I'm Baaack! Lol I've had this crazy Idea in my head for a very long time, and I think it's time for me to share my thoughts. Here we go... this is around the second season.

"Class, I expect you's to be on your best behavior, please respect the substitute teacher please, I won't be here tomorrow either since the freshmen field trip is for two days."

"Ms. Tutweiller why do you have to take them to the field trip?" asked Bailey

"Because I volunteered,"


"Because no other teacher would do it, so I—well, I'll explain everything when I come back, okay, the substitute will be coming In two minutes, ok so in the mean time, please stay quiet until then,"

The students nodded,

Emma thanked them, and left the classroom,

"What are they going to study?" Cody asked,

"I think they're supposed to go to this factory," bailey said

"Boring, I think it's time for me to leave,"

"Zack, the substitute will be here any second he'll catch you,"

Zack got up but before he could get to the door, Cody stopped him,

"Zack your going to get in trouble!"

"Fine, but I'm not going to sit here and wait forever," smiled at the thought of a board game he found in his closet days ago,

"how about playing a game while we wait,"

"What do you have in mind Zack?" Bailey asked

"I found this board game, and I've been waiting for the perfect time to play, what do you say?"

"Sounds great, what is it?"

Zack walked to his backpack, and took out the board, it was a oijee board.

"No way Zack, you didn't say it was a oijee board, that thing is spooky! Put it away!"

"Don't be a sissy Cody, it's just a game, come on what do you say?"

"Cody is right Zack, those things can be dangerous," bailey added

"What is it?" Asked London,

"It's a curse, that's what it is, a curse,"

"Oh come on Bailey, I thought you didn't believe in this stuff,"

"I don't, but I also think you shouldn't mess with things that are off the scale,"

"Come on, if you say you don't believe then prove it, let's play,"

Bailey turned to Cody, and Cody nodded,

"Ooh, I want to play too!"

Bailey, Cody, London, and Zack decided to play, some of the other students listened to their music and didn't know what was going on, and the rest decided to sleep.

"If something happens, I'm blaming you Zack!" Cody said

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's get this started. Remember two fingers on the plate, you got it,"

everyone nodded.

"Alright, let's start."

"Is everybody here?"

The freshmen all nodded.

"Ms. Tutweiller, Tom won't stop bothering me!"

"Tom, would you please leave Lisa alone, or you'll sit next to me during the whole drive to the factory,"

"It's my dream to sit next to you Emma," he said sarcastically

"It's Ms. Tutweiller to you Mr. Tom,"

Emma shook her head in disappointment, if only they were like my class she thought.

" Alright I'll be right back,"

"where you going?" asked Emily

"I'll be in the lobby to make sure they know we're leaving,"

Emma ran as fast as she could, and made it there without tripping.

"Marion, hi, just making sure you know that I have the freshmen, and we'll be leaving,"


Emma nodded and turned around and started to walk out, until Marion stopped her,

"Wait, Emma."

She turned to him with a look of confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"just be careful okay,"

"We're going to a factory Marion, I promise I'll take good care of so their parents won't be in you hair, okay you can trust me,"

"No I mean, you be careful,"

"Marion, what's the worst that can happen?"

"Just promise me you'll be careful, I don't know why, but I have a feeling about this field trip,"


"I don't know, but here, just in case," He took out his lucky handkerchiefs from his back pocket,

"Marion that's your favorite Handkerchief, why would you—,"

"If it was lucky for me, It's lucky for you,"

Emma smiled and hugged him,

"Thanks Marion, I'll give it back when I come back, Ok,'

"It's your Emma,"


Then Emma finally left.

"She's back!"

She heard the students shout,

"Alright everyone ready?"

"Yeah, since yesterday, you took forever, is it hard to say goodbye to your boyfriend Mr. Moseby!"

The kids laughed

"Mr. Moseby is not my boyfriend, he's just a friend?"

"Then why did he give you his handkerchief,"

"Wha—how did you know that! Were you's spying on me!"

They laughed again

"Look Ms. T, I bet you don't even realize it, so I'll tell you. Mr. Moseby has a crush on you,"

"Emily, look, Mr. Moseby is just trying to be nice, and is worried. That's what friends do,"

"But a friend doesn't look at the other like she's the only one there,"

Emma was confused

"You need to pay more attention. The way he looks at you, is priceless. I think he loves you,"

"Lisa, just sit down and put your seat belt, While we wait for the bus driver to come, I'll take attendance one more time,"

"Okay, Tom?"












Elizabeth raised here hand,





"Adam, Evan, Eric, and Jessica!"

"Here," they shouted.

"Okay, then everyone is here, I think I see the bus driver,"

The driver got in, and started the bus.

The bus drove off, and then the journey began...so they thought.

"Come on London, don't be afraid, it's just a game," Zack said

"I know, but who knows how many people touched that plate thingy,"

"Come, on nothing will happen to you I promise,"


Then they all put their two fingers on the plate,

"so what should we ask it?" Asked Zack

"I don't know, you got us into this, so you start!" answered Cody

"Fine I will! Okay, Oijee, Will Cody ever find true love?"



Then they felt a vibration on the plate.

"Whoa, did you feel that?" Bailey asked

And they all nodded

"Okay, maybe we shou—,"

Then the plate started to move

"Okay, E-M-M-A,"

"What does that spell?"

"London, it's a name, It says Emma," Bailey rolled her eyes

"Who's Emma?"

"Okay, let's ask the board. Is it Emma Tutweiller?"

The plate move to the yes box,

"What's going on with Ms. Tutweiller?"

'E-M-M-A' it spelled again

"Okay, what's going on with Emma?"

'E-M-M-A' it spelled again, but this time, the plate move faster,

"What's wrong!"

It looked like something was fighting for the plate, and it took a while for it to spell anything, then it started spelling Emma's name over and over again, then it finally stopped.

"Wow, that was spooky!"

Then they noticed the plate moving again,

This time it spelled


"Emma's in danger?"

Then the plate moved to the yes box. They gasped. And all of a sudden, the board game threw itself across the room.

"What was that all about?" Asked Bailey,

"Zack that's not funny! This was obviously a prank to scare us!"

They all turned to Zack, angered, but what they saw, was something they didn't expect. Zack was stiff cold, and his mouth was wide open. Then they knew, that this was Certainly not a joke.

They were scared, and when the substitute finally came, they hid the game, went to their seats, and pretended like nothing happened. Until after school.

The bus stopped in an abandoned place, yet no one really paid attention to the view, as they got off. But once they did, they now realized where they were...not in the right place.

"Are we taking a break?" Asked Lisa

"I don't know, let me ask the bus driver," said Emma

She got inside the bus and realized the bus driver was gone. And so were the keys.

"Oh no!"

"what's going on Ms. T?"

"Don't worry about it Victoria, just wait outside with the others,"


"So Vicky, what happened?"

"Ms. T told me to wait here,"

"So, while Ms. T is in there, why don't we go in the abandon factory and go have a look see. What do you say?" Asked Andrew. Tom agreed

"What do you say Lisa, want to join us?"

"No way, We're gonna get in trouble,"

"What are you, a sissy?"

"Don't call me a sissy Tom, I just don't think it's a good Idea."


"I'm not a Chicken!"

All of a sudden the two boys started doing a Chicken noise.

"Stop it, I'm not a chicken, and I'll prove it, I'll go with you two trolls, and prove that I'm no chicken!"

The rest of the students didn't realize what they were doing, until they realized they were gone.

If it's not perfect, oh well, I guess I need more practice. Anyway Chapter 2 will be up soon. ;) Thanks for reading!