Chapter Three

They didn't talk much on the way to JFK international airport. They made it back just in time for Jasper to charm the woman behind the counter into letting them purchase another plane ticket for Rogue and get through security. The plane ride to Seattle was rather quiet as well; after all they couldn't very well discuss vampires or even mutants when they were surrounded by ordinary humans. Once they landed in Seattle they immediately began running back to Forks, Alice was frantic she couldn't be sure if they would be able to make it in time so she picked up the pace.

When they arrived at the spot, Alice was relieved, no one was fighting yet; they had made it. Quickly, Alice thought "We're here and we have two human-vampire hybrids with us" as hard as she could hoping Edward was paying attention and would hear her. Alice knew she had succeeded when Edward prodded Caius and Aro into admitting they needed surety in this case.

"Won't you join us Alice?" Edward asked. Rogue inwardly gulped, this was it once she stepped into that clearing there would be no turning back. She took a deep breath and headed into the clearing with the others. Together Nahuel and Huilen explained the circumstances of his birth and how he had lived under the radar of humans for over a hundred years. Once they had finished Caius turned to Rogue and said

"What about you? What's your story?" it was a demand not a question. Rogue however addressed her answer to Aro and said

"Ah think it would be easier to show ya than to try to explain." Then she held her hand out to him

"Very well" Aro replied and took it. His expression changed from shock at first to elation and he pulled Rogue into a tight embrace. Too tight in fact as Rogue grunted in pain because he was actually crushing her and so she was unable to do anything else; chastised Aro loosened his grip on her but did not actually let go. One hand remained on her wrist while the other reached up and stroked the white lock in her hair.

"I can't believe you've been alive all this time." He said

"Aro, what do you think you're doing?" Caius demanded furiously. Most of the people in the clearing wanted the answer to that too.

"Simple, I'm being reunited with my daughter Annalisa." He responded slightly annoyed at the interruption and the reminder that they were not alone.

"Brother, Annalisa is dead remember?" Marcus said his tone surprisingly gentle

"No brother, the baby in the cradle was not Annalisa, we were merely tricked into thinking it was." Aro said

"It was Mystique and Mastermind they kidnapped meh to use for their own ends." Rogue explained

"Who are they?" the question somewhat to everyone's surprise came from Bella. Bella wanted very much for the Volturi to believe this girl's story for two reasons, first, selfishly because if Aro's daughter was a human-vampire hybrid then they couldn't kill Renesmee because then they would have to kill her too. Secondly, though was because in spite of everything she felt sorry for Aro; she knew how she would feel if anything happened to Renemsee and assumed that Aro had been similarly devastated when Annalisa was taken from him, no parent should ever have to lose their child, ever.

"They're a pair of mutants, Mystique is a shape shifter and Mastermind is a telepath." Seeing that they were a few blank faces in the clearing she again explained what mutants were and then Carlisle blurted out

"Is this X gene the source of vampire talents as well?"

"Ah don't know; ah don't know much about vampire genetics but it does seem plausible." She replied

"I'm sorry" Carlisle said "I shouldn't have interrupted like that."

"Its fine" Rogue responded "ya didn't do nothing wrong; ya don't have to apologize." Really she thought if it was possible for a vampire to be a saint then Carlisle had to be one, he was also far more worried about other people than he was about himself. Rogue continued "Mystique pretended to be Jane and tricked Felix into letting her take over the task of watching meh and Mastermind made sure no of ya realized that something wasn't right."

"That still doesn't explain why they kidnapped you in the first place" Marcus pointed out

"That was because of Irene or 'Destiny' as they call her. She foresaw my birth and that ah would be the first class Five mutant in centuries so they decided to kidnap meh so they could use mah power for themselves."

"And just what is this power you claim to have?" Caius demanded, he at least was not at all happy with this turn of events

"When Ah touch somebody, Ah absorb their thoughts, memories, any powers they have and everything else about them…if Ah hold on too long, I kill them" Rogue replied thinking of Carol yet again.

"So she inherited her father's talent too but instead of flipping it like Renesmee did, she took it a step further, fascinating." Carlisle said. Everyone turned to look at him for a moment. If Vampires could blush, Carlisle would have, he hadn't meant to speak his thoughts aloud like that.

Rogue continued on with her story "After Mystique took meh, she gave meh to Irene. Irene raised meh herself. Ah grew up surrounded by humans all the time, ah went to a human day care, human doctors, human schools and ah never once knew that ah was half-vampire. Ah just thought ah had an unusual skin condition. Everything was fine until a high school dance. Ah accidently absorbed the boy ah was dancing with. Mystique tricked meh into thinking that the X-men had tried to kill me." Seeing the blank expressions on the faces of most of the people gathered in the clearing "The X-men are a group of mutants who oppose Mystique and her cohorts" she added then continued "So ah went with her to Bayville New York, where she was posing as the high school principal but I learned the truth when ah absorbed her during a ski trip. After that ah joined the X-men and lived in the Xavier Institute with the rest of them, I've been there for over two years and no one has ever suspected anything. So there is no reason for ya'll to be worried about Renesmee not being able to blend in, if ah can do it on mah own then she certainly can when she's got a whole family supporting her." She finished

"I think we have heard enough" Aro announced "brothers let us council" it was a very brief discussion Caius wanted to press ahead and destroy the werewolves but Aro and Marcus together overruled him.

Aro announced that the Volturi would leave without fighting and exchanged stiff farewells with Carlisle and then made began their departure. All this time he had not released his grip on Rogue's wrist, he seemed afraid that if he let go of her, she would disappear. So as Rogue left with the Volturi, she was torn between a desire to go to Italy and get to know her father and a desire to go to Bayville and forget any of that ever happened.

Meanwhile back at the Xavier Institute

Ororo Monroe (or Storm as she more widely known) was coming down the stairs early in the morning when she noticed the answering machine was flashing, indicating there was a new message on it. Curious she pressed the button and heard Rogue saying she was leaving town for a while, surprised she decided to ask Charles about it later. Later wound up being after breakfast, while most of the students were getting ready for school, she approached Charles and asked

"Charles did you know Rogue was planning to leave town?"

Surprised Professor Xavier spun his wheel chair around to face Ororo but before he could speak

"Stripes did what now?" Logan demanded. Ororo winced, she hadn't realized Logan was still in the room nor had she meant him to overhear her question; he was protective of all the students but especially Rogue, she was practically his daughter.

"No, Ororo I did not know Rogue was leaving but I'm sure she's all right." Professor Xavier said

"Are you serious Chuck? It ain't like Rogue to just take off; I knew I should have shredded Gumbo when I had the chance."

"Logan we don't know that Rogue was kidnapped nor do we know that Gambit had anything to do with her leaving." Ororo tried to mollify him

"I'll use Cerebro and see if I can find her." Professor X added

"Chuck, you know as well as I do that Cerebro can only find her if she uses her powers and that is not something we want" Logan countered

"Well…" Xavier began then he trailed off really what could he say to that?

"Right, you guys do what you want, I'm gonna go find Stripes." With that Logan headed to the garage and his motorcycle.