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Park near the Aono home, Osaka, Japan


After a while, the cold night air cleared Tsukune's head and he finally sat down to think about where he was actually going to go. The original plan of 'get as far away from her as fast as possible' didn't exactly have much forethought put into it. Given the circumstances, there was only one possible answer. Where does anybody want to go when something bad happens? They want to go home. 'There's no way I'm calling THAT place home ever again.' Tsukune thought to himself bitterly. So that left only one place, the home of the ones who welcomed him into their family. Castle Akashiya. 'There's no other place where I can be free of her.'

Tsukune searched through his pockets, finally finding his phone and flipping it open. It only took a moment's concentration to recall the number he thought he'd never have to use, never wanted to use. But since he didn't know how to contact Lord Akashiya directly, or how to contact Kahlua, who was the only other person who could possibly help him, there was only one choice.


Castle Akashiya


Sekiten Ria, Moka's elder sister, was in something of a good mood. Just about everybody in Castle Akashiya was. After all, when the Lord of the castle was in a good mood, it tended to spread. And Akashiya Issa was absolutely beaming for the last few months. After decades of having to remain quiet and inert after having lost his sword, it was now returned to him and he could actually start acting within the Court, rather than just reacting to the machinations of others.

Ria was positive that this current meeting of the nobility would be nothing less than Father laying down the law and making sure that every one of them knew who was in charge. Without his sword, his capabilities were limited, and he had to be more subtle, patient, and forgiving of transgressions than he would normally be. But now that he had it back, thanks to Tsukune's efforts, he could start getting everything back in shape once again without fear of retaliation from parties with ruffled feathers.

She was in the middle of a meal when her phone rang, and she was a bit surprised by it. She glanced over at the device from where she was pinning a disobedient servant against the wall. 'Now, who could that be? Father wouldn't be calling right now, Kahlua and Kokoa could talk to me face to face, and Tsukune and Moka never call.' She dislodged her fangs from the shuddering young man and he sank to the floor on legs too weak to support him as Ria picked up the phone. 'I hope that it isn't Kahlua making sure she remembered my number again.' Then she looked at who was calling and Ria suddenly got very interested before she answered the call and put the phone to her ear.

"Oh me, oh my, I never thought I'd be getting a phone call from you Tsukune darling. To what do I owe the pleasure?" She listened for a moment as Tsukune asked for a ride to the Castle. 'Now what has happened to him I wonder? I can hear it in his voice, something's wrong. Now how can I turn this to my advantage?'

"Don't worry brother dear, I'll be there in about twenty minutes, just wait where you are." She ended the call and started down the hall without another look back at the servant she left bleeding to death on the floor.


With Tsukune


It didn't take as long as she said for the limo to arrive. He glanced up from the bench where he sat as the sleek black vehicle came to a stop and the rear door opened, revealing a rather gorgeous woman inside.

She looked as good as she always did. Smooth pale skin, long black hair, and luscious curves made for an extremely appealing package even beneath that black dress that covered everything. But for all the beauty, for all the fake sweetness in that smile, Tsukune knew that underneath was nothing less than a serpent biding its time.

"Hello brother dear." She purred, every syllable an invitation, every word a silent promise.

"Ria-san" With that single word Tsukune, somewhat shakily, stepped into the limo and sat down as far away from her as he could.

Of course, she took in everything, his stance, his bearing, the look in his eyes. And she managed to guess quite a bit from that information alone. All that was left was confirmation of her suspicions. "So, what brought you to call me brother dear? I doubt my precious little sister would be very happy to find you getting anywhere near me."

Tsukune glanced at her for a moment and, profoundly weary, said "I no longer care what that woman thinks about me. It's over between us."

She arched a delicate eyebrow at that statement. "Oh me, oh my, is the living happily ever after part of the story a little too boring for you? Still feel a need for excitement in your life? Dear me, you've only been together for about five years or so and already having second thoughts? The love of your life not turning out to be as perfect as you thought?"

He glanced over at her "Shut up Ria-san. What happened between us is none of your business. All you need to know is that I want to see Lord Akashiya and have the bond that I share with her destroyed."

Ria fought, she really did, to try and contain her smile. But she failed miserably. "I do believe I feel some hostility in you towards her. Tell me, what did my little sister do to earn your ire brother dear? Last time I spoke to you, you made her sound like sweet Aphrodite made flesh. You wouldn't hear a word against the goddess who commanded your heart."

