Title: To Boldly Go

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the places that honor goes to Mr. George Lucas, Mr. Gene Roddenberry and Mr. J.J. Abrams.

Summary: While on a routine mission to explore an uncharted region of space the Enterprise and her crew get sucked into a spatial anomaly that leaves them in a galaxy far far away…their new mission; find a way back home in one piece.

Author's Note: I've always been a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek so here's my attempt to combine two of my favorite worlds, this is my first multi-chaptered story so I hope I don't disappoint! I am not so well informed with all the technological or scientific references or aspects of either fandom so please bare with me. If you notice any glaring mistakes or have any corrections or suggestions please let me know, I appreciate it.! Like always reviews and comments are never turned away here.

Chapter 1

Captain James T. Kirk sat in his ready room as he looked over the scans they had taken of this uncharted area of space they had been assigned to explore. With a tired sigh he pushed his datapad away and rubbed his stinging eyes. Everything looked perfectly normal, in other words they were in an ordinarily boring region.

Getting up to stretch he walked over to the large viewport that stood directly behind his desk. Placing a hand on the cool glass he looked out into the vast darkness of space without really taking anything in. Instead his thoughts lingered on the events that had only just recently taken place, but felt more like years.

Not more than 6 months ago he and his crew along with Earth and the rest of the Federation were on the brink of being wiped out by a mad man. The events that had transpired would become legend as would he and his crew. Many had lost their lives, an entire plant had been destroyed and its native residents had all but been eradicated, but in the end they had emerged victorious. A victory yes, but a bitter one. It was not vanity that sparked these thoughts but rather the simple truth, barely 7 months together and the Enterprise and her crew had already ensured a place for themselves in the annuals of history.

He couldn't help the smirk that formed at the thought, after all not just anyone could say they had saved the world and the Federation.

Still the smile faded as he returned to his immediate surroundings. This change of scenery was a far cry from their earlier activities. It was almost as though the Federation had intentionally found the most mundane and inactive part of space and placed the Enterprise and her crew there, to make sure they'd stay out of trouble.

He was all for exploration and serving for the good of the Federation, but there was only so much scanning gaseous anomalies he could take before he burst from inactivity. He was sure his crew felt the same, even though none of them ever said anything…well everyone but McCoy.

As his thoughts lingered on his crew the smile returned to his face, an odder pairing of people he was sure could not be found on any other starship. Still they managed to make it work and work it did, though they had only served together a relatively short amount of time there was still an inexplicably strong bond of loyalty and friendship among each of the senior members of the crew.

Something he was extremely proud of and grateful for.

His musings were quickly interrupted as his combadge went off.

"Kirk here what is it Spock?"

"Captain I suggest you join us on the bridge, we are picking up some strange magnetic pulses that appear to be coming from an unidentified source on our port side." Replied his First Officer, matter-of-factly.

With a small smile and a shake of his head he answered as he walked out of his ready room.

"Alright I'll be right there Mr. Spock, Kirk out."

As he entered the turbo lift he smiled at his companion. "Where are you heading to Bones?" he asked giving the older man a hearty pat on the back.

Bones cocked an eyebrow, "Do you have to ask? I'm on my way to the bridge. Whenever there's something out of the ordinary you can always bet trouble will follow. Can't trust the lot of you to keep yourselves in one piece so might as well be where all the action will be."

Jim just laughed as the turbo lift stopped and they both stepped out onto the bridge. Immediately Spock stood from the Captain's seat and walked over to the two men.

"Well what have we got Mr. Spock?"

Spock's eyebrow rose as he turned and walked over to his station, the two men following in his wake. As he studied the data on his console, he spoke: "Captain I am not sure. These magnetic pulses could be a number of things but they are not giving off any identifiable signatures that we know of. The frequency and rate in which they are produced is also increasing."

McCoy sighed, "Well would you like to take a guess as to what they are and why they're speeding up?"

Spock turned to regard the Doctor, his face was impassive. "Considering how little information we have on them, a guess as to what they are and what they are doing would be illogical, Doctor."

Before McCoy could retort Jim turned to Uhura who sat nearby at her station. "Lt. Uhura could they be some form of communication signals?" he asked.

Shaking her head Uhura continued to adjust the nobs on her console. "I don't think so Captain, but if they are it's a form of communication we've never heard."

Jim nodded and was about to address Sulu when the emergency lights flared to life, the instrumentation at every station blaring and beeping warnings. As a shudder ran through the ship, each crew member flew into action securing themselves to their spots while attempting to locate the problem.

"Report!" Jim shouted over the blaring alarms.

"Captain the space around us is destabilizing, those pulses seemed to have formed some kind of tunnel in space." replied Spock as collected as ever.

The ship gave another shudder and the crew watched in fascination and horror as they were slowly pulled toward the anomaly.

"Sulu get us out of here!"

"Captain I can't we're at warp 7 and we're not moving, helms not responding" cried Sulu as his hands flew over his console.

"Captin'!" Scotty's voice boomed over the intercom, "If we keep pushing her she's gonna break apart!"

"Spock what the hell's going on? Why can't we move?" he asked as he whirled to face his First Officer.

"The magnetic pull from the pulses is pulling us in Captain. We are too close to it to escape its gravitational pull" he answered, steadily meeting his Captain's gaze.

Muffling a curse Jim turned to the view screen. Well I wanted a change in scenery after all.

"Sulu kill the engines let it take us. Chekov make sure that every speck of data has been saved and make sure to mark our last location. Uhura keep an ear open for incoming transmissions. Spock continue to scan. Scotty how's she holding up?" came his whirlwind of orders and questions.

