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For this story, I'm including the Warblers (because I love them!) and my OC. On my profile I will include the list of who each Warbler is based off of. However, there are four Warblers that are OC's, but their descriptions are in the story, so you shouldn't have that much of a problem following. Okay, I'm done now. Enjoy!

Kurt had been at Dalton Academy for about a month. The class work was definitely challenging, but being a Warbler had its benefits. Anytime Kurt had difficulty, he could turn to one of the Warblers. The group was more than just a club; it was a family. Although most of the guys were straight, they tended to act like couples. For instance, senior council members Wes and David were inseparable and argued like an old married couple. They'd been best friends since 6th grade and weren't afraid to show how much they cared for each other. That was another general feeling in the Warblers. They were all very affectionate. Kurt expected the straight guys to be uncomfortable around him, despite his knowledge of the zero tolerance policy, but he found that no matter who you were, where you came from, or what your sexuality was, the Warblers loved you because you were one of them.

To say that Kurt had been hesitant to board at Dalton would have been an understatement. His last roommate situation had been Finn and that surely didn't end well. However, Kurt couldn't have gotten a better roommate. Ross Martin was an out and proud, sixteen-year old fashionisto. His mom was a fashion consultant for stars like Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, and Natalie Portman. When he had the opportunity to leave his uniform in his closet, Ross would wear as much designer clothes as he possibly could. He and Kurt created a walk in closet type area in their room and always shared their clothes (they wore the same size of everything, including shoes). Ross and Kurt became best friends soon after Kurt's transfer and Kurt couldn't have been happier.

Despite his friendship with Ross, which gave him a shopping and gossiping buddy, Kurt felt an absence in his life. He still missed his three favorite New Directions girls. When Kurt transferred to Dalton, he had four-way phone calls with Rachel, Mercedes, and the newest addition, Nelly, every night. Nelly had moved to live with her aunt, uncle, and three male cousins at the beginning of the year. She joined the trio (and inevitably glee) when she took a slushy from Karofsky on Kurt's behalf (she knew he was Finn Hudson's step-brother and while he was the quarterback, her cousins were more likely to defend her honor than Finn was to defend Kurt's). As he became more and more adapted to Dalton life, the phone calls became shorter and less frequent. He soon began to stay at Dalton on weekends instead of driving the hour journey back to Lima. Kurt thought that if he waned his time spent home, he wouldn't miss it as much. While he did stop thinking about home every second of every day, he still felt a pang in his heart when he got a text or email from his three best friends.

Warbler practice had been delayed because someone had hidden Wes's gavel (again) and he refused to begin without it. Kurt was reading the latest Vogue magazine with Ross when a girlish shriek came from the other side of the room. All heads whipped around to see Ethan, the "baby" Warbler (as he is the smallest in height, besides Blaine, and weight) in his roommate Chris's arms.

"Ethan, what is it?" Trent asked as he approached the shaken boy.

"I just saw a pair of eyes looking in through the window," Ethan muttered as Chris dropped him back on the ground.

"Dude, so what?" Chris wondered. "It was probably one of the lacrosse players getting their ball or something."

"No," Ethan insisted. "They were these brown, crazy eyes… I think it was a girl, too."

The room slowly filled with chuckles as the boys shook their heads at their teammate. They knew it was impossible to have seen such a thing since girls weren't allowed on campus without consent from the Dean. All brushed off Ethan's visions but Kurt. The words 'brown, crazy eyes' and 'girl' kept swirling in his head. As if on cue, the doors to Warbler Hall burst open and a petite brunette came storming in.

"Kurt!" she shrieked, running to sit on the countertenor's lap and hugging him. "We missed you!"

Kurt looked at Rachel in shock, still registering her presence. "We?"

"That's right white boy," Mercedes confirmed as she walked into the room, followed by a tall blonde. "You really expect Berry to come all this way without Nel and me? Oh hell to the no. Now come give me a hug."

While the rest of the room stood in shock and confusion, Kurt walked over and hugged his best friend.

"What about me," Nelly joked, opening her arms. Kurt quickly walked over and hugged the girl, melting into what he called 'Nelly's magical hug'.

"What are you guys doing here?" he questioned, wrapping his arms around his girls.

"Well, Kurt, since you've taken to ignoring our text messages and emails and opting to remain here instead of returning home to see us, we decided to take it upon ourselves to visit you," Rachel explained talking a mile a minute.

"But how did you get past the Dean?" Wes managed to ask, still recovering from the shock of their entrance.

"Who? Jonathan? Why, he's an old friend of my father's," Rachel stated with a shake of her hand, brushing off this fact as having little importance. "In fact, I call him Uncle John. Now, Kurt, do you wish to introduce us to these wonderful gentlemen or are we to fend for ourselves?" She smiled at the boys around the room.

A rush of boys swarmed the three girls. The girls giggled at the enthusiasm now surrounding them.

"Woah, guys calm down. Don't crush my girls," Kurt warned. "Come on now, line up. Let's at least try to act as prim and proper as we appear."