Tsukune ground his teeth at Ria's constant prodding. 'It hasn't been five minutes since I sat down and already she's trying to get everything out of me.'" What happened between that woman and I is no business of yours Ria-san. And I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to get it out of me."

Ria's smile grew slightly larger at that. 'Easily irritated, defensive, you're making this too easy brother dear. Maybe a bit of shock would shake something loose?'

She sat back in her seat and watched Tsukune for a minute or so as the engine purred and the miles went by. After giving him some time to stew, Ria said "Honestly, you have some good timing calling me now little brother. Father was going to be demanding your presence at the Castle within a few weeks anyway. So it saves some time that you're going to be staying there for now."

Ria watched him carefully for his response. 'He might be shocked and tired, but he can't let that go unquestioned.' She watched as Tsukune's eyes fixed upon her. He didn't say anything, but she knew she had his attention.

"Yes, Lord Camazotz will be making his annual visit to Castle Akashiya next month, and you will have to be there for your official presentation to the Court."

Tsukune was withdrawn, tired, and introspective, but something like that demanded a reply. He speared her with his gaze as he asked, confused "What?"

Ria's face was a textbook picture of surprise, fake or not. "Didn't Moka tell you about any of this? You're the newest member of our family, you have to be there."

He let out a sigh, knowing that she wouldn't give up anything that easily. 'Assuming she isn't lying, it's best to let her get it out of her system.' "Ria-san, what are you talking about? Who is this Lord Camazotz person and why would I have to meet him?"

She stretched a bit, knowing full well that doing so would press the tips of her breasts against the fabric of her dress. Then she lay down upon the long seat of the limo, supporting herself with an elbow as she smiled at Tsukune's face. 'Far too easy.'

"Lord Camazotz is many things. He is one of the twelve Lords of Outer Night, one of the King's inner circle and one of the oldest and most powerful Vampires in the world. He is Father's beholden Lord, in addition to being his, some number of greats, grandfather. Like any other government in the world, every Vampire pays taxes to his superior within the Court. In this case, Lord Akashiya offers annual tribute to Lord Camazotz. Once a year, Lord Camazotz comes to Castle Akashiya to collect this tribute and Father throws a grand feast in His Honor. Every Vampire Noble in Asia will be there."

Ria took a moment to take in Tsukune's surprise before she continued. "A good number of important events happen during this event. Among them is the presentation of new Nobility to the Court. If a Noble has a child, then that child is presented to the Court in order for that child to claim his membership as a Noble of the Court. I was presented, as was Kahlua, and so was Moka. Kokoa isn't quite old enough yet, but she will be presented to the Court as well. Since Lord Akashiya has accepted you as his son, you will be presented as well."

Tsukune thought about this for a moment. 'Everything that happened with Moka, and now I'm going to be paraded before a bunch of Vampires?' "Why? What happens if I decide not to attend?"

Ria couldn't help but smile at Tsukune's naïveté. "If a Noble is not presented to the Court then they cannot claim membership to the Court. It's something of a coming of age ceremony for the Nobility. Until you are presented to the Court, as far as the Court is concerned, you do not exist. Their laws do not protect you, and you are not given any kind of status, nor any kind of right to defend yourself in legal charges. Anybody in the Court could accuse you of anything, and if you are not a member of the Court then you cannot say anything in your defense, the judgment would go to the accuser by default. This is of course assuming that nobody in the Court steps up on your behalf."

She took a breath and continued. "As for not showing up, you don't have that choice Tsukune. Every Noble in Asia has heard of your exploits in retrieving Father's sword from Fafnir. The only reason you weren't presented sooner is because you were Mated to Moka shortly after last year's Feast. Every Noble there will be expecting you to be there, they're going to want to see this new son of Father's who managed to do what he could not. If Father doesn't present you to the Court, there are going to be a lot of questions asked. Everyone already knows about you Tsukune, and it will be on Father's head if you aren't presented. So it will be Father's problem if you decide not to show. He'll present you to the Court if he has to drag you there kicking and screaming. You'll be a proper Vampire at last, whether you like it or not."

Tsukune didn't like that one bit, to say the least. 'I have enough problems with one twisted family, now I have to deal with more of them?' Tsukune sighed, resigned to the fact that he most likely didn't have a choice. Tsukune knew that if Lord Akashiya was in on it then there was a real chance that his human family could be put in danger if Moka's father really thought he had to put pressure on him. "Well, how bad can it be? I'm shown to a bunch of old Vampires I'm told that I'm a man and I sit back down, right?"

