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"Awww," Rachel swooned. "That's so cute." Kurt chuckled as he heard his other friends sigh dreamily. He had just told them about Blaine's serenade and proposal.

"Yeah, well now I'm freaking out about what to wear," he admitted.

"Same here," Nelly agreed. "Has Chris said anything about where he's going to take me?"

"Or Ethan?"

"How about Trent?"

"No," Kurt replied, "but I can ask. Hold on." He got up and walked across the hall to Ethan and Chris's room. Trent and Thad were inside with them, the four boys surrounding the large television, playing video games. "Pause please," he requested and smiled when they did and faced him. "The girls were wondering what would be the appropriate attire for their dates tomorrow."

"Tell Mercedes she should be dressed to dance," Trent said with a smile. "I better see some pretty fly kicks on those cute little feet of hers."

"Rachel can wear whatever she wants," Ethan murmured shyly. "I would recommend she wear something semi-formal though."

Kurt's eyes turned to Chris. "She should wear something she wouldn't mind getting dirty," he smiled mischievously.

"Okayyy," Kurt drawled, confused. "Um, do you know what Blaine's plan is for us on Friday?" He blushed. "I need to plan my outfit as well."

"Dress to impress, Kurt," Trent answered with a nod. "Not too dressy but not too casual."

"Either way, Blaine won't be able to takes his eyes off of you," Thad joked good-heartedly.

Kurt blushed again and nodded, muttering a soft 'thanks' before leaving. He pulled his phone back to his ear and reiterated to the girls.

"I have just the outfit," Mercedes announced. "I gotta bounce. James is home from college on break and we're having a family dinner. Later divas!"

"Kurt?" Rachel spoke. "Lavender halter knee-length dress or floral strapless dress?"

"Ummmm," he pondered. "Do you still have that navy cropped sweater?"

"Of course, you gave it to me."

"Wear that with the floral strapless dress," he decided. "And wear your navy pumps."

"All right. Thanks Kurt." Her voice could be heard muffled before she returned. "I must go. I'm working on an assignment for glee with Noah. I will see you all soon."

After a pause, Kurt huffed. "Nelly? Aren't you going to ask me what you should wear?"

"Oh, right," she laughed awkwardly. "I was thinking about what Chris could possibly have planned that would require me to get dirty."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fun," he assured. "Chris wants to impress you, I can tell."

Nelly smiled. "Okay, now outfit?"

"How about your ripped skinny jeans, your old navy KEDs, and that darling aqua baby doll top with the navy stripes?" he offered.

"Sounds brilliant," she praised. "Thanks Kurt. Now I have to go. I have to talk to the boys about being nice to Chris tomorrow."

Kurt chuckled. "Good luck with that. Talk to you later."

"So Merce, Dad tells me you have a date on Friday?" James smirked from his seat across the table.

"Dad!" Mercedes glared at her father, who chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, though clearly not remorseful. She rolled her eyes and looked at her brother. "If you really must know, yes, I do have a date."

"Good thing I'm home then," he replied. He took a bite of his chicken, keeping his eyes down with a smirk on his face.

"Why is that?" she demanded.

James looked up and smiled. "Well, so I can meet him of course."

Mercedes shook her head adamantly. "Absolutely not, James. I will not let you turn my life into some clichéd teen movie. You will not play the scary big brother card."

"Awww, come on Merce," he whined. "Let me have my fun. I'm never home. Let me do this one brotherly thing while I'm here. I mean, it's supposed to be my job as your older brother to sniff out any of your potential boyfriends."

Mercedes squinted at him, looking for any sign of mischief. Finding none, she sighed. "Fine." James smiled and pumped his fist in victory. "But so, help me God, James, if you ruin this, I will kill you." James nodded in understanding, a soft smile remaining on his lips. Mercedes rolled her eyes and returned to her meal, a similar smile spreading on her face.

"Do I need to talk to this Ethan guy before your big date tomorrow?" Puck asked from his position on Rachel's bed, his guitar in his hands. She was scrolling through some music sites she often went to for glee assignments. Mr. Shuester had thought it would be a good idea to discuss some drastic changes they'd each gone through since they formed their little mismatched family. Puck had proposed he and Rachel sing about their friendship, which she thought was a brilliant idea. They really were quite close and while everyone kept joking about how they were probably engaging in a not-so-innocent secret relationship, the truth was that Puck was basically Rachel's brother. He was crazily protective and treated her just like his other sister Sarah (which wasn't always a good thing). Anyways, the friendship had started out as their own little secret and making it public had brought forth the personalities that only the other knew. While she still talked like she swallowed a dictionary and he still cussed like a sailor, they managed to even each other out. He was less crude when she was around while she seemed less insane. It truly was the perfect arrangement.

