Note: This is a drabble from Deuce's POV set during the latest ep Break it Up when Ty asks him which girl he most wants to kiss.


Truth or dare? Yeah, stupid idea Ty. It started sweetening a bit after we got Ty and Gunther to switch clothes but even still… I would've been up for any dare in the world… except the one he gave me.

I swear in that second I froze, it was a whole 'he's unto me' thing.

And this was Ty man, my best bud and you don't want to have to lie to your best bud.

I wanted to plead the fifth.

But then he was all like, "I dare you to answer the question" and I was like… man, if I answer Rocky, Ty will go into 'brother mode' and be like 'I'll keeeelllll you' and I'll be like 'eep' and then I'll have to spend the rest of the night hiding behind Gunther and expecting him to protect me. And hiding behind Gunther wasn't a good way to look manly in front of the ladies… well… Rocky.

So I did what I had to do. I lied. I lied like I do every thanksgiving when my mom wears her fat pants. I lied like I do every time I tell someone what they're buying is the genuine article. I lied like…

Well you get the point.

I lied.

And then Rocky hurt herself and then I was stuck waiting around the waiting room with a wailing Cece and I still couldn't say anything since big brother Ty was in the room.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about Dina. But as for who I've fantasized about kissing… well, yeah, that's gotta be the one girl off limits to me.

Because that's one thing as a dude you don't do – date your best friend's sister.

And I've got to act like I've never even ENTERTAINED the thought, because if Ty gets onto me, it's goodbye Ty and Deuce man-club.

So in short, I gotta do what I gotta do.

I've gotta lie.

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