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The Spirit Garden*Summary:When Fuji found this amazing job for the summer that paid way above the average, he jumped right in. He should have known it wasn't going to be that easy. I mean, being a live in gardener for $6000 a week… There's got to be a catch, right?

Chapter 2: The Young Master

He had always thought of himself as an investigator because he was always curious about everything. Whenever he got the chance he'd ask Ms Aoi to secretly lend him mystery or detective story books. He wasn't aloud to read books like that, Stephen told him it would only put rubbish in his head. He didn't mind rubbish though, In fact they're pretty fun! But he wasn't going to tell Stephen that, he'd only get upset. Stephen was the one who raised him, instantly earning a special place in the young masters heart. He neither had a mother or father, Stephen wouldn't tell him what happened to them but he wasn't going to force the butler to answer. To him, Stephen was the only family he needed. The only thing that bothered him was that he was not allowed to leave the territory.

"The world outside if full of danger, young master. Someone as weak as you will never survive out there! It is best to stay here"

Stephen had said and him, being a good boy, obeyed without question. But something happened a few weeks ago that made the young masters want to disobey Stephen just a little. There was someone new in the territory. Someone from the outside. He had asked Ms Aoi so many questions about the outside world but everything she said coincided with Stephen's. About the dangers. On how cruel and heartless people were. He had asked why she and Stephen weren't cruel and heartless people but Ms Aoi didn't give him a straight answer. he was hoping to be able to talk to the new gardener so the young master asked Stephen if he could meet the guy but he was given a stern NO.

This time though, he had been secretly spying on the new guy without anybody knowing. No mater how the young master looked at him, he didn't look like a bad person at all! He was even nice enough to give the young master strange food! But he didn't like being called a ghost boy. He wasn't dead so he should be called that way but then again, perhaps in the outside world, that didn't really mean that one was dead. So many questions! So interesting! One time he was almost caught by Stephen thought but he got away with it. The young master didn't enjoy the fact that he was disobeying Stephen behind his back so he thought, 'If he didn't meet with the gardener face to face and he didn't know his name then its not so bad'

Thats how it should have kept on going anyway... But this time he was careless... And he got caught.

Fuji's P.O.V.

Fuji thought he saw something from the corner of his eyes. He turned to see what it could have been. What he saw made him run, Just Run. Towards the kneeling boy who's back was turned to him, petting the same dog he had seen earlier that morning.

'Finally! I caught you!' He said, both hands on the boys shoulders. Fuji's heart was pumping like crazy! The boy by now had turned his head at Fuji's direction with a horrified expression! Fuji wasn't paying attention to that though because all he thought was how beautiful the boy was.

Neither of the two moved for a moment. the dog had ran away towards the front gates unnoticed.

"Let go" the boy suddenly said his voice trembling. Fuji was alerted and instantly softened his grasped.

"Im sorry. I didn't mean to scare you-"

"Im not afraid you!" the boy suddenly said defensively. He had a pout on now and his beautiful eyes, determined. Fuji wasn;t sure what to say.

"No, i meant, i didn't mean to surprise you... Young Master" Fuji said in a calm and friendly voice, slowly letting go of the boy altogether. The boy stood up after that and ran back towards the house. Fuji was very tempted to run after him but if he did, Fuji felt the boy was only going to try harder to avoid him.

'Calm down Fuji, Its alright. Tonight, you'll wait for him in the garden... You'll sleep their if you have to!' Feeling strangely lightheaded, Fuji slowly walked back inside to the same direction the boy had ran to.

Later That Night

Fuji sat squatting next to the blue roses, holding the sweets 'Ghost boy aka the young master' had liked the best, on a plate he had gotten from the kitchen earlier that day. He was feeling nervous. 'Will he come?' kept popping inside his mind. he time was already past midnight and Fuji was just starting to get sleepy.

Something woke him up. Fuji was aware he was siting on the floor again and had thought he's sleep walked AGAIN. That was until he felt something move on his hand. His eyes snapped open and was instantly met with golden ones.

The young master was on his hands and knees in front of Fuji with his right hand on top of the plate of sweets. Neither of them moved for a moment until the young master slowly withdrew his hands.

"No, wait. the sweets are for you so take them all" Fuji said, his voice soft. He felt like he was dealing with a wild animal somehow. The slightest hint of aggression in your voice and the animal will run away. The young master stared at Fuji suspiciously for a few more seconds and seemed to have made up his mind as he reached once more for the sweets and grabbed the whole plate. Fuji smiled as he stared at the boy cradling the food as if Fuji was going to steal it from him.

