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Link closed the door to her room quietly, and then leaned on it, reflected on what had taken place not ten minutes ago. Zel had kissed her. Zel had kissed her. The thought brought a blush to her cheeks and she sighed, smiling stupidly. Sure, it was an act for his father, but it was the first time she had ever been kissed before- and it was amazing. Suddenly a small purple glow was in front of her.

"How was the dinner?" Jade asked.

"Fine." She answered quickly.

"Did his father get suspicious?" Link blushed, but, before she could answer, Jade cut in.

"You're blushing!" She screeched.

"What happened? Tell me! Tell me now!" The fairy demanded, perching on Link's nose. Link went cross-eyed trying to look at her.

"Well, we tried to day goodnight, but his father had this idea that we gave each other good-night kisses."

"Oh Goddesses." Jade mumbled.

"So, in order to avoid suspicion…" Link's blush got deeper as she shrugged.

"You kissed!" The fairy exclaimed, settling for flying in the air again. The girl could only nod. There was a brief period of silence.

"For how long?"

"I didn't count!"


Link was running. That much she knew. A sword beat annoyingly at her ankle, but she wouldn't- couldn't-stop to adjust it. It was pitch black, but she knew where she was going as if she had taken the route many times before. The sound of boots- not her own- hitting the ground at a pace faster than hers made her push herself harder, running faster. However the other person's pace just got faster. A hand grabbed her left and pulled her back, all of a sudden, she was facing a man with red hair, who was smirking at her evilly. Her hand gave off a bright yellow glow that lit up both of their faces. He spoke. His voice deep and bone-chilling.

"Give me the Triforce." Out of fear, she swung the fist of her other hand wildly.

"Ow!" Then opened her eyes to see Zel, holding her hand, with his other one placed on his throbbing cheek. It was still the middle of the night. She sat up quickly, Zel still holding onto her hand.

"You hit hard." He said in surprise.

"Oh, Zel, I'm-I'm so sorry!"
"No, no, it's alright." He was still rubbing his cheek though.

"You were yelling in your sleep. I could hear it from my room."

"I-I was?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Yeah, what happened? Did something scare you?"
"No, I had a nightmare." He squeezed her hand tightly and rubbed her palm.

"It's alright. Do you want to tell me about it?" She nodded and he pulled her into his embrace for a moment, whispering, "I'm here to listen."


"Link, have you seen Zel?" Alaric called, knocking on her door. There was no response. Zel was supposed to be at his lesson half-an-hour ago, but he hadn't shown up. Upon checking his room, the King had found his son MIA, and had gone to Link. However, she wasn't answering either. He opened the door slowly, peeking his head in before opening it the rest of the way. What he saw made him smile. Zel and Link were lying together, asleep. Zel had pulled Link to him and his arms wrapped around her; his face buried in her messy hair. Link's head was pressed to his chest as she slept; content. He chuckled softly before closing the door again, letting them sleep. Not long after, Zel woke up, and his first instinct was to snuggle closer to whatever he was holding. His eyes opened, and he was more than surprised to see Link there, holding onto his shirt as if for dear life. He inhaled deeply, bringing the scent of raspberries to his nose from her hair. He smiled, looking down at her until he realized what he was doing. He tried to sit up, but she pulled him back down in her sleep.

"Don't." She mumbled without waking up. He laid back down, patting her hair down where it stood up and chuckling softly to himself.

"Link, hey." He whispered.

"Come on, we've got to go back to the library today, remember?" She groaned quietly.

"We're going to check the mythology books aren't we?" She asked.


"Great." She said sarcastically. Zel laughed.

"I'll tell you what, if we look in the library for two hours tops, I'll take you out afterwards." One of her eyes opened.

"Like, on a date?" She asked.

"Well, I have to take you out sometime. My father thinks we're courting, remember?"

"Right." She said quietly.

"Fine." She said, smiling slightly.


"Now, go so I can change."

"Aww, I can't stay?" he joked, but got pushed off the bed.

"Hey!" He yelled as Link laughed.

"Are you sure we're pretending to be a couple?" Link joked, and Zel laughed before getting up and leaving. Maybe it was slightly more than pretend.

'Just maybe…'


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