Me: It turns out that an even hotter pepper exists.

Brock: You're kidding, aren't you?

Lucy: Negative Brocko; this pepper makes my peppers taste sweet.

Brock: Well count me out.

Me: Chicken.

Brock: Oh yeah? We'll you're a chicken with a forked tongue.

Lucy: Nice comeback Brocko.

Me: Whatever.


Brock and Lucy were sharing a giant milkshake.

"Ouch! Brain freeze!" Lucy clutched her forehead and groaned in pain.

"Are you OK Lucy?" Brock asked with concern.

"I'm fine, thank you. I just have a low tolerance for brain freeze," replied Lucy.

"You shouldn't gulp the milkshake down so fast. Try touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue." Sure enough, it worked.

"I love having a boyfriend as smart and brave as you Brocko." Brock blushed at Lucy's words.

"I love having a pepper connoisseur as a girlfriend." Lucy returned the blush.

"You two certainly make a cute couple."

"Hello Anabel. I take it that you are here with Ash," said Lucy, drawing out a blush from Anabel and Ash.

"You got that right Lucy." Ash responded. "What's up Brocko? You must have eaten something spicy."

"I'm recovering from a bout of the Ghost Seviper Pepper."

"You have guts Brocko. I dare you to try the Trinidad Drapion." Ash said jokingly.

"How hot is it?" Brock and Lucy asked Ash curiously.

"It renders the Ghost Seviper a sweet pepper. Pikachu and I even prepared for the side effects for the most part." Ash shivered as a flashback flooded his brain.

"GAAAAH! Son of a piss-drinking Bellsprout!" Ash and Pikachu were writhing in pain.

"Are you alright Ash?" Anabel asked in worry. She then noticed a few peppers and four empty bottles of Moo Moo Milk lying on the ground. "How could you?"

"I didn't think they would burn a hole in my intestines! Besides, Pikachu and I downed 2 bottles of Moo Moo Milk each so it wouldn't burn our tongues!"Ash spluttered.

"The Trinidad Drapion induced a duodenal ulcer and ate through a blood vessel. I'm surprised that Pikachu and I didn't lose a lot of blood."

"Well Ash, I guess we all learned the hard way," said Brock casually.

"At least you can drink a milkshake. Ash has to wait another day before he can sip one," commented Anabel.

"Pikachu has it worse. His ulcer was more severe than mine; he can't swallow an ounce of ketchup for 2 weeks," Ash added.

"Chuuu…" (Crap.)

The waiter delivered another giant milkshake to Brock and Lucy.

Ash's eyes widened. "And I thought I was the one who ate like a Snorlax," he muttered.

"Queen Lucia Thistle! That is your fourth milk shake! You're going to have a stomach ache!" The voice came from Lucy's student Barbara.

Lucy gave Barbara an annoyed look. "First of all, I told you not to call me Queen Lucia. I am not a queen, and Lucia is too pompous for me. Second, I didn't say I was going to drink this milkshake."

Barbara was about to ask before noticing that Lucy's Seviper and Brock's Croagunk were sharing the milkshake.

"That seems fair enough, but I still can't comprehend how you and Brock can gulp down two Gargantuan Shakes, much less three."

"Oh suck it up Barbara. We all know that you would do the same," replied Lucy. "Besides, my appetite does match my size."

"Sorry Lucy, but I forgot how tall you were." Barbara stated somewhat sarcastically.

"It's okay Barbara. I wish I was shorter though; being a 6 foot 4 woman is not easy," Lucy replied calmly.

Brock's jaw dropped. It never occurred to him how tall Lucy was. He stood at a respectable 5 foot 10 inches, but men are usually taller than women according to status quo (Ash stood 5 foot 8.5, while Anabel stood 5 foot 6).

The height difference did not bother Brock, and it sure as hell did not bother Lucy. Lucy preferred dating men who were shorter than her (i.e Brock).

"Are you okay Brocko?" Lucy asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. I'm contemplating on whether or not I should try the Trinidad Drapion."

"What's a Trinidad Drapion?" Barbara asked Brock.

"It's the hottest pepper known to mankind; far hotter than the Ghost Seviper." Lucy answered.

"Have you tried one?" Barbara asked Brock and Lucy.

"No, but we'll find out tomorrow." Brock and Lucy responded simultaneously.

"Well, good luck," wished Ash, Anabel, and Barbara.

To be continued...

Lucy: Can you make me shorter in your next story? I feel like a bean stalk.

Me: Fine. I'll make you 6 foot 2 in future stories. Is that better?

Lucy: That's better.