"Im not going to take it back, enjoy" Fuji said, glad the boy hadn't stood up and left. Instead, he sat across from Fuji, sitting indian style and started nibbling on the sweets while still keeping his eyes on Fuji.

"Young master..." The boy went still when he was called then relaxed again. "Why is it that you only visit the garden at night?" Fuji asked, hoping to start a conversation. The boy seems to think about it for a moment then shrugged. Fuji tried again.

"Do you like what i did to the garden? I did it so you'll be happy, young master" The boy looked around for a moment, as if to see for himself if the garden really was well taken cared off.

"Yes" He said. From the sure way the young master said it, he wasn't shy as Fuji had first thought he was.

"You're always sneaking here at night, does that mean you're not allowed to come here in the day?" Again the boy shrugged.

"You should come see it he flowers in daylight. It would look better than the gloom of the moonlight."

"I like the moonlight" Fuji widened his smile when he was given more than a 1 word reply. "Do you now?" Fuji said, encouraging the boy to talk more.

"I've always found the dark of night a bit sad" Fuji said.

"The sun is too bright and hot" Was the reply. Fuji cocked his head to the side a little.

"You're so pale, young master. A little sun would be good for you." the boy pouted, now down to the last sweets.

"I don't mind being pale" He said with a raise of his chin. Fuji chuckled 'He's being stubborn, how cute'

Fuji said nothing after and watched as the young master took the last bite of his sweets. The situation seems unreal for him. He even started thinking this might just be a dream. That was until the young master started to stand up.

"Eh? your going already?" Fuji asked, also standing up. The boy only nodded and turned to leave.

"Alright, then i will see you again tomorrow tonight?" The young master did not say anything an left the room. Fuji followed a few minutes later. He had a feeling that the boy will come again. 'Hmmm I wonder what i should bring to entertain him?'

The Next Day

"My, were in a good mood today it seems!" Said Allan who was making scrambled eggs.

"Am i now?" Fuji replied, while helping Allan prepare breakfast.

"Thats coz you've been spacing out for awhile now while having that creepy smile of yours" Allan shivered. "Reminds me of my mother's, she was one scary woman" Fuji chuckled.

"Haha, Thank you, i think?" Fuji said, adding more of the spice powder on his plate.

"Hey, Allan. What do you know about the young master?" Fuji asked, careful to give no hints about his intentions.

"Hmm? What do i know?" Allan scratched his head.

"Not much. Hardly anything at all!"

"Ah, is that so" Fuji said, a little disappointed.

"Well, there was one time Aoi told me about the young masters love of stories about tennis. She used to read them until the young master started pestering Stephen into teaching him how to play. She was orderd by the grouch to stop." 'Tennis?' The word rang inside Fuji's head.

"But that was a year ago. It was probably just a passing fancy." Allan said, adding the finishing touches of his breakfast creation.

"Alright! Fuji, dig in!" Fuji did quite happily. 'Tennis huh?... Hmm, what can i do...'

11 PM That Night.

Fuji was quite proud at the work he had done in the garden. With his own hands alone, he had turned the neglected, overgrown shrubs into a breathtaking view that a master gardened would marvel at... All thanks to the internet. 'You can learn almost everything online' He thought while sitting on he same spot he had the night before. 'I wonder if he will come' Fuji didn't have to wait any longer for he heard the double doors opening. Standing there was the young master dressed in a long sleeping gown just like the one he had worn yesterday.

"I'm glad you came" Fuji said with a friendly smile. The young master seems a little bit unsure then he stepped towards where Fuji was then sat down across from him. He sat indian style and had his arms crossed while having a bored look on his face.

"Do you like computer games?" Fuji asked as he opened the laptop that he had placed beside him. The young master stared at his computer intently and watched as Fuji turned it on.

"I heard that you like tennis." The young masters eyes widen.

"You know tennis?" Fuji nodded.

"I'm on the tennis club in my school. Im confident to say i quite good." When Fuji turned to look at the young master, he was a little surprise to se that he had inched closer. Fuji held back a chuckle. 'He's like a cute wild animal!'

"Ah, sorry about this, my computer always starts slow. Im surprise there's internet connection in this desolate place. Its really fast too" The young master stared wide eyes as the laptop made a humming sound and turned on. When the screen lit up, the young master moved back, surprised written all over his face.

"You..." Fuji slightly gasped at the realization. "You've never seen a laptop before have you" The young master faced Fuji with an annoyed pout and a blushing face.