The Warblers quickly followed orders and made a line in front of the girls. Now they could fully see how attractive all of the guys were. Rachel's eyes were drawn to a short (but still taller than her) boy with nearly-black brown hair that was fidgeting in his spot. His piercing blue eyes connected with hers and it seemed like his breathing stopped. The mysterious boy stood on his tip-toes to whisper in his friend's ear. His friend merely shook his head and brushed the brunette off of him, leaving him disappointed and Rachel utterly confused. Closeby, a smug-looking blonde eyed the petite dancer, reminding her a bit too much like McKinley's own Noah Puckerman. Mercedes had found herself drawn to a round faced boy with a bright smile and some pretty rocking sneakers. However, she neglected to notice the goo-goo eyes being thrown at her by a dark-skinned boy sporting a mop of curly hair atop his head. Next to Mercedes stood Nelly, who was trying to stop her blush from growing on her cheeks as two boys, one a blonde, the other a brunette, nudging each other and winking at her. Down the line, the giant of the group snuck quick glances at the blushing girl.

Kurt stood beside the girls and clapped his hands, jarring all bodies to attention. "Now, let's start off by introducing you three." He stood beside Rachel and put his hand on her shoulder. "This is Rachel Berry. Co-captain of the glee club, resident diva of McKinley, one of the most talented people I know, and, most importantly, one of my best friends. We didn't always see eye to eye, but our talent and love of Broadway brought us together." Rachel smiled and turned to hug Kurt. He hugged her back then moved down to Mercedes. "This is Mercedes Jones, or 'Chocolate Thunder' as she commonly refers to herself as. She's my oldest friend and the one who's stood by my side through every up and down. Her diva persona is merely a disguise for her genuinely kind and beautiful soul." Just like Rachel, Mercedes quickly hugged her best friend. Kurt smiled as he put his hand on Nelly's shoulder. "Now, this girl is kind of new to my little diva squad. Nelly Harrison moved to Lima just this school year and received a slushy facial from one of the Neanderthals in my place. She took it like a pro and had been the fourth member of our little misfit group ever since. She usually puts off this tough 'nothing-can-hurt-me' vibe, but she wears her heart on her sleeve and puts her whole self into everything she does. She's a total hopeless romantic, has a heart of gold, and can be a total dork sometimes, but I wouldn't want her any other way." Nelly was teary-eyed when Kurt finished her introduction and immediately pulled him in for a hug.

The Warbler boys all looked on with smiled on their faces. They knew Kurt had friends at his old school but they didn't realize how close he was to these friends. Watching Kurt interact with the three girls made the group of boys see how hard it must have been for him to transfer and leave these friends behind.

After breaking the hug with Nelly, Kurt walked over to stand next to Ross at the beginning of the line. "Girls, I'd like you to meet my roommate, fellow fashionisto, and one of the only gay students in the Warblers, Ross Martin."

Ross smiled and stepped up to the girls. He took each of their hands and kissed them, saying, "It's such a pleasure to finally meet you. Kurt has told me so many great things about you all." The girls smiled and giggled slightly, loving the affection from the doll-like boy. His strawberry blonde hair and searing blue-grey eyes reminded the girls of a cherub. Ross walked away and took a spot at the end of the line. The Warblers shifted down so Blaine was now beside Kurt.

"I don't think I really need to introduce this guy," Kurt stated cheekily. Blaine chuckled as he skipped up to the girls, pulling them all in for a group hug. When Kurt used to make a habit of returning to Lima on weekends, Blaine would occasionally go with him, leaving with him on Friday after school and returning to Dalton that night. On most of the visits, Kurt would invite the girls to hang out with the pair of Warblers.

"These three boys are the council members of the Warblers. First is Wesley Montgomery or Wes for short. He's sort of the crazy ring leader of the group. He has a girlfriend, but we all think he'll end up marrying his gavel." Kurt chuckled as Wes shot him a death glare. "Then we have David Thompson. He's the more normal council member and is really in charge of keeping Wes from being too power-hungry." Another glare from Wes elicited more laughter from Kurt. "David also has a girlfriend, but he and Wes act so much like an old married couple, I sometimes forget they're both straight. Finally, we have Thad Harwood, aka Mr. You-Mock-Us-Sir." The Warblers all chuckled while Thad blushed and stuck his tongue out at Kurt. "Don't worry Thaddy, we love you anyways." The three council members approached the girls, shaking their hands and exchanging warm smiles.

"Next up are the trouble makers of the Warblers. Nick Duval and Jeff Sterling have been best friends since Kindergarten and call themselves Three Six Mafia." The girls looked a little confused so Kurt elaborated. "Rachel, remember when I asked you for help for that audition?"

"You mean for the solo you didn't get?" she replied, glaring at the three council members, who chuckled awkwardly and looked down.

"Yeah, that one. Well when I was waiting to perform, I was sitting with Nick and Jeff. I asked then how many times they had auditioned before this. Nick replied 'three', making him Agent 3, and Jeff said 'six', making him Agent 6. They decided from then on that they'd be Three Six Mafia and would call each other by their new code names whenever they were doing one of their stupid stunts."

