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Chapter 5

"The Little Ducky Day:

Death by Duckies!"

Seto felt content as he exited his international corporation. He smiled boastfully as he thought of his new, improved technology now being distributed is stores all around the country. He slid into his blue Toyota Celcia and sped towards the front gates.

"Have a nice day Master Kaiba," the gate controller said politely.

Seto gave a slight wave as the gate slowly opened for his car to drive through. He drove off the driveway and cruised down the long street towards the stop lights. He waited patiently as he turned on some tunes.

'Excellent, no traffic today. The day seems to be getting better and better.' he thought as he listened to the bass pounding in his back speakers.

He also heard another sound resounding behind him. A faint revving of a few engines, grew louder and louder in the almost quiet street. He looked in his mirror to see three, very expensive cars, along with five motorcycles slowing down as they came closer to his vehicle.

The mysterious vehicles crowded around Seto's sports car. The leading car (a red viper) came up to the driver's side of Seto's car and rolled down it's passenger's side window.

"Well, if it isn't Seto Kaiba," the driver said in a raspy, cocky voice. "Fancy meeting you here."

Seto turned and faced the driver. He had recognized the driver's face before. He gave a slight scoff.

"Everytime my day is going well, something ugly shows up and ruins it for me." Seto remarked. The last time I saw you, was before my battle with the white-haired phycho os his secluded island...I never thought that I'd get the 'privilege' to see you again, Bandit Keith."

"I never thought that you'd remember me."

Kaiba gave a small chuckle. "Are you still sulking around with that worthless 'Intercontinental Champion' title on your shoulders?" he insulted. "Or are you still moaning and groaning with the 'water-logged' humiliation from the "White Mop" I kept on hearing about?"

Keith gave a low growl at the comment. "I may have had some bad run-ins- -"

"'Run-ins'" Seto snorted. "From what I heard, it was more like a 'sliding' motion."

Keith tried to shrug off the insults, but they were starting to sink into his skull. "...as I was saying, I may have had some rough spots, but that is over and done with Kaiba." Keith muttered. "Now, as you can see, I have strengthened since then, and I am ready to play a respectable duelist, someone around your lines." Some of Keith's cronies, chuckled at the slight joke.

"You want to duel me here and now?" Kaiba sniggered. "I didn't think that an intersection was an appropriate place to duel."

"No, no Kaiba. I was thinking of your theme park, Kaiba Land."

"Hmph. So you want to be a loser in front of your gang-bang buddies in my theme park?"

Seto snickered as Keith gave a short grunt. "Quite an honorable request coming to a Champion like me to await a defeat for you."

"You want to duel me or what?!" Keith said, already on his last leg.

"It's your choice." Kaiba agreed. "Hurry up with your cronies and get to the park. I'll be in after you."

Bandit Keith, defying the laws of transportation, turned his car in the opposite and sped off while his gang followed in suit. Kaiba also turned his car around and headed towards his gigantic Theme Park, Kaiba Land.

*Meanwhile, on a different change of pace..."

"Mokuba! We've done it!" Lucy cheered, dropping cookie crumbs all over the floor as she went. "Now what are we gonna do?"

"First, we'll go up to my room." Mokuba snickered, chewing on some sugar-filled bubble gum. "I've got a 'little' surprise for Big Brother!"

"Ooooh! I can't wait!" she said, bounding up the grand staircase. Then something came to her mind. "Hey Mokuba, I've been thinking. Has your brother been acting strange lately? I mean, around my sister?"

Mokuba stopped at the top and glanced at her. "Come to think of it, he has been a little softer since his school year started, which is the same time he met Rena." Mokuba analyzed. "What about your sis?"

"Well, ever since we moved, which is still a mystery why we left,...she was a little edgy at first." Lucy stated. "But now she's happier then ever."

"And Seto doesn't talk about defeating Yugo Muto much anymore..."

"And Rena was really looking forward to come over and see him today...Do you think they're..."

"No...! My Big Brother?! That's impossible!"

(Seto: HEY! That was uncalled for!

D151: Sorry Seto-Honey, it needed to be said.)

"Well...he could be...she could be..."

"IN LOVE?!" they both said together. "YUCK!" They both winced at the sound of it.

Together, they both sat down on the top step, feeling surprised. The sugar-high slowly subsiding at this point.

"Who would've thought that my brother would be in love." Mokuba shuddered.

"Rena has never had a boyfriend..."

"...and Seto has never been in a relationship..."

(D151: It's hard for Seto to have friends. Must be difficult for him to even have a girlfriend, isn't it?

