didn't?" Maka asked rhetorical.

"Never mind that!" Stein shouted. "You have the elements head to the dungeon, the princesses and Lord Death will be waiting. Sid and I will hold off the werewolf."

The others didn't need to be told twice and they ran through the hole in the wall into the school.

Stein turned to the wolf man. " You did this, didn't you?"

"Maybe I did." The wolf man said coyly.

"You sensed the weakness caused by the destruction of the book and it's effects in the fabric of space time and came to make it worse. I'm going to guess you intended to destroy the school."

"What if I did?"

"You have no idea of what you have done. This reaches beyond the school if this isn't stopped it will tear apart the whole world."

"Yeah right, trying to get me to stop it by lying. You can do better than that."

The ground began to shake and the sky began to glow white and then flicker into darkness and continued like this.

"It's already started." Stein said.

"So what did happen?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"We fell into one of those cracks." Twilight explained. "Rarity and Spike managed to pull us out but it still changed us."

"How did you guys get changed back?" Spike asked.

"Yes, how?" Rarity asked. "I would like to return to my fabulous self."

"Not sure." Applejack admitted. "We just got our two elements and then we changed to how we're suppose to be."

Twilight grabbed her element from Black Star but nothing happened. "Am I doing something wrong?"

But before anyone could answer everything began to shake and trees began to rip right through the walls.

"Eep!" Fluttershy shouted.

"This way! Maka shouted galloping past her, leading them towards the dungeon.

"Reaper chop!" Lord Death shouted as his large white hand ripped through the stone wall that was blocking them from the dungeon.

"Impressive." Luna commented.

They looked into the dungeon the crack was growing and a thick mist surrounded it.

Then the group managed to catch up the trio.

Celestia looked upon them and said, "Is Twilight a human now?"

"Yes!" Twilight shouted before she realized who she screamed to. "Sorry, Princess Celestia. Yes, something happen with a weird crack."

Luna and Celestia collapsed to the ground as Twilight and the others ran to their sides.

"We're running out of time." Luna told them.

"I guess Stein was right." Lord Death Began to explain. "He said that the longer this overlap between the universes continues time and space would collapse on to a single point. That's why the moon and suns are out at the same time."

"Yes," Luna told them. "The Moon's and Sun and getting closer. We're feeling them getting pulled in,we're connected to them so we're feeling them but without our powers we can't stop them."

"So if you would please use the elements." Celestia instructed. "It should have the power to fix the damage the crack has caused."

The ponies slid on their necklaces and Twilight placed her tiara thing on her head.

The ponies began to glow a blinding white light but that all stopped and fizzled out.

"Uh nothing happened." Black Star pointed out.

"What happened?" Twilight said with a clear tone of panic in her voice.

Luna then said. "Your magic is gone. You're no longer a unicorn and you can't perform magic. Your element is magic you can't activate it without your magic."

"So what do I do?"

"Pass it on to someone else."

Twilight quickly got what Luna was saying and took off her crown and placed it on Maka's head. "Maka, your going to have to take my place."

"What do I do?" Maka asked.

"You have to let the magic flow through you. Let the spark inside you flow out." As she finished the air outside crackled as if lighting broke cracked through the air and the ground shook. "Please hurry!"

Maka tried to find some sort of spark but nothing happened not so much as a spark. "I don't know...I don't have the magic."

Twilight placed her arm around Maka. "Maka the magic is on you. Magic is the spark that resides in us all. It's the spark that you share with your friends. They're a lot like mine, I can tell and your a lot like me. When I met them I didn't really have any friends except Spike but then I met them and things changed."

"Yeah, I know the feeling. Tsubaki was the only real friend I had in school and to a lesser extent Black Star." Patti giggled hearing this and Black Star glared at her. "Then I met Soul and he became my partner and my friend. Then I got to become friends with Kid, Liz, Patti and Blair."

