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Anyone had to agree that Hyrule's castle was lavish and beautiful. However, one girl would point out that most people have only seen the castle from the outside and above ground. Hyrule castle's basement was creepy to say the least. Dark, dusty, and damp, it was not the ideal place for anyone to be. So why was a girl sixteen years of age travelling down there with nothing but a fairy as her guide? Even she wasn't completely sure.

"C'mon, this way!" The fairy called to the girl behind her, using her Purple-blue glow to light up the tight space. The girl behind her reached out her brown-skinned hands, trying to feel her way around the places she couldn't see. She brushed her dark-brown hair out her face, sighing in defeat.

"Jade, slow down!" She called, as the fairy's light was too far ahead of her.

"We don't have time for me to slow down. We need every second!" But the girl still hung back.

"Move it, Link!" Jade called, flying to the girl's back and pushing her as if it would help.

"Alright. Alright! Just stay close so I can see." With a nod, Jade began to lead again, at a slower pace and Link was able to keep up. She saw paintings of old royalty members that had been moved from their places. Each one had layers of dust on them and a few had small skulltulas crawling on them. Either way, the place was creepy. Link had been absorbed in the paintings; she didn't notice the suit of armor. Turning around quickly, she noticed she was face to face with it. Jade saw this and raced to her mouth and closed it before she could scream.

"Shhh, it's just a suit of armor." She said as Link sighed and backed up.

"Wait, Link, watch-!" With a crash, Link had backed into another suit, sending pieces rolling and clanging. The sounds echoing through the halls.

"What was that?" A voice asked.

"It came from over there!"

"Come on, let's go!"

"Run!" Link and Jade exclaimed at the same time. They began speeding through the darkness. Link jumping and dodging boxes and other items as she ran.

"Hurry," The voice called again.

"I see a light!" The next box Link jumped was higher than the others and she caught her foot on it, bringing her and the box down. Jade flew under her green hat, diminishing her light as much as she could. The guards found her in that position, lying practically on top of the box. One grabbed her arm, pulling her up.

"And what are you doing down here?" He asked.

"I was-um, well-."

"It doesn't matter." The other interrupted.

"But you're in big trouble now."


Taptaptap. Taptaptap. Prince Zel sat on the throne, bored out of his mind. Rhythmically tapping his pointer, middle, and index finger on the armrest had been the highlight of his day. His lessons had been more boring than usual, and he had to listen to his uncle complain about him not having a suitable bride yet. His response was the same as any other day: "Uncle, I'll marry when I meet her." And he walked away. The only difference about today was that his father had been out to settle something with the Gerudos and he was in charge the whole day. That meant sitting on the throne. Doing absolutely nothing. At all. A guard entering made his head snap up.

"You're highness, and intruder was captured lurking in the basement. The guards with her await your permission to bring her in for sentencing." Zel quirked a brow.

'Her?' He asked himself before nodding.

"Bring her in." He commanded, brushing a hand through his blonde hair in something akin to annoyance, but not quite. He was interested in meeting this girl. When they brought her in, however, he had to smile. She looked like the hero of time from his book; garbed in white pants and a matching shirt along with a green tunic and hat. When one of the guards saw the hat however, his frown just got longer.

"You must take off your hat when meeting a member of the royal family. Her brown eyes got wide.

"Um…I can't." She said sheepishly, avoiding the guard's eye. He grabbed onto the top and she held onto the bottom.


"Take it off." He commanded again.

"Take it off!" He pulled the hat off her head and more dark brown- almost black- locks of hair came rolling down. That wasn't the only thing. A small purple-ish ball of light came flying from the hat. Jade shook herself, trying to recover from the dizziness before flying into Link's hands. She consoled the fairy for a second as everyone stared at her. Then, the guard on her other side spoke up.

"State your name for his Highness." She winced.

"My full name?"


"Linkette Elizabeth."

"And your last name?"

"I don't have one." She snapped.

"Someone ought to teach you some respect, girl!" She wrinkled her nose despite her fear.

"Enough!" Zel was tired of watching on the sidelines.

"I will talk to her alone. Everyone, clear the room."

"But, you're highness-."

"Now!" He commanded and everyone but he and Link filed out. Link kept her eyes on Jade who was eyeing Zel. The prince smiled softly as he heard Link ask.

"Are you ok, Jade?"

"I'm fine. Just peachy." Link laughed softly, and then turned her gaze on Zel who had stood up and was walking toward her. She took a step back, holding Jade to her chest protectively.

"Hey, it's ok. I'm not going to hurt you or anything, but I do need to talk to you."

"A-About what?" She questioned.

"I keep having this dream, and I think it concerns you." She lifted an eyebrow, telling him to continue.

"I saw a girl running and laughing with a fairy that had a similar glow to yours. I wasn't able to see the girl too well, but she wore the same clothing you did, and your laugh was the same." Jade- watching Link's reaction- flew up to her ear and whispered.

"Go on; tell him about your dream."

"You've had one too?" Zel asked, and Jade covered her mouth realizing how loud she was.

"Y-Yeah. I saw a man with red hair fighting someone with the same clothing as I have. I feel like the man with red hair is supposed to lose, but, in my dream, he wins and laughs. I usually wake up after that."

"The hero of time." Zel muttered.


"I'll explain later. For now, you should stay here; in the castle, I mean. Our dreams are connected somehow, I know It." he took her hands in his.

"So, will you help me figure out what it means?" She nodded, and they both smiled. Jade looked back and forth and Link seemed to get the message when she saw their hands. Following her gaze, Zel saw and they both let go of each other's hands. Blushing, they turned away from each other.

"So…uh, Linkette? That's a nice name." Zel said, trying to change the subject.

"Thanks, but please don't call me that. Call me Link." She said, smiling again.

"Alright. Link."


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