Seto: -.-*)

Lucy stood up."Well, I guess it's up to us to set things right. What do you think Mokuba?"

He looked up at her. "What do you mean? Try to make them be boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Not 'make them', 'ease them to'." Lucy said triumphantly. "I bet they don't even realize that they are in love."

"Neither do we." Mokuba muttered.

"Yes we do!" Lucy shot back. "Isn't it a great idea?"

"I've never understood a romantic love scene, in life or a movie theater. I'm not gonna start now! Sorry Lucy, but I'm not agreeing to a love scheme."

"C'mon Mokuba! It would be fun. Rena needs a love life, what about Seto?"

"No, he just needs a life."

"Well, that's somewhat of a love life."

(Seto: What is this?! "Seto-Bashing Day"?)

Mokuba gave a long sigh as he got up from his spot. "Hmmm...alright." he sighed. "But first, let's get this plan finished."

"Alright!" Lucy cheered again. "Then, we'll get 'Operation: Match Maker' under wraps later!"

* Back at Kaiba Land*

"It looks like I will be the Victor of the match as well Bandit Keith." Kaiba laughed through pleasure. "Blue Eyes White Dragon! White Lightning Attack!"

Keith had nothing left to counter-attack Kaiba's Dragon. He stood angry as the white dragon raised it's mighty head and let out an enormous lightning beam, watching as it collided into Bandit Keith's monster, shattering it to pieces. The Life Point monitor screen that had shown Keith's points dropped to zero as Seto's Points remained a 1700 (a lucky shot that had come through from Keith)

"NO! I lost again?!" Keith barked. "I can't believe this! First that Joey kid, then the duel Yugi Muto, and now this?!"

"It just goes to show, you can't win to a good duelist, perfect, or stupid." Kaiba chortled. "You're just a wash-out now Keith."

"Can it Kaiba! Or I'll- -"

"Or you'll what, Keith? You're in my theme park, a public place. And with my security monitoring our every move as we speak, you and your so-called 'friends' wouldn't make it out alive."

Bandit Keith's group began to stir, but Keith raised a hand to settle them. He looked at Kaiba with a grin of satisfaction.

"Don't worry, Seto Kaiba. We wouldn't do anything, rash." Keith sneered calmly. He stepped off the platform and stood in-front-of his gang. "We'll be seeing you sometime later Kaiba. And next time, I won't lose to you."

Seto watched as Keith walked to the exit doors, his gang followed in tow. He scoffed as the door slammed behind them.

"You can think that way, Keith." Seto said to the silence, walking off his platform. "There probably won't be a next time."

Seto looked at his watch. "I better get home now."he said, eyes widened. "I hope that Rena listened to what I told her. I don't want to find her dead."


Keith exited the doors with a terrible feeling of hatred in his eyes. His duel with Kaiba went by so quickly, he felt that he was only there for a few short minutes. His partners behind him were converging with themselves about what they had just witnessed.

"That duel was fierce! I can't believe that Keith lost." said one astonished.

"Yeah, no wonder Kaiba is ranked one of the best." said another. "Why did it have to end?"

"Why?" a girl chimed in. "Because that Kaiba is a no good cheat, that's why! If he wasn't in his own place of tricks, Keith wouldn't have lost."

"Enough out of all of you!" Keith ordered. Everyone fell silent as he went to his car. "I lost, that's all. It's just another set back."

"Then what do you plan to do?"

Keith thought to himself. 'Yes, what am I going to do?' He started to laugh, his gang stared at him surprised. "I'll duel him, at a different place, at a different time." he explained. "When he doesn't feel so protected.

"So, what do we do now?" another girl asked.

Keith closed his car door. "We're going for a drive! Everyone, get your rides!"

Everyone cheered as they got on their vehicles and drove out of the parking lot. Keith took the lead as he thought, 'I'll get you back, Kaiba!'

*Back at the Kaiba Mansion*

Seto finally arrived at the mansion, safe and sound. He pressed a small remote button to open the parking garage door, parked his Celcia, and headed for the front door. As he opened the door...he heard nothing. As he shut the door behind him, he could feel an eerie silence around him. He looked around to find everything in order, not an object out if place. Something was wrong, and he knew it.

'It's quiet...' he thought to himself, a worried look etched on his face. '...too quiet.'

He became weary as he began to search the main rooms. He checked the Livingroom, the Library, his office- everything seemed to be the same as when he left, untouched. This seemed to make him even more agitated. He finally checked the Kitchen...