Rachel turned from her laptop to look at the boy on her bed. He was sitting up and looking at her seriously. She sighed, "No Noah, I do not believe your terrorization of Ethan will be necessary to ensure he treats me properly."

"Whatever," he shrugged. "I just want to make sure he's actually an alright guy."

"I promise you he is."

"Yeah, well, you also thought Jesse St. Dickwad loved you, so excuse me if I'm a little hesitant to take your word for it," he retorted.

Rachel glared at him. "I have told you many times, Noah, that I do believe Jesse did in fact love me. Unfortunately, he valued a fourth consecutive national championship over the promise of our budding romance." She shook her head. "That is beside the point. Ethan is in no way, shape, or form like Jesse St. James. However, if you do not find validity in my assessment, I guess I can allow you to briefly meet him before our endeavor on Friday evening."

"Sweet," Puck smirked.

"But you listen to me, Noah Elijah Puckerman," she snapped, walking over to her bed. "If you at all make Ethan feel uncomfortable or frightened during your conversation, my weekly cover-up of your whereabouts on Saturday afternoons will cease to exist, do you understand me?"

For a split second, Puck looked slightly shaken, but he quickly hardened and chuckled awkwardly. "I'll try my best waterbug." He poked her stomach. "Did you pick a song yet?"

"Well, now that you ask…" Puck smiled as Rachel went off on one of her tangents about the pros and cons of Broadway versus contemporary music. He really did love his best friend.

"You're kidding me, right?" Joey asked, sandwiched between his two brothers on the couch. "Of course we're going to grill this guy. He's all you've fricking talked about since you went on that surprise visit to see Kurt."

"Joey, please," Nelly begged. "I love you guys but this is our first date. I don't want your craziness to ruin anything before it's even started."

"Our craziness?" he scoffed. "What about yours?"

"That's something I plan to ease him into, obviously." She rolled her eyes. "And I'm only crazy because I live with you buttheads."

"How do you know we'd ruin it?" Brian asked.

She sighed. "Because you guys are all worried I'll be hurt again. I know I didn't talk about it, but I know you guys and about half the football team went and kicked Jason's ass when you found out what happened. You guys are so overprotective of me and I love that about all of you, but I don't want you scaring away the one guy that's shown interest in me since Jason."

"Hey, that's not true-" Dylan started.

"You forcing Walker to ask me out does not count," she interrupted. "You know what I mean. Chris makes me happy and I don't want him to be scared to be with me. Just promise me you'll be friendly and won't scare him too much."


"Please," she pleaded again. Suddenly her eyes lit up with an idea. "If you do, I'll convince Lauren, Julia, and Meredith to go out with you." The three boys perked up at the names of their crushes. "They're friends with San and Britt. I can get them to say yes to a date with you."

The boys looked at each other, huddling in and whispering before separating again. Joey offered his hand. "Deal." Nelly shook her head and smiled before shaking his hand. Then she jumped up and hugged all of them, leading to groaning and laughter.

"I really do love you goofballs," she muttered as she hugged them.

"We love you too Nelly-Bells," Dylan replied with a smile.

Later that night, Kurt was in the middle of his nightly skin care regimen when his cell phone started playing "A House is Not a Home". He quickly grabbed it and answered it.

"Hello Finn."

"You have a date with Blaine tomorrow?" Finn rushed out.

"Yes I do," Kurt responded casually.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Finn whined.

"I didn't know you were so invested in my love life Finn," Kurt retorted. "How did you find out anyways?"

"Puck was with Rachel when she found out," he began to explain. "He came over to play video games after and said the entire Diva Squad had dates tomorrow. I thought he meant just the girls but then he told me about Blaine asking you out. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't think you'd care?"

"Of course I care!" he shouted. "You're my little brother!"

"Finn, I'm older than you," Kurt stated.

"Ugh, you're missing the point!"

"And what exactly is the point?"

Finn sighed. "The point is, I'm supposed to do the stupid older brother interrogation and I can't do that if you're an hour away."

Kurt smiled softly. "You've met Blaine before. You don't have to interrogate him."

"Yeah, but I want to," Finn murmured.

Kurt's smile grew. "All right," he finally said. "I'll come home tomorrow and have Blaine come pick me up."


"Yeah. If you really want to play the big brother role, I'm sure Blaine wouldn't mind."

"Awesome," Finn replied excitedly. "Okay, well them I'll see you tomorrow night."

Kurt chuckled. "Sure Finn, good night." After hanging up, Kurt sent a text to Blaine telling him he'd have to pick him up at his house in Lima. With a small smile, he set off to finish his skin care regimen.

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