"So what?" Fuji blinked

"But you do have a personal computed don't you?" The boy stared at him or a moment then shook his head. This time it was Fuji's turn to stare. Then a thought came to him 'Hmm, i wonder'

"What kind of cellphone do you have?"

"hm? You mean a telephone? We have those" was the innocent responce

"... What do you think about the radio?"


"Do you like watching T.V.?"

"T...V?" Said the confused boy. "What are you talking about?"

"... Seriously?" Fuji gasped. Was he purposely raised isolated from the world? Poor thing... but what could he do? Fuji inwardly shook is head. 'I'll think about that later, right now... I want to make him enjoy my company'

"Anyway why don't you come closer. There is a lot of tennis games online. Its different from the real thing but its still fun. I even brought snacks" The young master hesitated for a moment but curiosity got the better of him. He towards FUji until they were sude by side. He watched, bewitched at the strange device before him.

"Can i touch it?" He suddenly ask, Fuji didn't miss a beat.

"Go ahead" The young master placed a delicate finger on the keypads and let a smile appear on his face. Fuji's heart skipped a beat 'I may be having more fun than he is... Hehe'

"By the what, you never told me your name"

"Oh... Uh, its Ryoma. Ryoma Echizen." He replied, distracted. Fuji didn't mind.

"Alright, lets find some games we can both play. Don't worry, i'll teach you how."

Ryoma's P.O.V.

"Wah, Close!" He gasped. 'This is amazing! Im moving a human inside this... This... What is this called again?' Ryoma thought distractedly as he focused mainly on clicking a button with letters on it. The human he was controlling was playing tennis with another human. The one controlling that was the gardener.

"This is hard" he said, his voice filled with childlike excitement.

"Once you get used to it, its not that hard" Was the reply. The game ended and Ryoma lost AGAIN!

"Ahhh~ Again!" HE said, a little annoyed now. The gardened chuckled.

"I won 5 games in a row" Ryoma turned to him and pouted.

"No fair. Its coz you play this everyday and i've only started!"

"Saa~... You're right"

"Hey, do you really know how to play tennis?" He asked eagerly, staring at the gardener. Teh said gardener seems to think about it for a moment and nodded.

"Yup" Ryoma's heart fluttered.

"Then... Can you teach me?"

"... Before that. Can i ask you something personal?" 'Eh? What can it be?' Ryoma wondered.

"Like what?"

"I was told that you were... suffering from an illness"

"Oh, yeah. I have a weak body. But i can still play tennis!" Ryoma said, a hint of desperation in his voice. "But Stephen doesn't believe me, thought..." The gardener said nothing for a moment ad Ryoma kept looking down.

"Ne, Young master... May i call you Ryoma?" He shrugged.


"What do you do everyday?"

"What i do? hmm... Lets see. I wake up and eat breakfast and drink my medicine. Then Stephen helps me wash up then get dressed. After that its lesson time with Ms. Aoi. Then we eat lunch together. The i have free time for 2 hours. I usually just read in my room. Sometimes, Stephen plays chess with me... Then its more lesson with Ms. Aoi. Then its dinner time. Stephen washes me up and then dresses me. Then i drink medicine then i go to sleep" After telling this to the gardener, Ryoma unintentionally let out a yawn. 'Oh, I'm sleepy now but i want to say with him a little longer.'

"...Ne, its already 1AM. You should go and rest up now" Ryoma left alarmed and turned to the gardener. Perhaps he sensed the panic Ryoma was feeling and placed a calming hand on his right hand.

"Its alright. I'll be waiting here same time tonight. I promise" Ryoma nodded feeling disappointed. 'I don't want to go!'

"Alright" Ryoma started standing up and was surprise when the gardened did not let go of his hand. He turned to look and felt like blushing when he saw the blue eyes were wide open and staring into his. they stayed that way for a little longer until the gardener let go.

"Well then, i'll go after you" The gardener said in a cheerful voice. Ryoma didn't feel cheerful at all! Ryoma turned around and started to drudgingly walk away.

Fuji's P.O.V.

Fuji's heart felt very heavy the next day. He slept for only 3 hours. All he could think about last night was now pitiful the young master was... How pitiful... Ryoma was. 'I can 'Imagine living a life like that.' Dull and lifeless. Perhaps the butler, Stephen, thought that was best for Ryoma. But in exchange for that safety... Was it worth it? His thoughts were cut off when he heard a familiar growling sound. Fuji was walking on the wall way to the kitchen. HE picked up his pace until he was just outside the kitchen. The same dog from yesterday was here again. No one was in the room but the dog was growling at something from the back kitchen. FUji gave a loop sided smile.