Ria's smile got ever wider. They were getting to the part of the conversation she was looking forward to. "Not quite brother dear. You see, this is going to be a feast after all, and what do you think will be present at a Vampire's feast?"

Tsukune waved his hand, not really thinking about it. "Blood? So what? We've had plenty of blood before, that's nothing special."

She was absolutely beaming now. "Do you really think that Father would offer something from a plastic package to the Lords and Ladies of the Court? Offer something like that to Lord Camazotz? That would be a supreme insult. No brother dear, for something like this Father wouldn't dare to offer anything less than the freshest, highest quality blood. Right from the source."

Ria let out a giggle at Tsukune's shocked, wide eyed stare. This was what she was really looking forward to. She almost choked on her laughter as Tsukune said, shocked "No"

"Oh yes dear little brother. Humans will be there, in good number. They will be there for the sole purpose of being fed upon. And you know how things are between humans and Monsters. We couldn't possibly let them return to human society after seeing what they will see. They will be fed upon." She got up and moved closer to him. "They will bleed." Her voice was just a whisper in his ear as she sat down next to him and eased up beside him. "They will be used, we shall drink from them one and all, and…." She leaned close and Tsukune felt her warm, soft lips on his ear as she whispered. "They will die, and you will help. You will be brought before the Court, Lord Akashiya will proclaim you as his son, and you will be presented with human flesh. You will drink until there is no more, until the flesh is cold and lifeless, and you shall be a true member of the Court in everyone's eyes."

"NO!" Tsukune stood up in the limo and backed away from the poisonous woman before him. "I will NOT kill someone just because some fucked up bunch of Vampires says that I have to! I absolutely refuse!"

Ria could not help but smile at the defiance. THIS is what she really wanted to see, how would he cope with this news. "Father won't let you make that choice Tsukune. Everyone will expect him to present you to the Court. If he does not then they will ask questions, Lord Camazotz would be made aware. If he found out that Father had a son but did not present him, Lord Camazotz would take it as an insult, and that's something that Father would never allow to happen. If you refuse, then you insult Father, and he will do everything in his power to make you do it. You still have human family Tsukune, they would be the next ones with their throats torn open by hungry fangs."

Tsukune rushed forward and put his hands around her throat, anger clear and obvious in his eyes. "Don't you dare touch them! I don't care what I have to do to do it but if you touch them I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that you pay!"

Ria only smiled as Tsukune's hands tightened around her throat. "It isn't me that's threatening them Tsukune. It's you. By your inaction and refusal you put them in danger. If you do not go before the Court then Father will make sure you regret it, and he'll make your family suffer too. If you go before the Court and refuse to drink, then they will take that as a sign that you do not have the fortitude to be one of us, and Lord Camazotz would destroy you for not being worthy of the Nobility that you would be trying to claim. Then he would punish Father for bringing an undeserving son before the Court. And then Father would make your family suffer, as an example to others who would defy him. If you want them to survive Tsukune, then you only have one choice. I don't have to do a thing."

Tsukune's jaw clenched so hard he thought he would crack his teeth. But he let go of Ria's throat and fell back into the seat at the back of the limo, stunned, disbelieving, and unsure of what to do. 'I have to kill someone, feed upon them until they die. If I don't, mom, dad, Kyoko, they suffer. If I don't show up, they suffer. I can't protect them from Lord Akashiya, I couldn't hide them from him. What… what am I going to do? I can't hurt someone like that for no reason. I can't.'

Ria looked as Tsukune held his head in his hands, unsure of himself, hating what he was. And Ria knew just what to say to help him along in his little tiff with her little sister. "Every one of us has done this Tsukune. Father, Kahlua, myself, even precious little Moka. Didn't she tell you that? If you are a member of the Vampire Court, then you killed somebody to be there. Never forget that we are a race that feeds upon humans, that we are predators and they are the prey. If you have anybody to blame, blame dear little Moka who decided to turn you in the first place."

She moved over and sat next to Tsukune once more. "Never forget that, little brother. Your dear precious little doll that you fought so hard for is just as guilty as I am for killing those that you so valiantly protect. And soon, you will be too, if you want your family to survive."

Tsukune sat there, and said nothing.

And Ria smiled as she put an arm around his shoulders as they sat in the back of that limousine. Heading toward the place where Tsukune's life was changed forever, and where it would be changed forever once again.

Castle Akashiya


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