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Everything began when Bobby gave us that one free pass. From that point, there was no turning back.

The revolution itself is a bit blurry - I remember terror, and bloodlust, fleeting confidenceā€¦ and grief. That's my last clear memory, that moment when a Cladwell (of all people) cried with us. Felt our pain for once. Realized just how awful our lives are - or were.

Because after another fog (of tears, and blood, so much blood), we discovered ourselves living our worst nightmare.


Falling from triumph back to despair; from freedom back to desperation; from comfort back to endless, all-consuming thirst. For that was what it all connected to. Whether for water or for wealth, that one word tied us all, rich and poor, together in the remade city affectionately called Urinetown.


And as I die of that very thing, I see not the faces of rebel fighters, ruthlessly working toward their goal, but of the family we have made in a world of pain.

Soupy Sue, the hero famous for Barrel's death, becomes Susan, my almost-mother who can make stew out of anything.

Where Hot Blades Harry, a vengeful murderer, once lay, there is now simply Harry, our stealthy food provider when money was short.

And Jilly Bean, once a fearless warrior, has transformed into the frightened nurse Jill, trying to keep her family alive for one more day.

But I don't know if I can.

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