Child of Two Worlds

Summary: Rogue is actually Aro's biological daughter. She was kidnapped by Mystique shortly after she was born. Alice and Jasper run into her while they are looking for other vampire-human hybrids during Breaking Dawn and after the defeat of Apocalypse. Rogue decides to go with them, to meet her father and learn about her past. But what does that mean for her future?

Pairings: none as of yet

Disclaimer: All X-men characters belong to Marvel and all Twilight Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. I am doing this solely for fun and not for profit.

Rated: M for mentions of strong violence

AN: This is my first story, and it has not yet been beta-read. If anyone wants to volunteer let me know.

Chapter One

The woman on the bed panted frantically as she struggled to give birth to the baby. "I can see the head! Just one more push should do it." Dr. Carlisle Cullen encouraged. With a groan the woman complied pushing with everything she had and finally the baby came out. "Excellent, now one last push to get the after birth out, you can do it" Carlisle said. The woman strained again and the slimy cords were pushed out of her, Carlisle very quickly disposed of them. Then picked up the baby and turned to the new mother. "It's a girl" he told her "would you like to hold her?" weakly the woman nodded

"Annalisa" she breathed choosing the name she and Aro had agreed on months ago, "my lovely baby girl, I'm glad I was able to last long enough to hold you in my arms."

"Don't speak like that." Carlisle chided "the worst is over, now you're going to rest and get better."

"Carlisle, don't humor me" the woman said "my time is almost out, tell Aro that I love him and to take care of Annalisa, he's all she has now."

"I'll tell him" Carlisle promised. The woman smiled, stroked her daughter's cheek one last time and died. After a moment Carlisle carefully pried the infant from her dead mother's arms and carried out to the next room where Aro, Caius, and Marcus were waiting. Aro was pacing back and forth by the door, Caius reading a book, and Marcus was leaning against the far wall and as usual looking utterly bored and completely uninterested in what was happening around him. Aro was the first to notice Carlisle

"Carlisle is she-" the grave expression on Carlisle's face told him everything he needed to know "No" Aro breathed seemingly in shock

"The baby is fine though" Carlisle said "would you like to hold her?" and he held the baby girl out to her grieving father. Wordlessly Aro nodded and slowly took the baby from the vampire doctor.

"Mind her head" Carlisle instructed gently Aro looked at his daughter and noted that physically she was very much like her mother except for the shape of her nose and eyes really; he didn't even notice that Caius and Marcus had moved and were looking over his shoulders to examine their newborn niece. Despite his grief at the loss of his mate, Aro felt complete holding his child in his arms for the first time. He vowed then and there that he would never let anything happen to her.

A Few days later

Mystique had arrived in Voltera two weeks before and had spent that time carefully observing the Volturi clan. Irene had told her that a very powerful mutant would be born to these people and that this mutant would play a vital role in their future; therefore Mystique had decided to kidnap the child and have her raised by people she knew were on her side. Irene had warned that it would be difficult, the Volturi were very powerful and not to be trifled with, she had also suggested that the shape shifter bring Mastermind claiming his telepathic abilities would be very useful in this endeavor. Mystique had somewhat reluctantly complied, after all Irene's visions had never steered her wrong before, why would they start now? She waited until most of the vampires (she'd been very shocked when she'd discovered that) were in feeding in the courtyard, feeding seemed to distract them, making them lower their guard somewhat. She then assumed the form of a small blond female vampire; Jane, Mystique believed her name was. During her observations of the vampire coven she'd noticed that all of the other members (aside from the three whose skin appeared even paler than that of the others) seemed to fear her and as such they stepped very lightly around her which would make things much easier.

Two weeks had given her a fairly good idea of where everything was so she was quickly able to make her way to the child's bed room. Aro, who Mystique believed was both the coven's leader and the girl's father, was paranoid that someone would try to abduct the girl and use her against the Volturi. So he had insisted that the child was never, ever, left alone, no matter what, at least one vampire would be in the room with her at all times. Mystique, however, was confident that she would be able to work her away around that problem. When she got to the bedroom the door was locked, no matter Mystique had expected that quite frankly so she simply knocked on the door. Quick as a flash the door opened and there was a large vampire standing in the doorway.

"What are you doing here Jane?" Felix asked

"I assumed you must be hungry, after babysitting all day, so I came to relieve you." The shape shifter replied with Jane's voice. This was where Mastermind came in, right now he was using his telepathic abilities to make Felix perceive Jane's scent on Mystique because she couldn't copy people's scents (which was something that frustrated her a lot) he was also making sure Felix didn't notice the dead baby in Mystique's arms.

"Really?" Felix said dubiously, this was likely the weakest spot in Mystique's plan, Jane didn't do favors for people very often and she didn't like playing nursemaid either so it was highly unusual for her to volunteer to watch baby Annalisa. After a bit of mental prodding from Mastermind though Felix said "okay, come in" and stepped back to let 'Jane' enter which she did "thanks, Jane" he said then he left locking the door behind him. Mystique ignored his departure and leaned over the crib.

The girl was asleep, perfect; Mastermind's telepathic powers would make sure she didn't wake up. She then carefully lifted the infant out of the crib and placed her on a nearby table. She then took the dead infant she had carried in and placed that girl in the crib. She then grimaced as she began the next part of the plan; contrary to popular belief she was not a sadist, she did not enjoy inflicting pain and misery on people, she simply knew that sometimes in life, you had to cut someone's throat to get ahead and what Mystique wanted more than anything was to get ahead. She drew her knife; she always carried at least one weapon on her person, usually more, she never knew when she might be attacked after all. She then stabbed then dead infant and proceeded to mutilate the body any way she possibly could. She needed Aro and the rest of the Volturi to believe Annalisa was dead, any hint that she had survived and they would start a search. Mystique didn't know what the full extent of the Volturi coven's capabilities were, but she knew enough to know that the last thing that her organization needed was a large, enraged vampire clan breathing down their necks.

When she was satisfied that the baby in the crib was beyond all recognition she grabbed Annalisa off the table and jumped out the window onto a nearby tree. She left just in the nick of time because after 'Jane' had relieved him; Felix had headed down the courtyard to feed. Once there, he ran into Jane and he asked her why she's wasn't upstairs with Annalisa. Jane had replied that was his job and then demanded to know why he had left his post, hadn't heard Aro's orders? They began to argue; Aro eventually overheard them and ran straight to Annalisa's bed chamber but he was too late. Inside he found a completely unrecognizable corpse and blood splattered all over the room. He let out a roar of rage, denial, grief, and despair that was clearly audible throughout the city and beyond. That night Mystique with baby Annalisa slipped out of Voltera to Rome, where she took a plane to America. Once she had arrived she handed to child over to Irene, while Mastermind stayed in Voltera to make sure that none of the Volturi realized they had been deceived.