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Here's more of Deuce's thoughts:

Okay so check this.

It was kind of during the whole manscaping thing (you know the 'eyebrow trimming' that sounds so much better when you call it manscaping) when I realized that I want to kiss her.

Something about the whole proximity of her face to mine, and that look of intense concentration that she has while plucking just woah… okay it was only keeping Ty in my mind that kept me from freaking.

And then I started enjoying it, you know, the attention, getting time alone with her (without Cece for once, which man, started to really bug me a while back)… but not so much enjoying the pain. The pain I could do without.

That's another thing. Rocky is someone who has seen me scream… errr… maybe a little… when she started plucking… and another time when I saw a rodent. She's seen me get beaten in arm wrestling to Gunther- the sparkly dude. Yeah, that's right. Laugh it up.

Cece and Rocky may be my best friends, but I know they're pitying sometimes, like when Cece tried to get me a girlfriend. I knew that she was never gonna be like:

"Hey Deuce, wild idea, why don't you go out with Rocky."

Ha. Yeah. But it was a'ight, because I knew it was never gonna happen.

There were Ty and Cece to think of and neither of them would have really agreed to share.

So whatever. I got myself a nice girl, babysat a pig for her, it's all going pretty swell. Nothing to complain about. And I still have those manscaping sessions. I get to live it up once every month (okay, fine…. every couple of weeks. What can I say? The hair likes growing) and keep my little secret from the people that would make my life a living hell if they knew it.

A sacrifice worth it? I'll say it is.

For once keeping my mouth shut is paying off.

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