The girls nodded and giggled softly at the end of the story. Nick and Jeff walked up to the girls and shook both hands of Rachel and Mercedes at the same time. When they reached Nelly, they each grasped one of her hands and kissed it, looking up at her and winking before walking to the end of the line. Mercedes and Rachel nudged Nelly and giggled when the blonde blushed.

"Alright, alright. Next up is Trent Nixon. Trent and Thad are our big dance enthusiasts, even though most of the time they just make fools out of themselves." Trent chuckled as he stepped up to the girls and shook their hands. When he shook Mercedes' hand, their eyes connected and they smiled at each other. After a few moments, Kurt fake-coughed, knocking the pair out of their trance.

"Okay then. Now we have Flint and Zack Wilson. They are fraternal twin brothers and are complete opposites, if you ask me." Kurt was very accurate with this statement. Flint had tan skin, dark brown hair, and light blue eyes while Zack had paler skin, light brown hair, and bright brown eyes. The twins walked up to the girls together. Flint quickly shook each girl's hand with a polite smile masking his usually surly attitude while Zack shook their hands enthusiastically and with a big smile on his face.

"Next up, we have the two bad boys and ladies' men of the Warblers, Luke Wright and Ignatius Stuart, or Iggy as he prefers."

Both boys were very tall and clearly attractive, but appeared different otherwise. Luke had bright blonde hair parted and slicked back. His eyes were bright blue and his skin was flawless and pale. Iggy's olive skin, deep green eyes, and nearly black hair gave him a very exotic look. The two also differed physically, Luke appearing to have a toned swimmer's body while Iggy could easily be mistaken as a wrestler.

Luke strolled right up to Rachel and took her hand in his, kissing it softly and smiling at her mischievously. He shook Mercedes and Nelly's hands politely with a small smile on his face. Iggy shook each hand with a wink to each girl and returned to his spot at the end of the line next to Luke.

"Alright, up next are Chris Hall and Ethan Baker. While they are rather different, they are roommates and happen to get along very well. Rachel, Ethan saw you when you were peeping through the window. Apparently, you have 'crazy, brown eyes'," Kurt pointed out, chuckling. Ethan ducked his head, blushing as he approached the girls.

When he shook Rachel's hand, he looked into her eyes. "More beautiful with just a hint of crazy," he joked, smiling when Rachel blushed. He continued down the line shaking each girl's hand and greeting them. Chris followed him, but paused shortly at Nelly.

"Hi," he said softly, looking down into her bright hazel eyes.

"Hi," she smiled, mentally noting the way his chocolate eyes sparkled. Her eyes followed Chris as he bowed his head and stuffed his hands in his pockets while returned next to Ethan.

Kurt smiled at the response of his friend. "You still with us Nel?" he asked, chuckling when she blushed again. "Finally, I conclude this presentation with the three quiet gentlemen of the group. Harry Beato," he referred to the dark-skinned boy with the curly hair, "Andrew Jackman," he motioned towards a boy with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes, "and Parker Dempsey," he gestured to a boy with auburn hair and green eyes. The three boys smiled shyly as they shook the girls' hands. Harry smiled a little brighter at Mercedes, but blushed before shuffling away.

"Looks like that's everyone," Kurt concluded. "Now girls, why don't we head to my room and you can tell me why you're really here." He looked knowingly at the girls standing on the stairs. They smiled awkwardly and followed Kurt out of the room. Once they were well down the hallway and the door to Warbler Hall was closed, the boys in the room broke out into varied conversation.

"Rachel is so beautiful," Ethan sighed, looking off dreamily.

"Pfft, beautiful?" Luke scoffed. "Try supermegafoxyawesomehot. I'd totally tap that."

"Agent 6, did you notice Nelly Harrison's beauty?" Nick asked Jeff as they stood back to back, pretending to speak into a walkie-talkie.

"Roger Agent 3, I did in face notice that," Jeff replied in the same fashion.

"You guys are such dorks," Chris commented. "Besides, do you really think she'll be interested in you guys? She'd have to choose one of you in the end and it would just be messy." Nick and Jeff simply looked at each other, clearly just realizing this.

"Mercedes has such style," Trent declared. "Did you see her shoes?"

"Thinking of making her your new dance partner, Trent?" Thad joked, nudging his friend.

"You seemed to be rather enthralled in Mercedes yourself, Harry," Parker pointed out beside his friend.

"I noticed this as well," Andrew chimed in. "Do you fancy her?"

Harry merely shrugged, opting to keep the thoughts of said girl roaming in his head a secret.

"Guys, I know it's not often you are around pretty girls," Wes started, "but we still have the predicament of my missing gavel." He was met by numerous groans. "I'm serious guys! Who took Penelope?"

"Wes," David shook his head and placed his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Did you seriously name your gavel 'Penelope'?" Wes blushed and looked down as his friends laughed around him.

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