"And there just something about them being with you. A certain feeling-"

"Deep in my heart."

"Yeah." Maka smiled.

"Yeah, and I'm your friend too."

"You too Twilight, you're my friend too."

The two hugged and as they did the element began to glow in the crown.

Rarity, Soul, Spike,Celestia, Luna and Blair snapped back to their regular forms.

"It looks like it's show time every pony." Rarity told the others to get ready noticing the glow.

"Huh?" Maka and Twilight asked confused still in their altered states.

Luna pushed them together. "Stay like this. I think we need both of you together for this to work."

Both young girls eyes began to glow with the same bright light that the elements

They aimed towards the massive crack in the dungeon. The room was filled with brilliant white light and consumed the school. As the fight between the teachers and the werewolf continued they stopped as wave of white energy flooded over them. The ground over the mixed up worlds shook like the world was being torn apart because it was. The elements were restoring harmony as they pulled apart the worlds.

The meister, weapons and a magic cat found themselves next to Lord Death looking at the repaired halls and the dungeon without a crack.

"Maka?" Soul asked looking around. "Where's Maka?"

But she was no where to be seen.

In Ponyville the ponies found themselves in the library with Spike and the princesses.

"Where's Twilight?" Spike asked noticing the unicorn missing.

"Maka?" Tsubaki whimpered.

Then a flash of light and Maka fall form the ceiling, hitting the ground she revert to her human form. "Ow."

"Where are you Twilight?" Pinkie Pie asked looking under a table.

A flash of light later Twilight fall to the ground turning back to a pony. "I'm tired."

"Of course you are." Princess Celestia explained. "You and Maka used your own energies to give the elements the necessary boost in power to split the worlds apart. Very well done my little ponies. I do have one more thing to ask of you."

"Anything princess." Twilight responded as Fluttershy helped her get up.

"Luna and myself need to take the elements. If another emergency arrises we need to be ready to used them."

Though the ponies were a little sad to part with the elements they knew that it was best that the Princesses had them.

In Death City Lord Death told the students to take the rest of the day off. Maka too tired to really move was helped back home by her friends. Tsubaki made them a celebration dinner to celebrate.

Stein told Lord Death that the werewolf escaped when the flash of light came, but he wasn't worried sooner or later they would run into him again.

"Okay dinner is ready Maka." Tsubaki told her.

Maka was relaxing at her desk looking down at a book. "You know you didn't have to cook."

"I was happy to do it Maka. Now if you're ready come along everyone is ready to eat."

"All right." Maka said walking towards the the dinner table.

Tsubaki made her way to follow when she noticed what Maka was doing. Tsubaki looked at the book, it was in fact a journal and it was open to show a doodle Maka was making. Maka only seemed to doodle when something made her happy. It was a simple drawing of her next to Twilight. Tsubaki smiled at this, it was rare that Maka let herself act like a child but she was happy that Mak did and made a new friend.

Pinkie Pie was getting the celebration party started when Twilight finished up her friendship report. She didn't have to send this one to Celestia but she wrote this one or herself, she knew it was unlikely that she would see Maka again but she wrote the report so she would never forget her.

"Come on Twilight!" Pinkie yelled. "The party is starting."

"Coming Pinkie Pie." Twilight placed the report in a safe place and headed towards her friends.

In Canterlot the Princesses studied the elements.

"It's just as I feared." Luna told her sister. "We're no longer connected to the elements. That's why you couldn't use the elements. Those ponies are connected to them now, but they're connection to it is faint it could easily be hidden if someone tried."

Celestia put the elements in the vault and locked it away with her magic. "Well they are ready to use them should the need arise. I just hope nothing will happen that they'll be needed."

Little did they know that outside the castle in the garden there was draconequus trapped in a stone awoken from all the chaos that happened earlier. Everyone who wasn't apart of the final blast forgot all about the events except for him, he was waking now all he needed was a little bit of chaos and he could escape.

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