"Come here boy, come here" He said, calling for the dogs attention. The dog must have recognized him as it came and licked Fuji's outstretched hands.

"You cant be in here you know" Fuji said in a friendly voice while patting the dogs head.

"Come on now, this way out" He ushered the dog outside the back door. As usual the atmosphere inside was gloomy. It looked like it was going to rain. The dog ran past Fuji and soon after was out of sight. Fuji sighed and turned around, only to jump in surprise to see chef Allan directly behind him with a goofy grin.

"Hey, watcha doin Fuji" Fuji made a smile.

"Allan! You surprised me" Allan patted Fuji's shoulders and laughed.

"Sorry about that! But you know Stephen hates that dog" Fuji frowned. 'Yes, he does' Fuji remembered how Stephen tried to beat the dog up.

"Anyway, what would you like to have for breakfast Fuji?"

"I don't really feel like eating... Maybe just coffee"

"Alright then, one cappuccino coming right up!" Fuji was gracious when he received the much welcome energy boost. e was half way through his coffee when he saw the young master passed by the door... Fuji stood up instantly and ran out the kitchen door after the boy. He heard chef Allan call him but he didn't care at the moment. Ran to where he thought he could have gone when he heard the door to the green room creak open. Fuji slowed his step as he approached the door then he slowly opened it. No one was there.

Confused and disappointed, Fuji turned to leave.

"Wait!" Fuji's instantly turned around and stared into a familiar face. At first he thought it was the young master Ryoma but something was off. The boy before him seemed a little older than Ryoma and he had a playful glint in his eyes that Ryoma lacked. The said boy gave Fuji a mischievous and raised an arm and pointed in the direction of the blue roses. Then suddenly, the boy ran out the room past him in an inhuman speed leaving Fuji speechless and a little freaked out.

"What... The..." Fuji didn't look where the boy went. He didn't want to. Instead, Fuji looked to where the boy had pointed. 'The Roses? What about it?'

Later that afternoon, Fuji was working on the garden as usual. He especially paid much attention to the blue roses. 'That boy must be a real ghost boy... But what was he trying to tell me?' Fuji chuckled at himself. 'Look at me, so calm and collected when really all i want to do is get out of here.' He sigh 'Whatever, for now i'll just forget about it'

Suddenly Fuji left a sharp pain on his hands.

"Ow!" He got pricked by the blue flowers thorns. He knew he was suppose to wear gloves when working but he just didn't at the moment. Then something caught his attention. Something was poking out from the earth directly where the blue roses were planted. Fuji was surprise how he didn't notice earlier. Not thinking mush of it, Fuji dug it out btu carefull not to ruin the flowers. When he had gotten it out, Fuji held it in front of him. It was a golden locket. Its design was beautiful and elegant. Fuji tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. After trying for 10 minutes, Fuji had to give up. He placed it in his pocket and started tidying up.

Fuji began thinking about what he would be showing tonight to the young master? 'Hmmm... How about a movie?' Completely forgetting everything else, Fuji started daydreaming as he walk back to his room.

Inside the Green Room

11:30 PM

"A movie?" Ryoma said excited to see one. Fuji nodded as he searched for a movie to watch on his laptop. Today, Fuji brought 2 pillows and a blanket. He and the young master could share the blanket.

"Yup! Lets watch something scary" He suggested. The young master's face seemed unsure but nodded anyway.


"Then lets watch this one" The young master leaned closer to the screen and read the title of the movie out loud.

"The... Grudge?" FUji just smiled in response. The young master swallowed then looked at Fuji, determined.

"It doesn't look scary" He told Fuji. The gardener's smile widened.

"Is that so? Then tomorrow, lets watch this one" Ryoma looked at the smiling gardener and held a shudder.

"O-one Missed Call?" He squeaked.

The movie went exactly as Fuji had planed. The whole room as dark and they were lying on their belly to watch the movie, the only source of light. Ryoma was sticking to Fuji as close as possible, his eyes transfixed on the movie. Fuji had put an arm over the young masters shoulder and brought them even closer. Every now and then, Ryoma would squeak and jump a little in surprise. Or cover his eyes with the pillow. More than once Ryoma nearly screamed but always seems to catch himself and would just tighten his hold on the pillow. Fuji was looking at Ryoma more than the movie and he was having a blast!

