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It was a normal day, and Emma felt safe, for the first time. She was staring at the sunset, with Marion right next to her, and little Sarah in her arms. She can feel the wind blowing, and it felt great, like a fresh new start has come. Though she wished they were still there. She was still thinking of them.

Emma was still thinking about her family, and the students. But she remembered what Maggie said before she died.

"They're free," she said to Marion.


"The ones who died because of him. My family is free too,"

"Because of you Emma, you freed them."

Emma smiled, carrying Sarah, Marion next to him.

"Emma, what will you tell her when she asks who her father is?"

"I-I don't know,"

"what if I can be her father?"

Emma smiled

"You want to be Sarah's—,"

"Of course I do. And I promise to take care of both of you's. For the rest of my life."

Then he took out a blue velvet box out of his pocket, and kneeled down on one knee, opened the box, and there, was a ring so beautiful, Emma couldn't believe it.

"Will you marry me?"

and she cried, trying not to drop little Sarah.

"Yes," she finally said. He took out the ring from the box and put it on Emma's left marriage finger.

And they kissed. With little Sarah in the middle.

"I promise, I will love you both"

"I love you, Marion."

"I love you too, Emma,"

He finally proposed, and to both of them, it was the perfect time. When they were both happy. When they were both sure they are ready for a new beginning.

Wedding day...

Little Sarah was now six months old, wearing her little dress, she, London, and Bailey were bridesmaid.

Bailey being the maid of honor.

Emma was in her room, getting ready with her hair and make-up.

The dress she was wearing was Vera Wang, everyone agreed she looked beautiful in it. It was a simple dress, and that was how she wanted it to look like.

Emma looked at herself in the mirror, and couldn't believe she was standing there wearing a dress. But thought of her family. They're not there to congratulate her on her big day. Her mother dreamed of this day, that's the dream they both shared. Her big wedding day.

But she feels her mother there. She feels them all.

When they called to her, if she was ready, she nodded, and prepared herself.

She had something old, something borrowed and something blue. For old, she had her grandmother's necklace on, something borrowed, was Bailey's bracelet. And something blue, was a little clip she had on her hair. She was ready.

When the music started, she walked. On the bride's side, she had her students, and some of her friends. Emily Ross, was there too, who woke up a day after Maggie's funeral. Her family was there too. She saw Marion's mother, and she was with happy tears.

She loves Emma like a daughter. Then she turned to Marion, the one looking at her, like she's the only one there. Like he was looking at a beautiful angel.

He just couldn't believe she was finally his. And he smiled.

When they said 'I do' and was told to kiss the bride, they kissed. And everyone cheered.

During the party, Emma and Emily talked, and both agreed that it never happened. Both knowing that it'll ruin the perfect day, and they hugged.

Emily and her family were close to Emma, and included her in the family, since Emily told her family that it was Emma who saved her. Emma remembered the day Emily woke up.

Her parents were so happy.

Emma looked around the room, and realized she does have a family. She laughed when she saw her mother-in-law with little Sarah, trying to teach her how to say Grandma.

Then she found Marion next to her, and took her hand and lead her to the dance floor, and they danced.

When the day was over, they went to their cabin. Both agreed they didn't want a honeymoon, since they've already been around the world, so instead, they decided to stay in the ship, without working for a week.

"She's already trying to crawl." Marion said

"I know, Maggie did say she'll be a fast learner."

"Sarah Margaret Moseby. Maggie you'd would be happy calling her that."

"I know, I still can't believe it. I think she knew."

"You think?"

"Yes, she probably knew she was going to die."

"and she knew you would want to use her name for Sarah's middle name?"


Marion laughed.

"She was a very weird woman,"

"You can say that again."

"Mamma! Dadda!" they both gasped.

"She's only—,"

"I know! Maggie was wrong again," Emma said.

And little Sarah smiled.

"I know."

It was finally time for Emma and Marion to work, Marion decided to have little Sarah with him, and she wasn't a bother. And after Emma's time of teaching was done, she would pick her up.

"Ms. T?"

"yes Bailey?"

"How's Sarah?"

"she's good, smarter than I thought."

"How so?"

"Well she spelled mommy yesterday with her alphabet blocks."

"Wow! She could do that!"

"apparently," she laughed,

"It's time for me to pick her up, you want to see her?"


"Okay, I'll take her to the sky deck after I change her, will you be there?"

"Yeah, okay,"

After Emma changed Sarah, she went to the sky deck, to find Bailey in the smoothie stand, with Zack, Cody, and London.

"Hey guys,"

"Ms. T! Sarah, hey little one!" Bailey said,

Sarah giggled,

"Aw, she's so adorable Ms. T!"

"Thank you Bailey,"

"Yeah she's the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!" Cody said

Bailey started to play peek-a-boo with little Sarah, and she laughed.

"Hey Sarah, you want a slice of my pizza?"

"Zack! She can't eat pizza, she doesn't even have teeth!" Cody rolled his eyes.

Emma laughed.

"She's already learning how to crawl,"

"Wow, with her small feet," Zack laughs

"yeah, I know, she's so small, but very smart. I wonder how she'll be when she's older?"

They laugh.

"Bah bah," Sarah said, and they laughed again.

"Ms. Tutweiller?"

"Yes London?"

"Will Maggie come back,"

"Um, Well...She's sleeping, she needs—,"

"You's don't have to lie, I already know what happened,"

"She's in a better place London, and that's the truth, Okay?"


"Can I carry her?"

"Sure Bailey, just be careful,she loves to pull hair."

Bailey laughed.

"i will," Emma gave Sarah to Bailey, and Sarah giggled.

"Hey, she likes me,"

"She does,"

"She's so light," Bailey laughed.

"Yeah, she is, I promise, I do feed her."

"Sarah Margaret Moseby," Emma whispered.

It was time for everyone to sleep, and Emma and Marion both looked at their little girl sleeping peacefully, and they smiled.

"You know, I think it's time for little Sarah to have a little sibling, don't you?"

"well that would be perfect. We should plan on that,"

"Marion, I don't think we don't have to, because, I'm already carrying her little sibling."

"what! Are you serious!"

Emma nodded, and Marion took her in his arms, and kissed her. This was a new beginning, for both of them. And Sarah.

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