"She's a wee bit overheated but she'll pull through Captin', granted you don't toss me anymore bumps."

Jim smiled briefly at the news, "I'll try Scotty but I can't make any promises."

McCoy walked over to him. "So what now Jim?" he asked.

"Now," he looked at the anomaly that was sucking them in, "now we wait and see what's on the other side. That's all we can do Bones."

Jim tapped his fingertips against the arm of his chair, his impatience and restlessness getting the best of him. "What's our status?" he called out for what seemed like the millionth time in the span of approximately two and a half hours they had been 'drifting'.

As expected Spock answered: "No change Captain since the previous time you asked." His voice was flat and his face expressionless, but Jim couldn't help but get the feeling that his First Officer was getting rather annoyed by him.

For the first time in what seemed like hours McCoy spoke up.

"So do we know where this…thing is going to drop us?" he asked waving his hands vaguely at the view screen to indicate what he meant by 'thing'.

This time Chekov answered, "I'm afraid not Doctor. We have no way of calculating when or even where this spatial anomaly will leave us. We are flying blind Sir." he said quietly, looking to both McCoy and Jim for their reactions.

Jim ran a hand through his hair, "Do we at least know how much longer we'll be in this damn thing?" he asked.

Spock stepped away from his station, "As Ensign Chekov stated before, it is impossible to calculate Captain. Perhaps you should retire until anything further can be learned." he responded quietly as he came to stand in front of Jim.

The corner of Jim's mouth quirked as he regarded Spock.

"Is this your way of subtly telling me to get a hold of myself or leave the bridge?"

Spock's eyebrow rose fractionally, "It was merely a suggestion Captain." he replied evenly.

Jim chuckled and clapped him on the back. "Point taken Mr. Spock."

Turning his attention back to the crew he was about to address them when Uhura suddenly spoke up. "Captain I've been monitoring the frequencies of the pulses and they've only recently begun to become steadily stronger and louder. Right now they are at the loudest and highest strength that I've heard them at."

He turned to regard her. "Is there anything else Lieutenant?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"No Captain, not yet at least. Only that with every parsec we keep traveling they grow in strength and size."

"Captain, I've got something!" Sulu shouted, the excitement evident in his voice.

"What is it Sulu?"

"The rate at which we have been 'drifting' or being pulled has decreased significantly. I wager that we will be coming to a full stop anytime soon if the rate at which we are drifting continues to decrease as it has been." he replied looking at his console and double checking his calculations.

Jim turned to McCoy and smiled. "Finally something we can go on Bones" he said walking over to where Spock stood at his station.

"What can you tell me about all this information Spock, what do you make of it?" he asked his Chief Science Officer.

"I've been reviewing all the new data and can confirm what Lt. Sulu and Lt. Uhura have discovered. I've also observed that the scans we are taking of the structure of this anomaly have shown that it appears to be weakening and disintegrating rapidly. Based on this information it would be logical to conclude that we are nearing the location from which these magnetic pulses are originating from." replied the Vulcan.

Just as Jim was about to ask another question Uhura cried out, "Captain I'm picking up something other than the frequencies from the pulses now. It's garbled and there is a lot of static interference but I believe it is some form of hailing device."

"Put it on speaker" he ordered.

The bridge was silent as they listened to the as of yet indistinct chatter and static coming in through the intercom. Suddenly they began to hear snippets and snatches of speech and to their surprise they understood what was being said.

"Watch your… break left…what in…was that!…copy Gold Leader…Matchstick watch out!…I've got two on…any pods?…retreat…head back…I'll cover you…"

Phrases and words could be heard but it was broken up and what they could make out made little sense to the crew.

As they continued to listen, they were caught off guard when the spatial anomaly they had been trapped in suddenly faded and they came to a dead stop. As the ship lurched, some of the crew who were not seated or firmly planted somewhere stumbled and tumbled to the ground. Scrambling to either right themselves or pick themselves up the crew was once again unprepared for when the emergency lights went off and the proximity alarm blared to life.

Making his way to his chair Jim took his seat. "Shields up! What's going on out there? Where are we and someone get the view screen on. I want to see what the hell we're facing! And get our engines online, we're sitting ducks! Sulu evasive maneuver!" he ordered.

Immediately the bridge jumped in to action.

"Sir we seem to be in some kind of debris field. There are also several ships around us varying in size. As for where we are I can't determine because these coordinates aren't showing up on any of the star charts we have." Sulu called out as he expertly maneuvered the now mobile starship through the debris.

As the view screen flared to life the sight that greeted them was not promising. They were indeed in the middle of a debris field which just so happened to be the wreckage of another ship. To make matters worse the size of the floating debris was large enough to confirm that the ship which had been destroyed dwarfed the Enterprise. On top of that they realized that other vessels that were probably about the size of the destroyed one were scattered around them in some sort of defensive or offensive blockade, and they were very much in tacked.

"God dammit Jim, it looks like we've been thrown into the middle of a war!" McCoy exclaimed as he came to stand by his chair.

"Have they noticed us?" he asked urgently.

Uhura shook her head, "No Captain, something or someone is jamming their transmissions and scanners. They appear to only have minimal communication capacity."

"Well that's one thing on our side" he replied leaning slightly back into his chair.

"Captain there is a small asteroid field nearby. May I suggest that we use their distraction and this field of debris to make our way over to the asteroid belt before they notice us? From there we can regroup, observe and plan on what our next move should be" replied the ever collected Vulcan.

Jim nodded his head. "Make it so Mr. Sulu. I want everyone to be on alert. I've had enough surprises for today and I'm sure we're in for more but let's reduce the amount if we can."