When the movie finally ended, Fuji asked the young master what he thought. He seemed to be annoyed and refused to answer Fuji.

"Oh, i sorry... Did that movie scared you?" The young master stiffened.

"No!" He said, his chin raised.

"Ah, thats good. Its almost 2 AM now, you should go back now" The young master nodded and started to stand up. Fuji couldn't help what he was about to do next.

"What was that?" He said in a frantic voice, in a heart beat, Ryoma was on the ground clutching Fuji for dear life.

"W-what is it?" Fuji gave him a bear hug and smiled.

"Nothing" He blinked a few times at Fuji until his cheeks started turning red.

"Your horrible!" The young master said accusingly at Fuji and tried to pull away from him. Fuji let out a chuckle, gave Ryoma one more hug then let go.

"Alright alright. Im sorry. You were just too cute" The young master stuck his tongue out at Fuji and stood up to leave. Just when Ryoma was about to exit the door. Fuji said.

"Be careful on your way Ryoma. Its dark, you cant see what might be there and don't look behind you" Fuji watched the small body quiver then the young master ran with all his worth out the door and to his room. But not before yelling out loud.

"I HATE YOUUUuuuu~!" Fuji just hopped Stephen didn't hear that.

In The Kitchen The Next Day

Fuji came into the kitchen at 11:45 AM to get a little snack and was surprised to see Ms. Aoi there drinking some wine.

"Ah, Ms. Aoi, long time no see" He greeted her. She turned and beamed at Fuji.

"Oh Fuji! Its been awhile since our paths crossed! Busy working huh?" Fuji shook his head.

"Not really. I though you would be with the young master at this time" Aoi shook her head and gave a sigh.

"The young master woke up very late this morning. Stephen was worried he might be coming down with something and canceled our lessons for today" Fuji felt guilty. Was their nightly activities making Ryoma sick? If that was so... then this has to stop. 'I guess he wont be coming tonight...' Fuji thought, feeling very disappointed. '...It can't be helped...'

"Think i can go and take a peek just to see how the young masters doing?" He asked Aoi who was downing the wine like a pro... Which she probably was.

"I doubt it, Stephen's guarding him like a hawk... But why would you bother with someone you've never met before?"Aoi ask as she pours herself another glass. Fuji just smiled.

"Aren't you drinking a little too much this early in the day?"

Aoi looked at him and laughed.

"Honey, trust me. Compared to how i usually drink, this is nothing!" Fuji nodded and left it at that.

Later That Night

Fuji laid on his bed, unable to go to sleep. His mind filled with the young master 'Is he going to okay? Its not that bad is it? If only i know where his room was.' Fuji turned to look at his digital clock and saw the lights 12:32 AM. 'Sigh~' Giving up o trying to sleep, Fuji decided to go to the green room instead.

He entered the room and the place looks absolutely enchanting. For the past few days, he was too occupied by the young master that the beautiful view of the garden at night completely escaped him. He walked towards the night flower as they bloomed and glowed reflecting the light of the moon. When he turned towards where the blue roses were, his eyes widened in surprise. At the spot where he usually sat and waited for the young master sat the young master himself. He was wearing his usual night gown and curled up like a cat, sound asleep.

Fuji was beside the sleeping boy in an instant and placed a hand on his forehead to make sure he wasn't running a fever. To Fuji's relief, he wasn't. The young master woke up and stared at Fuji, confused at first. Then his eyes widened and sat up fast.

"You came!" He said, relief in his voice.

"Young master, how are you feeling-" Fuji was caught of guard when the young master suddenly hugged him. His hands shakily clutching Fuji's back.

"Why didn't you come the usual time? I thought you were never going to come!" Ryoma said against Fuji's chest. Fuji relaxed and returned a reassuring embrace.

"I'm sorry, Ryoma. I had heard that you were sick and thought that you will not be coming tonight." The young master looked up at Fuji.

"I was not sick! Stephen overreacted because i woke up late! And it was your fault because you made me watch that awful movie!" Fuji thought his heart was going to break looking straight into those frightened eyes. He embraced the boy tighter. 'He must have thought i abandoned him! And he waited for me here in the dark when he was so scared...'

"Im sorry Ryoma, I really am. What can i do to make it up to you?"

"... Don't leave me. Ever." Fuji looked down, his eyes soft with affection. H leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the young master's forehead. Ryoma looked up, straight into Fuji's eyes.

"I swear, i'll never leave you" In the back of Fuji's mind, he was aware that was a promise he never should have made.

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