"Lucy? Mokuba?...Rena?" he called.

Silence answered back- there was no one in sight. Everything was clean, tidy, very confusing. Seto thought for a moment.

"Where is everyone?" he asked himself. He began to pace across the kitchen tile, thinking where the three were gone to, until he noticed the candy cabinet slightly opened- then he thought the worst. "Oh no!"

He ran over to the cabinet and flung opened the door, nearly bending the hinges out of their screws. Each and every little chocolate chip or candy bar seemed to have disappeared. All that was left was a bunch of wrappers littering the shelves. Seto shut the cabinet door slowly to rethink the matter.

'This can be a good thing, or a bad thing.' he pondered, trying to think of the good side of the situation. Unfortunately, he could only think of the horror that could possibly come out of all this. 'I need some air. I just hope that they just went somewhere...'

He went outside to the pool to refresh his mind near the edge of the shallow end. He tried to rethink his day, wondering how had it turned up this way. 'Why is this happening to me? And on a day like this?!' he thought. 'Is there some force out there looking over my every move?' (D151: ^.^0 *sweetly* no...not really! Tee Hee!) He began to pace again near the pool's edge.

"Rena? Mokuba? Lucy? Are you here, anywhere?!" he called, not getting a response.

He resumed his pacing, until he heard a faint thumping noise coming from nearby. He was turning in all directions, trying to find the source of the sound. He began his search again, now having a slight clue of where the three might be.

He traced the muffled sounds to the small pool closet where all the supplies were kept. He grimaced as he raised a shaky hand to the doorknob. He slowly turned the knob, then ripped the door open to find a surprising sight.

Rena sat, perched on a folding picnic chair with both her hands and feet bound together, her eyes and mouth covered with cloth. He noticed that she had tried to get herself unbound, for she was sitting in an unusual position (or was she like that on purpose?). Her cloth-covered head turned away as light poured into the small room. She sounded like she was trying to say something, but Seto could only hear muffled tones flowing into his ears.

"Oh my Lord!" Seto said shocked, trying to get in to untie her. "Rena? Are you all right?"

Rena recognized his voice and began to violently shake her head, trying to shout a warning to him, but the gag was wrapped tightly against her mouth, she couldn't pronouce anything. She started to squirm to get him away from her so he couldn't untie her. But Seto held a firm grip on her as he fumbled to untie the ropes on her wrists.

"Hold still! I'm trying to help you!" he shouted, trying to make her understand.

He finally got the ropes off her arms as she reached for the gag on her mouth. She tore the piece of cloth off and screamed. "SETO! RUN! It's a trap!"

Before Seto could ask why, he heard a slight *click* behind Rena. A loud rumbling sounded from above them as the ground began to shake below them. Seto and Rena tried as fast as they could to get into the closet, but were unsuccessful...

A slight squeaking noise could be heard as objects began to rain from the sky. Seto covered his head as a whole raid of small rubber ducks began to flood the pool and the entire backyard. Rena, being as clumsy as she was tried to remain balanced with her legs still tied, with the flow of yellow ducks pummeled her head. A song began to sound as two, childish, squeaky, off-key voices began to pound out of sound speakers nearby:

"It's raining DUCKS!


It's raining DUCKS!

HEY HEY!..."

"MOKUBA!" Seto yelled to the speakers. "TURN IT OFF! NOW!"

Fortunately, it was Mokuba. Rena also recognized Lucy's voice as well, for she was beginning the second verse of 'It's raining DUCKS!'. Unfortunately, neither Mokuba nor Lucy could not even hear Seto's pleading for everything to cease due to the loud racket of noise and the unlimited number of rubber duckies still falling from the sky. Rena tried to hop around to seek shelter from it all, but stumbled on a nearby squeaking ducky. She finally lost her balance and fell over. Lucky enough, she landed on something soft, and wet...

Seto could see a glimpse of a moving object through the waterfall of rubber ducks. He could only see the human shaped object fall over and land into the deepest part of the pool. He then could see a body now a little more clearly as the rain of rubber ducks begin to recede. He then heard a voice, different from the agonizing singing racking his brain.

"Seto! Help!" he heard a girl's voice, along with loud splashing and small showers of ducks erupted around the body. "Help Seto! I can't swim!"

"Rena!" he shouted as he dove into the flow of duckies.

(D151: And now for the weather! Today we will be experiencing a slight Ducky Storm at Seto's Mansion this evening, followed by the pounding of 'It's Raining Ducks" in your ears, which will be recorded to be sold at music stores everywhere in the country! In other news- -

Seto: Hey! What's goin' on?! What happened to the story?

