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Okay so I've had this story in my mind for a while now and I know the only way to get it out is if I post it on FF. Now it's been years since I posted a story on here so forgive me if my writing is a little sloppy. Okay here it is.

The Bonded- Chapter #1

Year 2011

The entire world is in panic. Just recently vampires have revealed themselves to the public stating that they would like to live among us instead of living in the shadows. All the countries have surprisingly put aside their differences to write and pass a series of laws in order to prevent any unnecessary human deaths.

1. The first-born child of each family will be given to a vampire to be bonded.

2. The child must be at least 23 years of age before being used in a bonding ceremony.

3. When a child becomes the age of 23 they shall be presented in a ceremony where a vampire will have the chance to choose their prospective bonding partners.

4. Only one human child is permitted per vampire at one time.

5. Shall the human child die an investigation will be held to determine cause of death and if the vampire in charge did not have a part then they will be permitted to find another human.

6. Anyone who does not abide by these rules shall be arrested and possibly killed.

Many people did not agree with these new rules. Many were outraged that they had to sacrifice their children so that they could live. However, they did not want to be killed for not following them. I am the first-born child in my family and I turn 23 years old in April. My parents have been making arrangements for me to be presented at the next bonding ceremony.

I know that they were apprehensive about it but they had no choice and neither do I unfortunately. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the director of the ceremony I am attending, sort of like an orientation. All the human candidates are given a portfolio that shows which vampires will be attending the ceremony so that we have some time to prepare, the same for the vampires. However, they don't see use until the actual ceremony. My ceremony is in May a little bit after I turn the acceptable age. I am not as nervous as I thought I would be…yet

AN: okay so thats the first chapter...i'm rewriting this story and totally open to suggestions! RxR!