Rena: Yeah! I'm drowning, remember?

D151: Don't worry, everything will be alright in the end.

Yami: Will Kaiba drown? I will pay anything to see that!

Seto: Knock it off Yami!

D151: Just listen! Back to the chapter!)

Rena could feel her lungs burning, trying so hard to catch a breath through her flailing of arms. She didn't know which end was up, as she felt her body begin to sink to the floor of the pool.

Her mind was racing. 'Am I drowning?' she thought, as sh brushed against the bottom, her body now motionless. 'If this is the end, aren't I supposed to see my life pass before my eyes?'

She felt something wrap around her chest as she was being pulled by some force. She didn't hear anything around, except her own slow heartbeat pounding in her chest.

'What is that sound? Another heartbeat? I feel something warm...a firm grasp wrapped around me...it feels...nice.'

Air rushed into Rena's lungs as she broke to the surface. She still felt both arms around her as she was being pulled to shallow water. She was lifted onto the edge of the pool as a shadow loomed over her. Being afraid, she tried to kick the stranger away from her. The shadow fell back and landed into the pool. She blacked out from over-exertion.

Rena awoke again on a comfortable ,reclined laz-y-boy chair. Her eyes began to focus as she began to recognize a few faces. She was back in the Livingroom. She noticed both Mokuba and Lucy looking scared and embarrassed on a couch opposite from her seat. Seto was no where to be seen. Lucy looked up to find her sister awake, her own tears still flowing from her eyes.

"Rena!" she said running up to her, giving Rena the most loving hug she could give. "You're...you're not dead!"

"Of course I'm not." Rena said, a little dazed. "What happened?"

"It's good to see that you're up." someone behind them said. The stranger came up to Rena's seat. "I'm the Kaiba family doctor, Dr. Roberez, Dr. 'Rob' for short. How are you feeling?"

Rena was trying to raise herself up, but decided not to because of her dizziness. "I-I guess I'm okay. What happened? Where's Seto?"

"From what I've heard from these two little trouble-makers tell me, I say that you almost drowned in a pool of rubber ducks by the looks of things." Dr. Rob laughed. "But I think it was more the water, than the ducks."

"Where is Seto?" Rena said anxious.

"You're rescuer is in the kitchen, icing the side of his head. You are a lot stronger than you appear."

"What do you mean?"

Another being came into view. She realized that it was Seto, with an ice-pack held up to the side of his head, also noticing some swelling from under the pack. 'Oh crap!' she thought realizing that he was the 'stranger'.

"How are you feeling?" Seto asked.

"A little under the weather, I suppose she is." Mokuba laughed. Everyone chuckled at the joke.

"I feel fine, I guess." Rena answered. "What about you Seto?"

"Thinking that I should invest in pain-killers." he said, a slight smile appearing on his face.

"What time is it?"

Dr. Rob checked his watch. "It is 10:00."

"Oh no!" Rena said surprised. "It's late! Lucy and I have to get home!" Rena tried to get up again, but Seto held her back.

"No need." Dr. Rob said as Seto gently pushed Rena back into her seat. She didn't resist. "I have already called your Mother and explained the situation." he explained. "I have also insisted that you and your sister spend the night here at the Kaiba mansion so you won't over-exert yourself, Doctor's orders."

"Did mom actually say that?" Rena said dumbfounded. She sleep? At Seto's mansion? With Seto? In his Mansion?

"As he said, Doctor's orders." Lucy repeated. "First baby sitting, now a sleep-over!"

"And you also agreed to this Seto?"

Seto looked away and began to blush a light shade of red. "I'm only going by 'Doctor's orders'." he slightly stammered. A girl? Sleeping in his house?

"Then it's agreed." Dr. Rob said. "Lucy and Rena will be spending the night. I will check up on you, Rena, in the morning. You all have a good evening." He began to pack his things. As he left for the door, he gave a slight wink to Lucy and Mokuba. Mokuba gave a small thumbs-up as Dr. Rob opened the door. "I will see you all in the morning!" He shut the door and was on his way.

An awkward silence filled the room as the four remained in the Livingroom. None of them moved out of their spot as each passing second had come and gone. Lucy finally broke the silence.

"Can I have dibs on the biggest bed?! Please?"

End of Chapter 5

(Note: No Rubber Duckies were harmed during the making of this chapter.)

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Chapter 6

"The Sleepless Sleep-Over!"